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Timofeev V.B.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Popov V.I.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Nikolaev D.V.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Timofeeva T.E.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Smagulova S.A.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University
Nanotechnologies in Russia | Year: 2017

In this work we use the method of direct transfer of graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) onto a transparent polymer substrate for obtaining a transparent conducting (TC) film. In order to implement this, we use a standard laminator and a film for lamination. A copper foil with the CVD graphene is glued by the laminator to the polymer film. After copper etching, a TC film with improved electrical and optical characteristics is obtained. © 2017, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Antoev K.P.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Zarovnyaev B.N.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Khristoforova A.A.,Russian Academy of Sciences
Journal of Friction and Wear | Year: 2017

A hydroabrasive wear analyzing apparatus has been developed which makes it possible to study wear resistance of various materials and coatings in hydroabrasive flow simulation. The paper shows efficiency of the developed apparatus for testing various materials and coatings being subject to hydroabrasive effect. After a 96-h test, the developed apparatus obtained comparative characteristics of the resistance to hydroabrasive wear of fiberglass pipes with and without polyurethane coating. © 2017, Allerton Press, Inc.

Fridovsky V.Y.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Polufuntikova L.I.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Goryachev N.A.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Kudrin M.V.,Russian Academy of Sciences
Doklady Earth Sciences | Year: 2017

This work presents results of structural analysis of the orogenic Bazovskoe gold-ore deposit, the structure of which is controlled by an imbricate fan with frontal succession of ore-controlling thrust faults and conjugated thrust ramps. It was established that linear and stratified stockworks and their combinations are formed by several systems of quartz veins and veinlets, regularly related to thrusting along the ore-controlling zones and interlayer shears. In addition, superimposed shear deformations are widely distributed. The features revealed of the geological structure of the Bazovskoe gold-ore deposit allow us to refine the prospecting and searching pattern developed for gold-ore deposits of the Verkhoyansk–Kolyma fold belt. © 2017, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Stepanov V.E.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Ignat'eva G.A.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Osipov V.Y.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Dalbaeva E.A.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University
Radiochemistry | Year: 2017

The tritium concentration in water samples taken in Yakutsk, Udachnyi town, some rivers, and drainage brines of the Udachnaya diamond-bearing pipe was determined. The tritium concentration in drainage brines of the Udachnaya diamond-bearing pipe virtually coincides with the background values. The study performed shows that there is no tritium migration from the cavity of the Kristall underground nuclear explosion to drainage brines of the Udachnaya diamond-bearing pipe. © 2017, Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

Anufriev A.I.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Okhlopkov I.M.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University
Russian Journal of Ecology | Year: 2015

Materials are presented on the hibernation of three species of squirrel with a body temperature below zero at relatively low temperatures of the environment (down to −10 to −12°C). DS-1922 L temperature loggers were implanted in the body cavity of parka squirrels, long-tailed ground squirrels, and black-capped marmots before the period of hibernation, in August. After the implantation, the temperature loggers were kept in the body cavity of the animals during their winter hibernation and removed at the end of April. During the period of hypothermia, a body temperature below zero was recorded: in parka squirrels it was observed during 5 months, the minimum temperature was −2°C; in long-tailed ground squirrels it was observed during 6 months and the minimum temperature was −2°C; and in black-capped marmots it was observed during 4 months and the minimum temperature was −1°C. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Okhlopkova A.A.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Vasil'ev S.V.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Petrova P.N.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Gogoleva O.V.,Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Engineering Research | Year: 2016

The properties of basalt-reinforced polymers based on polytetrafluoroethylene are investigated as a function of the concentration of basalt fibers and their activation conditions. A high-speed planetary mill may effectively be used for the activation of the basalt fibers. © 2016, Allerton Press, Inc.

Morozov A.V.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Petrova N.N.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University
Journal of Friction and Wear | Year: 2016

The results of an experimental study of the effect of the normal pressure in the range of 0.1–0.3MPa, a velocity of sliding of 1–100 mm/s, and a bulk temperature of 22 to–27°C on the coefficient of sliding friction of an elastomer–steel friction pair have been presented. Two types of elastomeric materials have been considered, i.e., frost-resistant rubber based on synthetic propylene oxide rubber and this rubber filled with the antifriction additive of ultrafine polytetrafluoroethylene powder in an amount of 1 weight part per 100 weight parts. The results have shown the efficiency of filling rubbers with ultrafine polytetrafluoroethylene; the coefficient of sliding friction at temperatures below–15°C decreases by more than two times. © 2016, Allerton Press, Inc.

Fridovsky V.Y.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Gamyanin G.N.,RAS Institute of Geology and Mineralogy | Polufuntikova L.I.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University
Russian Journal of Pacific Geology | Year: 2015

Detailed structural study of ore zones and deformations in host rocks reveals the multistage tectonic evolution of the Malo-Taryn ore field. Gold–quartz mineralization is confined to the interstratal and longitudinal thrust faults, where vein–stringer bodies are systematically oriented relative to the structures of the thrust stage. Antimony mineralization is superposed on gold–quartz mineralization in the same structures, being associated with veins formed during the shear stage of deformations. It is determined that the types of mineralization were formed in the following sequence: gold–bismuth, low-sulfide gold–quartz, berthierite–antimonite, and silver–antimony. Data on mineral assemblages and typomorphic features of minerals are reported. The isotope composition of minerals, temperature conditions, and composition of orebearing fluids are studied. It is established that the same minerals ascribed to different types of mineralization sharply differ in typomorphic features, which is caused by the different composition and genesis of the hydrothermal fluids. The superposition of different types of mineralization on one another within repeatedly activated tectonic structures that were fluid-permeable for a long time is an important indication of large-scale deposits. © 2015, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Buzinaeva M.T.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University
Morfologii{combining double inverted breve}a (Saint Petersburg, Russia) | Year: 2013

Using histological, morphometric and immunnohistochemical methods, cellular composition and cytoarchitectonics of diffuse lymphoid tissue in the mucous membrane of the larynx was studied in 29 men aged 17-74 years, who died from general body hypothermia in the winter period and in 27 men who died from mechanical injury during the summer. Significant changes in the cellular composition of diffuse lymphoid tissue of the mucous membrane in the various parts of the larynx were detected in fatal hypothermia, which included the decrease in the number of T-, B-lymphocytes and plasma cells and the increase in the number of macrophages in all age groups, indicating the suppression of local immunity in persons who died due to the action of low temperature.

Kirillina Y.V.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Lazareva N.N.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Sleptsova S.A.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University | Okhlopkova A.A.,Ammosov Northeastern Federal University
Polymer Science - Series A | Year: 2016

The physicomechanical and triboengineering properties and the structures of polymer composite materials based on polytetrafluoroethylene and layered silicates are studied. The triboengineering characteristics are substantially improved by the introduction of a small amount of layered silicates (2–5 wt %). It is found that the introduction of organomodified layered silicates leads to a considerable reduction in the friction coefficient, by an order of magnitude, and causes an increase in wear resistance (2000-fold). With the use of X-ray structural analysis and scanning electron microscopy, it is shown that, during friction loading, filler particles are localized on the friction surface, thereby hampering wear of the material. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

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