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Rodrigues R.A.R.,Embrapa Solos | Vaz V.C.,Prefeitura Municipal de Angra dos ReisRJ | Sato A.,Rio de Janeiro State Federal University | Arruda R.C.O.,Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul | And 2 more authors.
Revista Arvore | Year: 2015

While a number of papers have shown that subway systems have an impact on the air quality through the release of particulate matters, no information about the impact of such particles on tree attributes is available. Tree leaves from three different species from the exit side of a subway station in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were more asymmetrical than leaves from the entrance side. This leaves also presenting changes in leaves cuticle and chlorophyll content. © 2015, Sociedade de Investigacoes Florestais. All rights reserved.

Deslandes V.,Federal University of Paraná | Faria L.R.R.,Federal University of Paraná | Faria L.R.R.,American University of Costa Rica | Borges M.E.,Federal University of Paraná | Pie M.R.,Federal University of Paraná
Behavioural Processes | Year: 2014

A common result in recent linguistic studies on word association networks is that their topology can often be described by Zipf's law, in which most words have few associations, whereas a few words are highly connected. However, little is known about syntactic networks in more rudimentary communication systems, which could represent a window into the early stages of language evolution. In this study, we investigate the syntactic network formed by syllable associations in the song of the oscine bird Troglodytes musculus. We use methods recently developed in the context of the study of complex networks to assess topological characteristics in the syntactic networks of T. musculus. We found statistically significant evidence for nestedness in the syllable association network of T. musculus, indicating network organization around a core of commonly used notes, small-world features, and a non-random degree distribution. Our analyses suggest the possibility of a balance between the maintenance of core notes and the acquisition/loss of rare notes through both cultural drift and improvisation. These results underscore the usefulness of investigating communication networks of other animal species in uncovering the initial steps in the evolution of complex syntax networks. © 2014.

Ribeiro F.D.A.,Federal University of Rio de Janeiro | Almeida G.C.,Federal University of Rio de Janeiro | Almeida G.C.,Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro | Garcia-Basabe Y.,Federal University of Rio de Janeiro | And 4 more authors.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics | Year: 2015

The incidence of high-energy radiation onto icy surfaces constitutes an important route for leading new neutral or ionized molecular species back to the gas phase in interstellar and circumstellar environments, especially where thermal desorption is negligible. In order to simulate such processes, an acetonitrile ice (CH3CN) frozen at 120 K is bombarded by high energy electrons, and the desorbing positive ions are analyzed by time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOF-MS). Several fragment and cluster ions were identified, including the Hn=1-3 +, CHn=0-3 +/NHn=0-1 +; C2Hn=0-3 +/CHn=0-3N+, C2Hn=0-6N+ ion series and the ion clusters (CH3CN)n=1-2 + and (CH3CN)n=1-2H+. The energy dependence on the positive ion desorption yield indicates that ion desorption is initiated by Coulomb explosion following Auger electronic decay. The results presented here suggest that non-thermal desorption processes, such as desorption induced by electronic transitions (DIET) may be responsible for delivering neutral and ionic fragments from simple nitrile-bearing ices to the gas-phase, contributing to the production of more complex molecules. The derived desorption yields per electron impact may contribute to chemical evolution models in different cold astrophysical objects, especially where the abundance of CH3CN is expected to be high. © the Owner Societies 2015.

Holguin-Veras J.,Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Reilly J.,Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Aros-Vera F.,Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Yushimito W.,Adolfo Ibáñez University | Isa J.,American University of Costa Rica
Transportation Research Record | Year: 2012

A procedure is developed to assess the economic feasibility of park-and-ride facilities. Relevant literature is discussed, and a mathematical formulation that can be integrated with a regional planning model is produced and applied to the selection of park-and-ride facilities in New York City. The evaluation procedure is divided into two main stages: candidate selection and candidate evaluation. The candidates are selected according to a set of criteria that includes demand considerations, transit connectivity and design, community integration, and economic viability. Economic assessment of the candidates considers the generalized cost of travel and entails the use of a binary logit model and the computation of four performance measures: expected demand, market share, weighted average savings, and present value of benefits.

Julio Y.E.R.,American University of Costa Rica
Proceedings - 2015 Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer-Aided System Engineering, APCASE 2015 | Year: 2015

The initiative of the project is to develop a prototype wireless mobile electronic programmable controller based on Arduino, a specialized remote monitoring through specialized levels of blood glucose sensor device, the device is linked to a GIS (Geographic Information System), is able to determine the location of each individual given a basic geo positioning system, which connects to the web through a hardware module GPRS. All this information is stored on the web in a geographic data base. The system was tested in different patients where a doctor in charge confirms its validity in terms of information processing, making it functional and efficient telematics architecture. © 2015 IEEE.

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CLNICA DE TERAPIA FSICA La Clnica de Terapia Fsica de la Universidad Americana ofrece al pblico en general servicios de terapia fsica, rehabilitacin, y esttica. Servicios para estudiantes

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El respaldo acadmico ofrecido por la UAM a sus estudiantes se manifiesta en una serie de servicios concretos enfocados al desarrollo integral de su vida estudiantil. Adems, contamos con contenidos acadmicos prcticos y en constante renovacin que favorecen el aprendizaje y la adquisicin de habilidades, con el fin de que cada uno de nuestros estudiantes alcance el xito en su carrera

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Forma de financiamiento: pagar. Sistema de financiamiento El sistema de financiamiento que se ofrece es por medio de pagar, con una comisin administrativa fija y un inters moratorio del 2 ...

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Calidad acadmica Nuestro compromiso es con el estudiante; por eso los apoyamos en sus esfuerzos, mejorando la calidad de nuestros programas y servicios, da a da. Respaldo Acadmico UAM brinda el mayor respaldo acadmico a sus estudiantes mediante programas de desarrollo y apoyo estudiantil, y un sistema de aprendizaje en constante evaluacin y mejora ...

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