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Santo Andre, Brazil
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Cardoso J.C.,Anhanguera | Teixeira da Silva J.A.,Kagawa University
Biotechnology Advances | Year: 2013

Gerbera jamesonii (gerbera) is an important cut-flower in the global floricultural industry. Micropropagation is the main system used to clonally propagate gerbera in vitro resulting in the production of millions of plantlets each year. Numerous types of explants and protocols for micropropagation have been established and used for gerbera. Shoot tips are the commonly used explant while adventitious shoot induction from the capitulum is also a popular method. Most papers in the literature have focused on testing the influence of different types and combinations of plant growth regulators with the aim of improving the regeneration and multiplication stage of one or few cultivars. Genotype is one of the most influential factors on the response of gerbera in vitro. Despite this, no successful universal protocol has yet been developed for multiple cultivars, limiting the usefulness of current protocols for commercial biotechnology labs. Slow-growing endogenous bacteria are one of the most important problems in gerbera micropropagation but require more studies on control and prevention. Individual shoots are normally easy to root, usually in excess of 90% of plantlets, but the acclimatization stage requires improvements and new technologies to increase the survival of plants. Epigenetic variations in micropropagated gerbera are frequently observed only with high concentrations of cytokinins in the culture medium but somaclonal variation is rare. © 2013 Elsevier Inc.

The study evaluated the completeness of the information in the records of the Hyperday of a Basic Unit of Health (BUH) in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Transversal delineation was used through the collection of secondary data. Copies of 567 records filled out in BUH between 2002 and 2008 were analyzed. Data were classified as "filled out" and "no filled out" in a precodified questionnaire. Among data of obligatory completion, the largest percentages of incompleteness observed were in the identification field, particularly numbers of the national health card (95.6%), zip code (47,2%) and federal unit of birth (27.3%). Among the data of optional completion, the largest gaps were identified in the fields of no medicamental treatment (97.0%) and capillary glycemia (56.7%). In relation to the fields of clinical data, all of them had low incompleteness. The results demonstrate that the SisHyperday in study has a good completion in most part of the analyzed variables.

Cardoso J.C.,University of Sao Paulo | Martinelli A.P.,University of Sao Paulo | Latado R.R.,Anhanguera
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture | Year: 2012

Callogenesis, somatic embryogenesis, and regeneration were obtained from tissues of unfertilized ovaries of sweet orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck.) cv. Tobias. The influence of two modified basal media, woody plant medium (WPM) and N6 medium, to induce callus formation from pistils was determined. Overall, high frequencies of callogenesis were observed when either medium was used. However, initial culture of explants in WPM medium followed by transfer of callus to N6 medium resulted in higher frequency of callus induction (of 2. 30 callus per explant that were larger than 0. 5 cm in size), and of subsequent development of embryogenic callus (10%). A total of 125 somatic embryos were obtained. After 6 months of culture, 72% of somatic embryos germinated into plantlets. These plantlets were subsequently micrografted in vitro, and then acclimatized. Ploidy of these plants were determined using flow cytometry and TRAPS molecular markers were used to confirm their maternal origin. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media B.V.

Francke I.C.M.,Anhanguera | Castro J.F.W.,Geoklock Consultoria e Engineering Ambiental
Water Resources and Industry | Year: 2013

Water shortage represents one of the main threats to life on our planet. Indeed, over the last five years, society and corporate businesses alike have expressed increasing concern about the long-term sustainability of water resources while climate change and freshwater scarcity became important issues for building a consistent sustainability strategy. Here we investigated the relationships between the carbon and water footprints (CF and WF, respectively) of one product from Natura Cosméticos, a leading cosmetic company in Latin America. Our main goal was to determine how to deal synergistically with these environmental pressure indicators in order to help building future strategies that are more sustainable. Our analysis reveals that the total for the CF of the Macadamia soap bar (450g) was 741g CO2e, while the WF was 1.581l, 1.587l, and 3.672l for the green, blue, and gray components, respectively. We found that at the formulation step, the soap has accumulated 84% of the total CF and 99% of the green component of WF while it accumulated only 6% of total blue WF component and 10% of the gray WF component. Our results reveal that the major volumes accounting for blue and gray occur in the use and disposal phase of the product, when the soap is no longer under Natura's outreach. The use and disposal of this product represent 70% of the total WF and only 16% of the CF. WE also found that carbon and water footprints were significantly high in the farming stage, mainly because of the use of fertilizers for palm cultivation. This study reveals some relevant aspects of the carbon and water footprints and represents an important step for the integration of different environmental pressure indicators for developing novel sustainability strategies that can also be used to increase consumer perception of all environmental aspects of the company operations. © 2013 The Authors.

de Andrade S.P.,Centro Tecnologico de Engineering Ltda | Vaz-Silva W.,Anhanguera
Check List | Year: 2012

Here we provide a new record of Pleurodema diplolister, extending its distribution around 82 km southeast from the nearest locality reported. The species was found in the municipality of São Domingos, state of Goiás, Central Brazil. This is the first record of this species in the state of Goiás. © 2012 Check List and Authors.

The use of drip irrigation and marginal water is growing rapidly in some areas, highlighting the need to develop sound fertigation practices that combine environmental and crop production concerns. In this study the spatial and temporal water and solute distribution patterns are characterized to underpin fertirrigation design and management systems. Time domain reflectometry (TDR) probes were used to monitor the distributions of potassium nitrate (KNO3) and water from drippers discharging at a constant flow rate of 4 L h-1 in soil-filled containers. In the interactions between the different profiles, a gradient distribution of the solution in the soil was observed, with greater storage of solution close to the dripper, which decreased gradually as it approached the wetting front. To reduce leaching of fertigated ions, the frequent application of small amounts of solution during irrigation is recommended.

Pereira M.P.,São Paulo State University | Pereira M.P.,Anhanguera | Goncalves M.,São Paulo State University
Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics | Year: 2011

The main objective of this paper was to study the influence of muscular CA around the knee on the rate of force development (RFD) in older women. After personal invitation, 12 older women, participated in the study. Volunteers performed maximal voluntary isometric knee extension and flexion contractions (MVC) where the RFD was determined (considering the first 50, 100 and 200ms after the force production onset; also, the time necessary to achieve 30% and 50% MVC was considered). Electromyography data from quadriceps and hamstrings were used to determine different CA indexes (CAIs). A correlation test was applied between CAI and RFD; different methods to determine CAI were also compared (Wilcoxon test). The CAI determination methods were not different one from another (p>0.05) and were significantly correlated with RFD (p<0.05) in special, when time to achieve 30% MVC and 50% MVC were considered (∥r∥=0.89 and r2=0.79; ∥r∥=0.93 and r2=0.86; p<0.0001). These results clearly state the CA influence over the capacity to produce force in a short period of time in elderly women, what can increase falling risk, since it is essential to recover to gait disturbances and to unbalance. © 2010 Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

Teixeira da Silva J.A.,P. O. Box 7 | Cardoso J.C.,Anhanguera | Dobranszki J.,Debrecen University | Zeng S.,CAS South China Botanical Garden
Plant Cell Reports | Year: 2015

Dendrobium is one of the largest and most important (ornamentally and medicinally) orchid genera. Tissue culture is now an established method for the effective propagation of members of this genus. This review provides a detailed overview of the Dendrobium micropropagation literature. Through a chronological analysis, aspects such as explant, basal medium, plant growth regulators, culture conditions and final organogenic outcome are chronicled in detail. This review will allow Dendrobium specialists to use the information that has been documented to establish, more efficiently, protocols for their own germplasm and to improve in vitro culture conditions based on the optimized parameters detailed in this review. Not only will this expand the use for mass propagation, but will also allow for the conservation of important germplasm. Information on the in vitro responses of Dendrobium for developing efficient protocols for breeding techniques based on tissue culture, such as polyploidization, somatic hybridization, isolation of mutants and somaclonal variants and for synthetic seed and bioreactor technology, or for genetic transformation, is discussed in this review. This is the first such review on this genus and represents half a decade of literature dedicated to Dendrobium micropropagation. © 2015, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the investigation actions of home contacts of tuberculosis (TB) index cases in the Tuberculosis Control Program (TCP) of Pelotas/RS - Brazil. This cross-sectional descriptive study was based on data from the records of index cases. The sample consisted of 163 contacts of 68 subjects with pulmonary TB in treatment in the TCP between June and August, 2009. These contacts were predominantly female, over 10 years of age and the daughters of index cases. The requested examination was a chest radiography and bacilloscopy. Active TB was found in 1.8 % of contacts. Results show that assistance for TB patients in Pelotas-Brazil, which is centralized in a single specialized service, hinders the investigation of home contacts. Primary care is required to narrow the gap between professionals and the family, and facilitate early diagnosis and interruption of the TB transmission chain in a timely manner.

Sanches Silveira J.E.P.,Anhanguera | Myaki Pedroso D.M.,Anhanguera
Reviews on Environmental Health | Year: 2014

This article reviews current data about the relationship between sun radiation and skin, especially with regards ultraviolet light and the skin aging process. The benefits of sun exposition and the photoaging process are discussed. Finally, the authors present a review of photoprotection agents that are commercially available nowadays. © 2014 by De Gruyter 2014.

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