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Hoffman Estates, IL, United States

On May 9, 2014, Minerals Technologies Inc., a New York Based international minerals supplier, acquired all the outstanding shares of AMCOL International Corporation. Minerals Technologies is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol MTX. AMCOL International Corp. was a specialty materials and chemicals manufacturer based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States. AMCOL International is no longer traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Wikipedia.

AMCOL International | Date: 2013-01-28

A hydraulic barrier composition can include granules of a water-swellable clay and a water-soluble polymer. Upon contact with a leachate at least portion of the polymer is solvated by the leachate and becomes entrapped in at least one of clay pores, at clay platelet edges, and between adjacent platelets.

AMCOL International | Date: 2013-04-22

Described herein, in the preferred embodiment, is a leonardite-based polyurethane resin binder that may be used, among other applications, as a binder in combination with foundry aggregate, e.g., sand, for molding or casting metal parts. The binders described herein comprise a humic substance, preferably leonardite, combined with a polymerizable polyol, an isocyanate, and a polymerization catalyst to make a polyurethane resin binder in situ in a foundry aggregate, such as sand. The lignite is mixed with the polymerizable polyol and dispersing agents as additives to improve the suspension quality and binder performance of the lignite-containing part of the binder components.

AMCOL International | Date: 2014-07-11

A composition capable of increased impermeability against the passage of ionic liquids therethrough can include a clay mixed with an anionic and cationic polymer. Such compositions can be provided in geosynthetic liners to provide a hydraulic barrier in aggressive leachate environments.

AMCOL International | Date: 2013-03-04

A composition containing polymeric microparticles is disclosed. The composition effectively reduces perspiration in the absence of aluminum/zirconium antiperspirant compounds.

The present invention is directed to visually contrasting aesthetic particles having increased water solubility, particularly useful for combination with granular laundry detergent composition.

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