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Falsetti L.,A.O.U. Ospedali Riuniti | Falsetti L.,University of Bologna | Viticchi G.,Marche Polytechnic University | Buratti L.,Marche Polytechnic University | And 3 more authors.
Pharmacological Research | Year: 2017

Stroke is a major cause of mortality and morbidity, particularly in the older ages. Women have a longer life expectancy and are more likely to experience stroke than men. Interestingly, the increased risk of ischemic stroke in women seems to be independent from age or classical cardiovascular risk factors. Notwithstanding the fact that stroke outcomes and survival are usually poorer in women, current evidence suggests that thrombolysis, antiplatelet and anticoagulant therapies are more beneficial in women than in men. A possible explanation of this paradox might be that females are often undertreated and they have fewer chances to be submitted to an effective and timely treatment for stroke than the male counterpart. The first step in the attempt to solve this obvious discrimination is surely to emphasize any reasons for differences in the therapeutic approach in relation to gender and then to denounce the lack of a sustainable motivation for them. In this article, we aimed to review the existing literature about gender-related differences on efficacy, administration and side effects of the most common drugs used for the treatment of ischemic stroke. The most striking result was the evidence that the therapeutic approach for stroke is often different according to patients’ gender with a clear detrimental prognostic effect for women. A major effort is necessary to overcome this problem in order to ensure equal right to treatment without any sexual discrimination. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd

Valeri G.,Clinical Radiology | Mazza F.A.,Radiology Postgraduate School | Maggi S.,Health Physics | Aramini D.,AOU Ospedali Riuniti | And 3 more authors.
Radiologia Medica | Year: 2015

Materials and methods: We selected 23 programs for Windows and 20 programs for Mac from 150 possible OSS programs including DICOM viewers and various tools (converters, DICOM header editors, etc.). The programs selected all meet the basic requirements such as free availability, stand-alone application, presence of graphical user interface, ease of installation and advanced features beyond simple display monitor. Capabilities of data import, data export, metadata, 2D viewer, 3D viewer, support platform and usability of each selected program were evaluated on a scale ranging from 1 to 10 points.Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the use of open source software (OSS) to process DICOM images.Results: Twelve programs received a score higher than or equal to eight. Among them, five obtained a score of 9: 3D Slicer, MedINRIA, MITK 3M3, VolView, VR Render; while OsiriX received 10.Conclusions: OsiriX appears to be the only program able to perform all the operations taken into consideration, similar to a workstation equipped with proprietary software, allowing the analysis and interpretation of images in a simple and intuitive way. OsiriX is a DICOM PACS workstation for medical imaging and software for image processing for medical research, functional imaging, 3D imaging, confocal microscopy and molecular imaging. This application is also a good tool for teaching activities because it facilitates the attainment of learning objectives among students and other specialists. © 2014, Italian Society of Medical Radiology.

PubMed | University of Padua, AOU Ospedali Riuniti, University of Pavia, The Second University of Naples and 2 more.
Type: | Journal: Stem cell reviews | Year: 2016

The etiology of non-healing ulcers depends on both systemic and local factors. The introduction of advanced dressing, negative wound therapy and compression therapy have undoubtedly improved clinical outcomes. The principal aim of study was to demonstrate the efficacy of dermal micrografts in the treatment of ulcers with different etiologies. The second aim was to investigate in vitro the action of micrografts in the regenerative process.The dermal micro-grafts were obtained from mechanical disaggregation of small pieces of skin tissue through a medical device called Rigeneracons.We observed in vivo the ability of dermal autologous micrografts to improve the healing of venous, diabetic, pressure and post-traumatic ulcers after few week of treatment accomplished in general with a better quality of life for the patients. In vitro results showed that these micrografts express mesenchymal stem cells (MSCS) marker such as CD34, CD73, CD90 and CD105, and are able to form a viable and proliferative biocomplex with collagen sponge. Finally, the site of ulcers displayed a different expression of epidermal growth factors, insulin-like growth factors, platelet-derived growth factors and their receptors and tumor necrosis factor- with respect to healthy skin samples.We reported a good outcome for the treatment of chronic ulcers using dermal autologous micrografts. Finally, we suggest that the positivity to MSCs markers and the ability to interact with a scaffold can play a key role in their regenerative properties.

PubMed | IRCCS SDN, A.O.U. Ospedali Riuniti, The Second University of Naples, University of Naples Federico II and 5 more.
Type: | Journal: Pharmacological research | Year: 2016

During the last 15 years, a real paradigm-shift occurred, due to the development of PAH-targeted drugs, leading to crucial improvements in symptoms, exercise capacity, hemodynamics and outcome of PAH patients. In order to describe differences regarding epidemiology and therapy in PAH according to gender, we performed a review of the available literature in PubMed and Web of Science databases. In order to find relevant articles, we combined each of the following the keywords pulmonary arterial hypertension, gender, sex, men, woman, male, female, phosphodiesterase inhibitors, endothelin receptor antagonists, prostanoids. While there is a substantial agreement among epidemiological studies in reporting an increased prevalence of pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) among women, male PAH patients are affected by a higher impairment of the right ventricular function and consequently experience poorer outcomes. With regards to PAH-targeted drug administration, endothelin receptor antagonists (ERAs) and prostacyclin analogues (PC) show better treatment results in female PAH patients, while phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors (PD5-I) seem to exert a more beneficial effect on male patients. However, to date no clear consensus could be formed by the available literature, which is constituted mainly by retrospective studies. Females with PAH are more prone to develop PAH, while males experience poorer outcomes. Females PAH might benefit more from ERAs and PC, while males seem to have more beneficial effects from PD5-I administration. However, more research is warranted in order to assess the most effective treatment for PAH patients according to gender.

Scartozzi M.,Marche Polytechnic University | Bianconi M.,Marche Polytechnic University | Faloppi L.,Marche Polytechnic University | Loretelli C.,Marche Polytechnic University | And 10 more authors.
British Journal of Cancer | Year: 2013

Background: Currently, sunitinib represents one of the therapeutic strongholds for renal cell carcinoma, but the criteria for treatment selection are lacking. We assessed the role of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and VEGF receptor (VEGFR) polymorphisms in the prediction of the clinical outcome in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) patients.Methods:A total of 84 tumour samples from mRCC patients receiving first-line sunitinib were tested for VEGF and VEGFR single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). The SNP results were correlated with progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS).Results:Median PFS was 8.22 months, although whereas median OS was 32.13 months. The VEGF A rs833061 resulted significant in PFS (17 vs 4 months; P<0.0001) and OS (38 vs 10 months; P<0.0001). The VEGF A rs699947 was significant for PFS (18 vs 4 months; P=0.0001) and OS (37 vs 16 months; P<0.0001). The VEGF A rs2010963 was significant in PFS (18 vs 8 vs 2 months; P=0.0001) and OS (31 vs 36 vs 9 months; P=0.0045). The VEGR3 rs6877011 was significant in PFS (12 vs 4 months; P=0.0075) and OS (36 vs 17 months; P=0.0001). At multivariate analysis, rs833061, rs2010963 and rs68877011 were significant in PFS, and rs833061 and rs68877011 were independent factors in OS.Conclusions:In our analysis, patients with TT polymorphism of rs833061, CC polymorphism of rs699947, CC polymorphism of rs2010963 and CG polymorphism of rs6877011 seem to have a worse PFS and OS when receiving first-line sunitinib. © 2013 Cancer Research UK. All rights reserved.

Severgnini M.,A.O.U. Ospedali Riuniti | de Denaro M.,A.O.U. Ospedali Riuniti | Bortul M.,A.O.U. Ospedali Riuniti | Vidali C.,A.O.U. Ospedali Riuniti | Beorchia A.,A.O.U. Ospedali Riuniti
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics | Year: 2015

Intraoperative electron radiation therapy (IOERT) cannot usually benefit, as conventional external radiotherapy, from software systems of treatment planning based on computed tomography and from common dose verify procedures. For this reason, in vivo film dosimetry (IVFD) proves to be an effective methodology to evaluate the actual radiation dose delivered to the target. A practical method for IVFD during breast IOERT was carried out to improve information on the dose actually delivered to the tumor target and on the alignment of the shielding disk with respect to the electron beam. Two EBT3 GAFCHROMIC films have been positioned on the two sides of the shielding disk in order to obtain the dose maps at the target and beyond the disk. Moreover the postprocessing analysis of the dose distribution measured on the films provides a quantitative estimate of the misalignment between the collimator and the disk. EBT3 radiochromic films have been demonstrated to be suitable dosimeters for IVD due to their linear dose-optical density response in a narrow range around the prescribed dose, as well as their capability to be fixed to the shielding disk without giving any distortion in the dose distribution. Off-line analysis of the radiochromic film allowed absolute dose measurements and this is indeed a very important verification of the correct exposure to the target organ, as well as an estimate of the dose to the healthy tissue underlying the shielding. These dose maps allow surgeons and radiation oncologists to take advantage of qualitative and quantitative feedback for setting more accurate treatment strategies and further optimized procedures. The proper alignment using elastic bands has improved the absolute dose accuracy and the collimator disk alignment by more than 50%.

PubMed | Marche Polytechnic University, Catholic University and AOU Ospedali Riuniti
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Joints | Year: 2016

Massive rotator cuff tears are difficult to treat surgically due to retraction, degeneration and fraying of the ends of torn tendons, severe fatty infiltration and atrophy of the respective muscles. Procedures developed to close the gap between the rotator cuff and the greater tuberosity of the humerus, such as soft tissue release may be inadequate for large tears. Human or porcine dermal allografts still have uncertain benefits, and tendon transfers seem to be associated with poor outcomes, donor site morbidity and altered mechanics. Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty has limited durability and is not indicated in young patients with high functional demands. We developed a new technique for repairing massive rotator cuff tears by semitendinosus and gracilis myotendinous grafting. This novel therapeutic option allows massive rotator cuff tears to be repaired using autologous material that is adequate and adaptable, making it possible to cover any width of defect. The technique is low-invasive and not technically demanding, with minimal donor site morbidity.

PubMed | Marche Polytechnic University, Ospedali Santa Casa and A.O.U. Ospedali Riuniti
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Neurological sciences : official journal of the Italian Neurological Society and of the Italian Society of Clinical Neurophysiology | Year: 2016

Chronic diseases are increasing worldwide. Association of two or more chronic conditions is related with poor health status and reduced life expectancy, particularly among elderly patients. Comorbidities represent a risk factor for adverse events in several critical illnesses. We aimed to evaluate if elderly patients are affected by multiple chronic pathologies, assessed by Charlson comorbidity index (CCI), showed a reduced in-hospital survival after ischemic stroke. In a 3-year period, we evaluated all the subjects admitted to our internal medicine department for ischemic stroke. Age, sex, NIHSS score and all the comorbidities were recorded. Days of hospitalization, hospital-related infections and in-hospital mortality were also assessed. For each patient, we evaluated CCI, obtaining four classes: group 1 (CCI: 2-3), group 2 (CCI: 4-5), group 3 (CCI: 6-7) and group 4 (CCI: 8). Survival was evaluated with Kaplan-Meier and Cox regression analyses. The complete model considered in-hospital death as the main outcome, days of hospitalization as the time variable and CCI as the main predictor, adjusting for NIHSS, sex and nosocomial infections. Patients in CCI group 3 and 4 had an increased risk of in-hospital mortality, independently of NIHSS, sex and nosocomial infections. Elderly patients with multiple comorbidities have higher risk of in-hospital death when affected by ischemic stroke.

PubMed | University of Catania, University of Udine, AOU Ospedali Riuniti and University of Milan
Type: | Journal: Injury | Year: 2016

Defects of the Achilles tendon region represent a challenge for reconstructive surgeons. Several options are available but there is still no reconstructive ladder for this specific and tricky area. An up-to-date reconstructive ladder according to local and general conditions is proposed based on our multicentre experience and an extensive review of the English literature on PubMed.An extensive review of the English literature was performed on PubMed using the following key-words: Achilles region, heel, soft-tissue reconstruction, flaps, grafts and dermal substitutes.A total of 69 complete papers were selected, covering the last thirty years literature. Although most of the studies were based on limited case-series, local and general conditions were always reported. A comprehensive reconstructive ladder of all the available reconstructive techniques for the Achilles region has been created based on our personal multicentre experience and the results of the literature review.The reconstructive ladder is a concept that is still a mainstay in plastic surgery and guides decisions in the repair strategy for soft tissue defects. The optimal solution, according to the experience of the surgeon and the wishes of the patient, is the one that implies less sacrifice of the donor site. Perforator flaps should be the first-line option for small-to-moderate defects; the distally-based sural flap is the most reported for moderate-to-large defects of the Achilles region, and free flaps should be reserved mainly for complex and wide reconstructions.

PubMed | University of Catania, University of Udine, AOU Ospedali Riuniti and University of Milan
Type: | Journal: Aesthetic plastic surgery | Year: 2017

Necrotizing fasciitis (NF) is a rare, potentially fatal, infective complication that can occur after surgery. Diagnosis is still difficult and mainly based on clinical data. Only a prompt pharmacological and surgical therapy can avoid dramatic consequences. There are few reports regarding NF as a complication after aesthetic surgical procedures, and a systematic review still lacks.We have performed a systematic review of English literature on PubMed, covering a period of 30years. Keywords used were necrotising fasciitis matched with aesthetic surgery complications, breast surgery, mammoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction, facelift, rhinoplasty fasciitis, arm lift, thigh lift, otoplasty and abdominoplasty fasciitis. No additional search and temporal limitation were set.Among 3782 papers concerning NF, only 18 were related to NF after an aesthetic surgical procedure. Liposuction was the most affected procedure, with buttocks and lower extremity the most involved anatomical regions. The majority of the infections were monomicrobial, promoted by Streptococcus pyogenes. In most cases, NF occurred within the third post-operative day with non-specific signs and symptoms. In 14 cases, a single or multiple surgical interventions were performed and survival was achieved in 11 patients.In case of infection after aesthetic surgery, we should always bear in mind NF. Clinical hallmarks still guide NF management. Because early signs and symptoms are usually non-specific, a strict clinical control is highly suggested. Once clinical suspicion is raised, prompt antibacterial therapy should be administered, followed by surgical debridement in case of ineffective response.This journal requires that authors assign a level of evidence to each article. For a full description of these Evidence-Based Medicine ratings, please refer to the Table of Contents or the online Instructions to Authors .

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