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Zhang Y.,Anhui Vocational and Technical College | Ni Z.-X.,Anhui Vocational and Technical College | Guang-feng S.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co.
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2014

paper describes the properties of raw material used in 14.8 tex knitted yarn with wicking anti-pilling fiber/PTT/wool ( 65/20/15 ) , the key technical points of each process and parameters were also disscussed. According to the characteristics of raw performance, combining with practical situations, a spinning process route was selected rationally, raw material was pretreated before spinning, more opening,less noil should be adopted in opening and cleaning process, tight gauge, strong carding were introduced in carding process, rational distribution of drafting was chosen in drawing process, suitable roving twist factor was chosen, low speed and strengthening fiber controlling should be adopted to improve yam evenness. Only by appropriate process parameters as well as adopting appropriate technical, smooth production of yam can be ensured and achieve the design requirement.

Ni Z.-X.,Anhui Vocational Technology College | Gao S.-Y.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co. | Chen G.,Anhui Vocational Technology College | Wang Y.-L.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co.
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2011

To develop magnetic fiber/Richcel/cashmere blended knitting yarn, according to the performance characteristics of magnetic fibers, Richcel, appropriate methods of mix wool were adopted. First the cashmere was refueled oil & water, then mixed after adding the magnetic fiber and Richcel fiber, to avoid problems of magnetic fiber Richcel fiber excessive oil & water. Through a series of technical measures, the problems of winding roller and rubber-covered roller, blocking coiler and hard to form sliver were be resolved well, 16.7 tex magnetic fiber/Richcel/cashmere 20/25/55 blended knitting yarn could reach demands of new product. It can meet the design requirements of new product.

Wang Y.-L.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co. | Wang D.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co. | Guo L.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co. | Zhang W.-X.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co.
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2010

The paper introduced the different characteristics of nanometer wool and pearl fiber, described production process and technical measures of nanometer wool/pearl fiber/combed longstaple cotton (15/15/70) 11.7 tex blended yarn. In view of blended yarn, the question which easy to appear in the production process, carried on the suitable pretreatment to raw material, combs cotton the few damage block shift, and the strip low vehicle speed against static electricity, the coarse yarn leaning election twists the coefficient against accident elongation, after the spun yarn enlarges, the area overall dimensions disposes the small area drafts, to overcome the static electricity quality of certified level. Thanks to the appropriate technical measures, it effectively solved the problem of blended yarn production, guaranteed the smooth development of new products. The knitting fabric which made with this blended yarn was soft smooth, health care skin care, which can be used to make upscale clothing.

Wang D.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co.
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2013

The article introduced the property of carbonation wool, viloft and long-staple cotton, and the spirning process of 52 Nm yarn with 15/25/60 carbonation wool/viloft/long-staple cotton. The raw materials are free of impurities, easily damage, so the process should less combat, less noil, to reduce the speed of the carding parts, to enlarge the carding gap, and use the chemical fiber type cording clothing, which is in order to reduce the fiber damage, tramsfer fiber easily. The blended yarn was spinning successfully in rotor spinning machine. The yarn quality can meet the design requirements for new product development.

Zhang X.-J.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co. | Zhang W.-R.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co. | Li Y.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co.
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2011

In this paper, property of air conditioning fiber/tencel/basolan wool were described briefly. It discussed the spinning technics of semi-worsted production process and technical of air conditioning fiber/tencel/basolan wool (40/30/30) 20. 83 tex blended yarn. It discussed some questions in manufacture practice of spinning process, and provided some measures to solve these questions. The key technological parameters in developing of air conditioning fiber/tencel/basolan wool blended knitting yarn were introduced. The quality of the blended knitting yarn was measured. Meanwhile, it can contain the features including soft, breathable, color and degree of good features among three fibers. Good yarn evenness, hairiness less high strength, high-grade yarn in kind, can help us achieve the desired production requirements.

Chen G.,Anhui Vocational and Technology College | Sun G.-F.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co. | Wang Y.-L.,Anhui Fuyang Huayuan Textile Co. | Wang D.,Anhui Vocational and Technology College
Wool Textile Journal | Year: 2012

For the production of blended yarn with cashmere, hemp and combed long-staple cotton, this paper focuses on the performance characteristics of hemp fiber, with the example of 14. 6 tex cashmere, hemp, combed long-staple cotton (15/25/60) and semi-worsted yarn. It also introduces the process of blended hemp yarn and the problems in the yarn manufacture. It is thought that the pretreatment is very important in the improvement of the flexibility of raw materials, the cut-down of friction and the reduction of electrostatic generation. In the carding, there should be more combing so as to reduce damage. In the drawing and roving, electrostatic generation and winding should be reduced. In the spinning, the details, drop breakage and winding speed should be reduced, and the quality of piecing be enhanced. Due to the adoption of appropriate technical measures, the technical problems in the production are effectively solved so that the smooth production of the new product is guaranteed.

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