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Raja Roy M.,ANITS | Ramanaiah N.,AUCOE A | Sundara Siva Rao B.S.K.,AUCOE A
International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology | Year: 2016

Ti6Al4V alloys are widely used in medical and aerospace applications due to their high specific strength. But, Ti6Al4V alloys are poor in wear. Poor wear resistance results in formation of wear debris in implants and causing inflammation and pain. In this work, Cr3C2-NiCr coatings were applied to improve the wear resistance and hardness. Cr3C2-NiCr coatings are deposited on the substrate with 100μm, 200μm, 300μm, 400μm thickness using detonation spray (DS). Pin on disc wear tests have been carried out with ASTM G-99 standard specimens. Wear and surface roughness were studied using Taguchi design of experiments. Improvement was observed in hardness, surface roughness and wear resistance for the Cr3C2-NiCr coated Ti6Al4V alloy. © 2016 IAEME Publication.

James Stephen M.,ANITS | Prasad Reddy P.V.G.D.,Andhra University
International Journal of Advances in Soft Computing and its Applications | Year: 2011

Fingerprints are impression of the friction ridges of the finger. They are used as biometric feature for person identification and verification in the field of biometric identification. In spite of decades of research in fingerprints, reliable finger print recognition is still an open problem. Minutia based fingerprint recognition algorithms have been widely accepted as a standard for single finger recognition applications. This technology has proved to be a reliable form of enrollment and matching in a corporate environment under ideal circumstances. In this paper, an algorithm based on SVD (singular value decomposition) is proposed for feature extraction of a fingerprint and Identification of finger prints is done by using Traditional Euclidean Distance. This paper consists of three main stages (i) Data Acquisition (ii) Feature Extraction and (iii) Authentication /Identification. The image acquisition is done by means of Futronic FS88 fingerprint Scanner. The obtained image is of high quality, 256 gray scale values in every single pixel. The algorithm developed for feature extraction of a fingerprint is based on singular values which are obtained by performing SVD. Identification of finger prints is done by using Euclidean Distance Algorithm. Our experimental results are encouraging. The developed system is light-weighted and simple. The experimental results show that the developed system is efficient and reliable. © ICSRS Publication, 2011.

Prasad K.S.,ANITS | Rao Ch.S.,Andhra University | Rao D.N.,Centurion University of Technology and Management
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering | Year: 2012

Design of Experiment commonly referred to as DOE is one of the extensively used methods for experimental study of many manufacturing processes in engineering. DOE is a statistical approach in which a mathematical model is developed through experimental runs. DOE predicts possible output based on the input parameters of the experimental setup. In the present study, a review is made on DOE techniques that have been employed for various welding processes by other researchers. This study predominantly focuses on the usage of Response Surface Method, Taguchi's method and Factorial method in Welding. Copyright © 2012 by ABCM.

Anil C.,ANITS | Padma Sree R.,Andhra University
ISA Transactions | Year: 2015

A PID controller is designed for various forms of integrating systems with time delay using direct synthesis method. The method is based on comparing the characteristic equation of the integrating system and PID controller with a filter with the desired characteristic equation. The desired characteristic equation comprises of multiple poles which are placed at the same desired location. The tuning parameter is adjusted so as to achieve the desired robustness. Tuning rules in terms of process parameters are given for various forms of integrating systems. The tuning parameter can be selected for the desired robustness by specifying Ms value. The proposed controller design method is applied to various transfer function models and to the nonlinear model equations of jacketed CSTR to show its effectiveness and applicability. © 2015 ISA.

Satapathy S.C.,ANITS | Naik A.,MITS | Parvathi K.,CUTM
Communications in Computer and Information Science | Year: 2012

This paper presents optimal solution of the unit maintenance scheduling problem in which the cost reduction is as important as reliability. The objective function of the algorithms used to address this problem, considers the effect of economy as well as reliability. Various constraints such as spinning reserve, duration of maintenance crew are being taken into account while dealing with such type of problems. In our work we apply the Teaching learning based optimization algorithm on a power system with six generating units. Numerical results reveal that the proposed algorithm can find better and faster solutions when compared to other heuristic or deterministic methods. © 2012 Springer-Verlag.

Sameer Ahamad N.,ANITS | Bhaskara Rao J.,ANITS
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2016

A large amount of ceramic tiles are constructed in the ceramic tile industry and it is very problematic to monitor the quality of each and every tile manually. It is very difficult to monitor the quality of each and every tile manually. This paper addresses a new technique to avoid such in detecting tile defects. Quality jurisdiction is an important task in the ceramic tile executive. The cost of ceramic tiles also depends on freshness of arrangement, truthfulness of colour, format etc. In ceramic tile factory, the manufacturing process has now performed automatically by industrial computerization system, apart from the observation procedure for ceramic quality classification which is still organize hand-operated. Tile’s surface commonly suffers from cracks, holes, spots and corner defects. Classification process is achieved using the human visual appraisal to find and to analyze defect, where human perception is dependent thoroughly on experience and expertise. This operation wants a mechanical arrangement which can furnish an estimate of the ceramic condition precisely and frequently. © Springer India 2016.

SubbaRao M.V.,ANITS
Astrophysics and Space Science | Year: 2015

In this paper, we have investigated spatially homogeneous and anisotropic Kantowski–Sachs cosmological model in Lyra (Math. Z. 54:52, 1951) manifold in the presence of bulk viscous fluid containing one dimensional Cosmic strings. To obtain a determinate solution of the field equations, we have used some plausible physical conditions. The solution obtained represents a bulk viscous string cosmological model in Lyra geometry. Some physical and geometrical properties of the model are also discussed. © 2015, Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.

Komma L.,ANITS
Journal of Electrical Engineering | Year: 2014

Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) and Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) are the most popular modulation strategies for Multi level inverters. Two level inverters is the basic technique to implement any level. It becomes difficult in high voltage &high power applications due to the increased switching losses and limited rating of the dc link voltage. Multilevel inverters are used in high voltage and high power applications with less harmonic contents. This paper proposes a theoretical analysis and software implementation for two level SVPWM &three level SVPWM inverters and three-level SPWM inverters. This software implementation is performed by using MATLAB/SIMULINK software. This paper gives comparison between two level &three level inverters using SVPWM technique. Also this paper gives comparison between three level inverters using SVPWM and SPWM technique. The simulation study reveals that three-level SVPWM inverter generates less THD compared to two-level SVPWM inverters &Three-level SPWM inverters.

Kiran N.,ANITS
International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Signals, Communication and Optimization, EESCO 2015 | Year: 2015

In this paper Indirect Vector Control of Three phase Induction Motor is implemented and its Dynamic Performance is compared using two different controllers namely Hysteresis Current Control and Synchronous Current Control. In any machine drive system, current control directly influences both flux and torque developed. In Hysteresis Current Control method the actual current is forced to track the desired reference current. This task is easy at low speeds (CEMF is low). At higher speeds, (CEMF is high) due to saturation of current controller, it becomes difficult to track the command current, which results in phase lag with respect to command current. As a result non-optimum harmonic ripple is generated in machine current. Fundamental current also suffers a phase lag which increase at higher frequencies. This phase deviation causes problems in high performance machine control. To solve this problem Synchronous Current Control is proposed. Both Hysteresis Current Control and Synchronous Current Control of Three-phase Induction Motor is simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK. © 2015 IEEE.

Satapathy S.C.,ANITS | Naik A.,ANITS
Recent Patents on Computer Science | Year: 2013

Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization (TLBO) is recently being used as a new, reliable, accurate and robust optimization technique scheme for global optimization over continuous spaces. However, the algorithm suffers from premature convergence, slow convergence rate and large computational time for optimizing the computationally expensive objective functions. Therefore, an attempt to speed up TLBO is considered necessary. This paper introduces a modification to basic TLBO that enhances the convergence rate without compromising with the solution quality. The performance of modified TLBO (mTLBO) on a test of functions is compared with original TLBO and other popular evolutionary techniques such as Artificial Bee Colony (ABC), Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO), Differential evolution (DE) etc. It is found that mTLBO requires less computational efforts to locate global optimal solution. Further, the proposed mTLBO is implemented for few well known benchmark data clustering problems and its performances compared with basic TLBO as well. Results reveal that mTLBO is able to effectively cluster data points with better cluster performance measures such as quantization errors, intra cluster and inter cluster distances compared to TLBO. This paper examines six patents on optimization using evolutionary approach and their applications to different engineering fields. © 2013 Bentham Science Publishers.

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