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Newark, DE, United States

ANP Technologies, Inc. | Date: 2015-11-02

Modified branched polymers are combined with bioactive agents which are one member of a binding pair for use in an assay.

ANP Technologies, Inc. | Date: 2013-10-21

Incorporation of modified branched polymers in one or more components of assays enhances sensitivity, specificity or both, providing powerful point of use tests.

A device and method for the rapid on-site detection of inhibitors of enzymes, such as, acetylcholinesterase is described where the device contains 2 reaction zones containing a reporter enzyme substrate. One reaction zone is for the test sample while the other is for an onboard negative control. Sample and control fluids are preincubated with the enzyme in separate reaction containers, then an aliquot of each reaction mixture is added to designated reaction zones on the test device. A purpose-built reader or an illuminating device, such as, containing an incandescent light source, a diode, a UV light source or any other illumination source that is suitable for the reporter or mere visualization is used to determine the level of reporter.

ANP Technologies, Inc. | Date: 2012-01-06

Symmetrically and asymmetrically branched homopolymers are modified at the surface level with functional groups that enable forming aggregates with water insoluble or poorly water soluble pharmaceutically active agents (PAA). The aggregates formed are specifically induced by interaction of PAA and homopolymer and are different from aggregates that are formed by the polymer alone in the absence of the PAA or by the PAA alone in the absence of the polymer. Such aggregates can be used to improve drug solubility, stability, delivery and efficacy.

ANP Technologies, Inc. | Date: 2012-08-03

Compositions comprising an oxazoline polymer and optional linkers to carry a variety of molecules.

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