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Weston, FL, United States

The American Express Company, also known as Amex, is an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Manhattan's Three World Financial Center in New York City, United States. Founded in 1850, it is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Wikipedia.

American Express | Date: 2015-10-28

Methods and systems for facilitating online transactions are disclosed. One method includes supplying content for display in a frame of a website, the website hosted by a third-party. The method also includes receiving transaction information from the third-party, and returning a token to the frame, the token including state information based on the transaction information. The method further includes passing the token from the frame to the third-party. The method optionally also includes receiving the token from the third-party and transferring funds from a first account to a second account based on the transaction information and the state information.

American Express | Date: 2015-06-25

The present disclosure includes a system, method, and article of manufacture for generating an entity graph. The method may comprise determining a relationship between a first entity and a second entity based upon internal data, external data, and/or online data associated with the first entity, and generating the entity graph comprising at least two nodes and an edge connecting the at least two nodes. The method may further comprise, in various embodiments, tailoring marketing to the first entity based upon the entity graph, detecting fraud against the first entity based upon the entity graph, periodically updating the entity graph based upon new internal data and new online data, and/or adjusting the edge based upon a change in the relationship between the first entity and the second entity.

American Express | Date: 2015-04-20

A comprehensive platform for developing digital products. A standardized process is applied to a product development effort and an online portal provides tools to aid the product development, assessment, funding and commercializing products. Project management, workflow and data security functionality enable consistent, efficient and secure interactions between users. Business rules, workflows, valuation models and rating methods may be user defined or based upon marketplace, industry or technology standards.

American Express | Date: 2015-06-26

A method and computer program product for identifying attributes of customers and potential customers, allowing marketing to be directed at such consumers. Information is received regarding each of a number of consumers. This information can include demographic information, data regarding spending habits, and information as to how such attributes may have changed over time. Once attributes have been determined, and any changes over time to such attributes have been determined, a correlation of the attributes is performed. Such combined attributes are denoted as composite dimensions. Given the composite dimensions, as well as attributes that may not have been correlated with any other attributes, consumers are plotted in the resulting multi-dimensional space. Sets of consumers that appear to be grouped in this multi-dimensional space are then identified. Common attributes of this consumer group are identified. Unique attributes of a given consumer in such a group are also identified.

American Express | Date: 2015-10-30

Systems, methods, and articles of manufacture for expense management are disclosed. A user may submit receipts for one or more transactions into an expense management system. The expense management system may extract information from the receipts and match the extracted information to one or more of a plurality of Records of Charge (ROCs). The expense management system may match the extracted information to a ROC based on vendor name, location, time stamp, and the like. The expense management system may further assign a ROC to an expense category. The expense management system may assign a ROC to an expense category based on a standard industrial classification (SIC) code of a merchant, a category assigned to a different ROC, and a location associated with the ROC. An expense report for all submitted receipts may be generated.

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