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Gurgaon, India

Apollo Tyres Ltd is the world's 17th biggest tyre manufacturer, with annual consolidated revenues of Rs 121.5 billion in 2011. It was founded in 1976. Its first plant was commissioned in Perambra, Kerala. The company now has four manufacturing units, one in South Africa, two in Zimbabwe and 1 in Netherlands. It has a network of over 4,000 dealerships in India, of which over 2,500 are exclusive outlets.It gets 62.6% of its revenues from India, 27.9% from Europe and 9.5% from Africa.Apollo tyres was awarded the FICCI award among large industries category for the best Quality systems.It is planning to become the 10th biggest tyre manufacturer in the world with annual revenues of $6 billion by 2016.On 12 June 2013, it is reported that Apollo Tyres Ltd would buy US-based Cooper Tire & Rubber Company for about $2.5 billion in a deal that would make it the world's seventh-largest tyre maker but the takeover collapsed after legal battles. Neeraj Kanwar explained that Apollo will now focus on the European market. Wikipedia.

The invention relates to a vehicle tire comprising a tread portion and a package of reinforcement layers arranged underneath the tread portion. The tread portion comprises a tread layer, a tread base layer arranged underneath the tread layer, and at least one rubber member that extends in the radial direction of the tire from the ground contacting surface to the reinforcement package. The tread layer rubber composition has an electrical resistivity at room temperature of more than 108 ohm-cm, the tread base layer rubber composition of between 106 ohm-cm and 108 ohm-cm, the member rubber composition of less than 106 ohm-cm; and the rubber composition of at least one layer of the reinforcement package has a electrical resistivity at room temperature of less than 106 ohm-cm. The vehicle tire combines a low rolling resistance with improved conductivity to avoid build-up of static electricity.

The invention relates to a method for providing a tire with an informative label. The method comprises supporting a tire, supplying a banding material to the tire and wrapping it in a loop around a part of the tire, holding the banding material at the neck of said loop, and connecting opposed areas of the banding material at said neck to form a label wrap. The invention further relates to an apparatus for carrying out the method and to a tire provided with the label. The informative label is easily removed by a mechanic and shows an improved processability and printability. The informative label further does not leave any adhesive or other residuals on a tire.

The invention related to a method of manufacturing an elastomeric product, e.g. rubber products, with a low hysteresis. The method comprises at least the steps of providing an elastomeric material composition which comprises an elastomeric material, sulfur and a peroxide and vulcanizing the blend at a selected reaction temperature that is higher than the temperature at which cross-links are formed in the composition, and that is between the temperature at which the half-life time of the peroxide is 1 hour and 50 C. above the temperature at which the half-life time of the peroxide is 1 hour. The composition shows a low level of hysteresis in combination with good (tear) strength, in particular at low temperatures.

Apollo Tyres | Date: 2014-11-17

A vehicle front spoiler comprises a flexible airflow guiding element provided in a region of a front part of the vehicle and extending in a transverse direction Y of the vehicle, and an actuating member, configured to move the airflow guiding element relative to said part of the vehicle between an extended operative position and a retracted inoperative position in which the airflow guiding element is folded rearwards to behind said vehicle part. The airflow guiding element is made of a rubber composition comprising an anisotropic textile structure of reinforcement cord having an elongation at break in the Y-direction of from 5% to 50%, and an elongation at break in the Z-direction lower than the elongation at break in the Y-direction, and is readily moved between the operative and the inoperative position with relatively low hysteresis losses.

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing a molded article from a first rubber polymer, which molded article comprises an insert from a second rubber polymer. The method comprises the steps of (A) providing an at least partially vulcanized article from the first rubber polymer, the article having a recess that extends in a depth direction and in transverse directions perpendicular to the depth direction, for accommodating the insert; (B) providing an at least partially vulcanized insert from the second rubber polymer, the insert having a shape such that it can be accommodated in the recess; (C) arranging an unvulcanized object from a third rubber polymer in the recess to partly fill the recess; (C) arranging the at least partly vulcanized insert in the recess to obtain an assembly; and (D) vulcanizing the assembly under pressure. The method yields a molded article having an optically sharp interface between the first rubber polymer and the insert.

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