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Xiao Y.,Anhui Communications Vocational and Technical College | Guo Q.,Anhui Communications Vocational and Technical College | Tang G.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co.
Metallurgical and Mining Industry | Year: 2015

This paper presents a measurement method of dynamic bridge deflection detection in high frequency based on digital imaging technology. This system based on digital imaging theory and the hardware including matrix camera, long telephoto lens, laser rangefinder, target markers, auxiliary lighting, and industrial tablet. Target markers were continuously collected by the camera in high frequency, wirelessly transferred to industrial tablet. Based on the algorithm of HALCON, target images were recognized by user application program which is developed under Visual Studio 2010 C++. By calculating the center position of the target image, the target markers displacement is achieved. Experiments show that the method can achieve the detection accuracy of 0.1 mm and this method is characterized with non-contact, remote and dynamic automated detection, high precision, etc.

Wu W.-Q.,Nanjing Southeast University | Yang S.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co. | Zhang L.-Z.,Nanjing Southeast University
Bridge Construction | Year: 2014

To work out the rational transverse distribution pattern of settlement deformation of main beams of the widened new wide voided slab beam bridge, a simply-supported slab beam bridge of the same kind in the extension project of the Jiangsu Section of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway was taken as an example and the test study and finite element analysis were carried out. The scaled-down test model of 1:4 for the example bridge was prepared. The settlement deformation of the main beams of the new bridge was measured under condition that the foundation settlement differences of the old and new bridges were respectively 1, 2 and 3 mm. The software Origin was used to fit and analyze the data of the settlement deformation, the software MIDAS FEA was used as well to set up the solid finite element model for the whole bridge of the bridge and to further analyze and develop the curve equation for the transverse distribution status of the settlement deformation. The results of the study indicate that in the process of widening of the wide voided slab beam bridge, under the action of the foundation settlement of the new bridge, the transverse distribution pattern of the vertical settlement deformation of the main beams of the new bridge has great differences from the previously assumed linear distribution pattern and the differences should be rectified. In comprehensive consideration of the issues of relevance and accuracy, it will be rational to assume the transverse distribution pattern of the settlement deformation of the main beams to be the quadratic curve.

Wu Z.-G.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co. | Wang C.-L.,China Communications Construction Company Ltd.
Bridge Construction | Year: 2013

The main bridge of Maanshan Changjiang River Highway Bridge is a three-tower suspension bridge with main spans of 2×1 080 m. The main cables of the bridge are made up of the prefabricated parallel wire strands (PPWS), of which each strand is formed by 91 nos. of φ5.2 mm high-strength galvanized steel wires, the unstressed length of a single strand is about 3 045.53 m and the weight of the strand is 46.2 t. A steel wire for the strands of the main cables was manufactured by cold drawing. In the manufacturing of the strands, the workmanship of the rationally manufactured marking wires and the controlled zinc filling and jacking for the strand sockets was applied. The main cables were erected by the PPWS method. In the erection of the cables, the progress, quality and safety of the erection were guaranteed by the improved strand unreeling device, hauling and connecting device, support structure, cable shape maintaining device and by the rational control measure for the strand twisting. Practice proved that the speed of the erection of the main cables of the bridge was fast and the strand unreeling and shaping was good.

Li Y.,Xi'an University of Technology | Li H.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co. | Wang T.,Xi'an University of Technology | Bai H.,Xi'an University of Technology
World Information on Earthquake Engineering | Year: 2012

According to the characteristics of long-span and high-rise bridge, the soil-structure interaction was taken into account by using horizontal and rotational spring elements and the finite element analysis (FEA) model was established based on the ANSYS software. Meanwhile, reasonable strong seismic motion records were selected according to the applicable Code of Seismic Design for Railway Engineering, and the nonlinear time history analyses for elasto-plastic seismic response of long-span and high-rise bridge considering soil - structure interaction were carried out. The study results are obtained as follow: the flexible soil condition can lead to the enlargement of seismic response;The proportionality factor of foundation coefficient is an important factor which will enlarge the result;The effect of PGA on elasto-plastic seismic response of long-span and high-rise bridge is not affected by the soil - structure interaction. The resuts give a reference to seismic design and checking calculation of super high-rise pier.

Chen R.,Zhejiang University | Jiang P.,Zhejiang University | Jiang P.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co. | Ye X.,Zhejiang University | And 2 more authors.
Yanshilixue Yu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Rock Mechanics and Engineering | Year: 2016

Limit state design is an important step for internationalization of Chinese railway. Cumulative cyclic deformation of subgrade is one of the control standards in railway design. Based on the empirical formula of permanent strain, a prediction model was proposed to predict the cumulative cyclic deformation of high-speed railway subgrade. 1:1 physical model tests were carried out to calibrate its applicability. A limit state equation of cyclic cumulative deformation of subgrade was developed considering the variation of dynamic stress and material parameters. Coefficient of variation (COV) of dynamic stress on subgrade surface was determined with the measured data from the high-speed railway of Wuhan-Guangzhou. The effects of the dominant parameters on the reliability index were analyzed to investigate the effect of the variation of dynamic stress and material parameters. © 2016, Science Press. All right reserved.

Ni Y.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Yan J.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co. | Jiang H.,Beijing Jiaotong University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

Based on the earthquake disaster investigation of 123 reinforced concrete girder bridges,altogether eight factors that were the building year, seismic fortification intensity, soil site category,failure extent of ground soil, superstructure of bridge, constructional measures for seismicresistance, heights of the piers and abutments, and the bridge spans, those affecting the seismicperformance of bridges were considered in the seismic disaster prediction. According to theprinciple of maximum degree of membership, the fuzzy evaluation subsets for the differentinfluential factors were determined by empirical statistic method. The corresponding weightcoefficients were presented based on the statistical analysis of the seismic damage of 123 existingbridges. Relying on the developed prediction model, a Fortran based calculating program wasdeveloped to predicting the seismic disasters of the girder bridges in urban rail transit. It was shownthat the method proposed in this paper was feasible through the comparing analysis of the actualseismic damages of the 123 existing bridges. The Fortran program could be planted to the existingGIS system to predict the arbitrary girder bridge in urban rail transit. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Wei Y.-Q.,Southwest Jiaotong University | Wei Y.-Q.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co. | Luo Q.,Southwest Jiaotong University | Zhang L.,Southwest Jiaotong University | And 3 more authors.
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2015

Matching error can come from the interaction between earth pressure transducer and soil in centrifugal field. To grasp it, characteristics of nonlinear response and main affect factors in high modulus soil are examined with the tests of liquid calibration and the tests of calibration for soil in centrifugal field with the matching error theory. Test results show that the calibration for liquid indicates that the response of the miniature earth pressure transducer is highly linear. The calibration for soil in centrifugal field indicates that the significant nonlinear response of the miniature earth pressure transducer is caused by the change of soil modulus in the loading process. Nonlinear correction of test data with the nonlinear expression can significantly improve the accuracy of the miniature earth pressure transducer in high modulus soil. The nonlinear expression is established between the matching error and the modulus of soil. ©, 2015, Academia Sinica. All right reserved.

Yang X.,Hohai University | Ning Q.C.,Hohai University | Shi Y.,Hohai University | Xia G.X.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co.
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The high-pile wharf near estuary under wave subjects to great wave force. The wave force can cause destruction of the wharf superstructure. Current research focuses on the case where the forward direction of the wave is perpendicular to or inclined to the wharf front line and mostly applied physics modelling experiments. This paper is to study the case where the wave is parallel to the front line of the high-pile wharf. Take a high-pile wharf near estuary as a model and use the finite element software Ansys to establish the space model. Analysis of internal forces and the destruction of high-pile wharf are made. Meanwhile, the preliminary solution depending on the destruction are proposed, providing references for projects. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Li H.Q.,Inner Mongolia University | Ni Y.J.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Liu X.G.,China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Co. | Yan J.X.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co.
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

Seismic damage was the key reason which resulted in the serviceability degradation or collapse of the bridge. How to quantify the seismic damage and evaluate the seismic performance of the bridge under earthquakes through the damage analysis was the significant research direction in the performance based seismic design. In this paper the Park-Ang model(a well-known dual parameters model) and its modification version used for the damage evaluation of the concrete structure were compared. Furthermore, through the definition of the damage indices of the models based on the modified Park-Ang model and the descending slope of the IDA(incremental dynamic analysis) curve, the seismic damage levels of the typical bridge in the urban rail transit line under the designated earthquakes were analyzed, respectively. It was shown from the results that the calculated results from the two model was essentially consistent. The damage analysis based evaluation method was feasibly used for the seismic performance evaluation of the bridge. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Yan X.,Anhui Transport Consulting and Design Institute Co. | He J.,Tongji University | Yuan W.,Tongji University | Dang X.,Tongji University
Journal of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration | Year: 2013

The use of isolation bearing in supporting system is the main seismic isolation measures used in multi-span continuous girder bridges. It will lead to different seismic performance and economical efficiency for bridges when the bearing arrangement is different. This paper makes an introduction to the lead rubber bearing, and an analytical study on the performance and economical efficiency of seismically isolated bridge structures under the condition that all or part of bearings are lead rubber bearings subjected to earthquake excitation, with pulse and non-pulse,is conducted. The change of pier height is taken into consideration. The study shows that the scheme,in which part of bearing is lead rubber bearing, performs as well as all bearing is lead rubber bearing, and furthermore it has high economical efficiency; The location of seismic bearing, height of pier and pulse characteristic are decisive for seismic and economic performance. When the bearing is located on the side pier of bridge with low and about the same height of piers will have high performance.

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