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Zhukovets I.V.,Amur State Medical Academy | Leshchenko O.Ya.,Scientific Center for Family Health and Human Reproduction Problems | Atalyan A.V.,Scientific Center for Family Health and Human Reproduction Problems
Voprosy Prakticheskoi Pediatrii | Year: 2017

The objective. To analyse socio-economic and medico-biological factors increasing a risk for disturbances of menstrual function in adolescent girls with hypothalamic dysfunction (HD). Patients and methods. A retrospective cohort study was performed among adolescent girls (n = 170), whose mean age was 14.41 ± 0.26 years. All patients had dysfunction of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal system manifested by neuroendocrine (overweight or obesity) and neurotrophic (pink or white striae) disorders. All respondents in the period from 2000 to 2014 were hospitalised to the gynecological department of the Amur Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. The HBSC questionnaire (Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children) adapted for Russia was used for assessment of their socioeconomic and behavioural status and the way of life. Overweight and obesity were determined in according to the "Federal Clinical Recommendations on diagnosis and treatment of obesity in children and adolescents" (2013). Influence of a particular factor was assessed by a relative risk value (RR): relative risk greater than 1 was determined as a risk factor. Also, we calculated attributable risk (AR), etiologic fraction (EF) and criterion χ2, if necessary, Yates correction was used. The values of χ2 ≥ 3.8414 with probability 95% (p < 0.05) were considered significant. Results. Of 170 adolescent girls with HD 66 (38.8%) were overweight. Obesity was recorded in 104 (61.1%) cases (grade 1 - 75.9%, 2 - 18.3%, 3 - 6.7%). The average body mass index was 30.54 ± 0.66 kg/m2. Amenorrhoea (both primary and secondary) was diagnosed in 56 (32.9%), abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) - in 41 (24.0%) adolescent girls with HD. RR for development of amenorrhoea with high EF was significant in girls with tense family relations (RR - 1.8%; χ2 = 7.48, p < 0.01) and in low income levels (RR - 1.7%; χ2 = 5.99, p < 0.05). The most significant medico-biological factors (RR = 2.02%) for development of amenorrhoea were duration of HD manifestation for 5 years and longer and obesity (RR - 1.9%). In mother's complicated pregnancy (preeclampsia) and in neonatal asphyxia this parameter was 1.6 and 1.7, respectively, with p < 0.05. A risk for AUB in girls with HD during puberty was significant in case of herpes infection (RR - 1.7%) and mother's threatened miscarriage in the 1st trimester. Conclusion. In adolescent girls with HD and overweight or obesity, amenorrhoea was found in 32.9% of cases, AUB - in 24.0%. Significant risk factors for development of amenorrhoea have been specified (duration of HD manifestations more than 5 years; obesity; neonatal asphyxia, mother's preeclampsia; tense relationships in the family; low-income families) and AUB (herpes infection in girls, threatened miscarriage in the 1st trimester in mothers). © 2017, Dynasty Publishing House. All rights reserved.

Vanina E.A.,Amur State Medical Academy | Voitsekhovskiy V.V.,Amur State Medical Academy | Landyshev Y.S.,Amur State Medical Academy | Tkacheva S.I.,Amur Regional Hospital
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2017

In this work indicatorsendobronchial microcirculation were investigated in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), multiple myeloma (MM), polycythemia vera (PV), idiopathic myelofibrosis (IMF). A diagnostic bronchoscopy was performed using fibreoptic «Olympus» (Japan).Endobronchial laser Doppler flowmetry was carried out on the laser analyzer capillary blood LAK-02 (Russia). Laser Doppler flowmetry indicators such as parameter of microcirculation, the oscillation amplitude in the endothelial, neurogenic, myogenic, cardiac and respiratory ranges were calculated by continuous the Wavelet transforms. Reduced cardiac and respiratory amplitudes in CML and CLL are primarily due to the development leukostasis. If PV is the case, this is due to sludge syndrome. And when MM occurs, it is caused by protein stasis in the vessels of the bronchial tubes. Increased endothelial oscillation amplitudes in the range in CML, PV, IMF and their reduction in MM indicate the presence of endothelial dysfunction in these patients. Increasing the amplitude of oscillations in the range of neurogenic indicates the development of arteriolar vasodilation as a compensatory response to the violation of blood flow. Increasing the amplitude of oscillations of myogenic tone indicating decrease precapillaries as a compensatory reaction to improve blood flow. It is concluded that endobronchial laser Doppler flowmetry is an important method allowing diagnosing the pathology of the microvasculature of the bronchi in chronic leukemia. © 2016 SPIE.

PubMed | Amur State Medical Academy
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine | Year: 2016

Positive reaction of the bronchi to distilled water inhalation in asthmatics is associated with significant stimulation of the respiratory epithelium desquamation against the background of increased content of eosinophilic and neutrophilic leukocytes in induced sputum, predomination of eosinophil and neutrophil cytolysis, and lower activity of myeloperoxidase in leukocyte granules (in comparison with the parameter in patients with a negative response to bronchostimulation). Enhanced cytolysis and destruction of leukocytes and high myeloperoxidase concentration in the extracellular space are essential for the development of bronchial hyperresponsiveness to hypoosmotic stimulus in asthma.

Konkova D.Yu.,Amur State Medical Academy | Karnaukh V.N.,Amur State Medical Academy
Nevrologiya, Neiropsikhiatriya, Psikhosomatika | Year: 2016

Objective: to study of the emotional features in patients with myasthenia. Patients and methods. 52 myasthenic patients (11 men and 41 women; mean age, 50.5±13.8 years) were examined. The investigators determined the level of situational and personal anxiety (SA and PA) by the Spielberger-Hanin questionnaire and that of depression by the Zung scale. They clarified the association of these indicators with gender, age, myasthenia duration and severity by the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) scale, and with the presence of crises. Results and discussion. The patients with myasthenia showed a higher level of SA than those with depression. There was an increase in the indicators depending on age and disease duration and severity according to the MGFA scale, and on the group of disability. A number of patients who were critically ill and had high MGFA scores were noted to have low PA levels, which may contribute to the decreased level of protective psychological mechanisms. Conclusion. Most myasthenic patients have high levels of anxiety. In these patients, the absence of depression or the presence of its mild form and the prevalence of anxiety determine the choice of therapy with a preference being given to psychotherapy.

Vanina E.A.,Amur State Medical Academy | Veselova E.M.,Amur State University | Leonenko N.A.,Russian Academy of Sciences
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2017

Considerable interest are the studies related to the influence of powerful energy flows of natural gold-dispersed mineral medium, since such investigations lead to a new decision of technological problems of mineral processing. In this paper nonlinear effects occurring as a result of experimental studies using an ytterbium fiber laser source LS-06, with a wavelength 1060 nm, continuous action are studied. It was carried out modeling of these processes. Natural samples containing submicron gold were investigated, with identified local orderliness of ultrafine particles of gold. Observed ultrafast nonlinear processes are an open non-equilibrium system in the interaction of laser radiation with matter. The laser radiation can provide high speed local temperature changes in the material that leads to thermal strong interaction, concentration, charge and other streams. The possibility of integration of the noble metal particles in the processing of laser radiation with regard to the properties of gold dispersed samples is proved. Effectiveness of submicron gold laser sintering depends on the temperature distribution in the irradiated sample, which is determined by the parameters of laser radiation. © 2016 SPIE.

Olifirova O.S.,Amur State Medical Academy | Kozka A.A.,Amur State Medical Academy
Novosti Khirurgii | Year: 2017

Objectives: To assess the value of antioxidants and hyperbaric oxygenation in the complex treatment of burn wounds. Methods: The treatment analysis of 54 patients with I-II-III degree burns (ICD-10) of different localization has been carried out. In the complex treatment of the main group (n=28), the oral administration of antioxidants (the mixture of dihydroquercetin and arabinogalactan, 1:3) 1 capsule twice a day for 21 days was indicated as well as local application of the powder of dihydroquercetin. At the same time in case of I-II degree burns - 8-10 sessions of hyperbaric oxygenation of 1,5 to 1,8 atmospheres in the chamber "OKA-M", 40 minutes daily were carried out. In case of III degree burns - hyperbaric oxygen was carried out up to delayed autodermoplasty with a free split skin graft and starting from the first postoperative day with in 7 days. The clinical comparison group was comprised of patients (n=26) who received the traditional treatment. Results: In patients of the main group who received antioxidant therapy and hyperbaric oxygenation the course of wound healing is characterized by even smooth process, manifested in reduction of pain syndrome and the temperature reaction, in the early appearance of granulation, marginal and complete epithelialization of wounds of I-II degree burns was noted, as well as the reduction of preoperative preparation terms of III degree burns. Due to the stimulation of reparative processes, complete engraftment of the split free autodermotransplant was achieved in 100% of cases in the main group and only in 72,4% - in the clinical group. Hyperproduction of pro-inflammatory interleukins (IL-1β, IL-6, IL-8, TNF-α) was observed in all patients, however, to the 21st day of treatment, its significant reduction was registered in the main group. Antioxidants and hyperbaric oxygen application permitted to reduce the intensity of lipid peroxidation and to increase the activity of antioxidant protection system. Conclusion:. The conducted study showed the application efficacy of antioxidants and hyperbaric oxygen therapy in complex treatment of patients with burn wounds.

Kurochkina G.I.,Moscow State Pedagogical University | Grachev M.K.,Moscow State Pedagogical University | Batalova T.A.,Amur State Medical Academy
Russian Journal of General Chemistry | Year: 2014

Stable nanoscaled mono- and dimeric inclusion complexes of β-cyclodextrin with hosts based on symmetric diols of various length containing fragments of benzoic, nicotinic, or isonicotinic acid were synthesized. © 2014 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Grebenyuk V.V.,Amur State Medical Academy | Yusan N.V.,Amur State Medical Academy
Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk | Year: 2010

The program of actions for the assessment of severity of biliar sepsis and the choice of algorithms for relevant medical-diagnostic measures is presented. The account is taken of the traumatic factor of operation, the method of narcosis (endotracheal, local anaesthesia) and severity of the initial condition in individual patients. It is suggested to use this program in the form of computer software for the diagnosis of severity of the disease in septic patients, creation of the database and electron archives of the results of the treatment for the purpose of continuous monitoring the patients' conditions.

PubMed | Amur State Medical Academy
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Zhurnal nevrologii i psikhiatrii imeni S.S. Korsakova | Year: 2016

Autoimmune ophthalmopathy (AIO) is currently regarded as an independent genetically determined autoimmune disease characterized by lesions of the organs of vision and can be combined with other endocrine and non-endocrine autoimmune disorders. There are few publications about the combination and the differential diagnosis of myasthenia gravis and AIO. The authors present a clinical case of the combination of myasthenia gravis and autoimmune eye disease with the symptoms of the malignant exophthalmos. Our case report is of interest because the symptoms of AIO not only remain but became worse in pharmacological hypothyroidism that confirms the independence of this disease.

Olifirova O.S.,Amur State Medical Academy | Knalyan S.V.,Amur State Medical Academy
Novosti Khirurgii | Year: 2015

Objectives. To assess the diagnostic significance of tumor markers of galectin-3, thyroglobulin (TG), carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the blood serum and aspirate washout in patients with nodular thyroid disease. Methods. The study involved 80 patients with nodular thyroid diseases. Highly differentiated cancer was registered in 37 patients and benign nodular disease - in 43 ones. In the preoperative period tumor markers (galectin-3, thyroglobulin, CEA and HCG) were determined by enzyme immunoassay in blood serum and aspirate washout obtained by fine-needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules. Results. In highly differentiated cancer of thyroid gland a significant increase of galectin-3 and CEA in the blood serum galectin-3 and thyroglobulin in aspirate washout were found in comparison with benign nodular thyroid disease. The sensitivity and specificity of galectin-3 in blood serum were 51,4% and 95,3%; galectin-3 in aspirate washout - 59,7% and 90,7%; TG in aspirate washout - 64,9% and 93%; serum CEA - 66,7% and 91,3%, respectively. Conclusion. Study of tumor markers in the blood serum (galectin-3, CEA) and aspirate washout (galectin-3, thyroglobulin) as the additional parameters with standard methods allows increasing the efficiency of diagnosis of nodular thyroid diseases. Due to the determination of galectin-3 in the blood serum the sensitivity in differentiated diagnosis of thyroid cancer has increased from 83,8% up to 92%, galectin-3 in thyroid aspirate washout - up to 97, 3%, TG thyroid aspirate washout - up to 89,2%, CEA in blood serum - up to 94,4%.

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