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Anglo Belgian Corporation NV | Date: 2015-06-29

Driving devices for machines, namely, gear drives; Geared electric motors for water craft; Engines for air vehicles; Motors, electric, other than for land vehicles; Boat engines; Airplane motors; Diesel engines, electric engines, hybrid engines, other than for land vehicles; Hydraulic engines and motors; Hydraulic motors for excavators; Starters for motors and engines; Regulators for engines; Compressed air engines for land vehicles, boats and industrial applications; Combustion engines for machines; Combustion engines for water vessels; Fuel pumps for engines; Fuel injection systems for engines; Belts for engines; Spark plugs for engines; Radiators for motors and engines; Anti-pollution devices for motors and engines; Mufflers for motors; Exhaust valves for engines; Engine fuel pumps for land vehicles, boats, and industrial applications; Clack valves for engines; Cylinder heads for engines; Camshafts for machines; Axles and shaft couplings as parts of machines; Fuel systems for internal combustion engines for land vehicles, boats and industrial applications; Fuel economisers for motors and engines; Fuel filters; Diesel electric generators; Power supply apparatus, namely, auxiliary power units for supplying electrical power; Uninterruptible power supply generating machines; Current generators; Generators for wind turbines; Electric power supplies; Fuel injectors; injection pumps for pumping fuel into the cylinders of engines; Driving devices for machines; Connecting rods for machines, motors and engines; Gear wheels for machines, namely, bevel, cage, cylindrical, crown, epicyclic, harmonic, helical, hypoid, magnetic, non-circular, pinion, rack, spiral, spur, worm; Cylinder liners; Cylinder blocks; Spraying machines; Bearings as part of machines; Pistons for engines; Crank shafts for engines; Catalytic converters. Engines for land vehicle propulsion; Diesel engines, electric engines and hybrid engines for land vehicles; Engines for trains; Internal combustion engines for land vehicles; Turbines for land vehicles; Jet engines for land vehicles; Motors, electric, for land vehicles; Geared electric motors for land vehicles; Gear motors for land vehicles; Afterburners for land vehicle engines; Driving chains for land vehicles; Compressors for supercharging internal combustion engines of land vehicles; Fuel lines for vehicles; Power trains for land vehicles; Power transmissions for land vehicles; Mechanical power transmitting mechanisms for land vehicles; Clutches for land vehicles; Grommets to prevent tearing or abrasion of materials, to protect cables and minimize vibration in land vehicles; Drive shafts for land vehicles; Camshafts for land vehicles; Toothed wheels for land vehicles; Catalytic converters for land vehicles. Electrical installation services, Installation, repair and maintenance for motors and engines; Advisory services relating to the installation of engines; Installation, repair and maintenance radiators for motors and engines; Installation, repair and maintenance of power generators; Installation, repair and maintenance of electrical and generating machinery; Vehicle engine conversions, namely, removing engines and replacing them with another type; Refurbishment of land vehicle and railway diesel engines; Cleaning of electrical motors; Construction of engines for power plants; Advisory services relating to the installation of power plants.

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