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Superior, WI, United States

Alverno College is a Roman Catholic, four-year, independent, liberal arts college, historically and still primarily a women's college located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Wikipedia.

Ivanova L.V.,Marquette University | Anton B.J.,Marquette University | Anton B.J.,Alverno College | Timerghazin Q.K.,Marquette University
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics | Year: 2014

Thionitrous acid (HSNO), the smallest S-nitrosothiol, has been identified as a potential biologically active molecule that connects the biochemistries of two important gasotransmitters, nitric oxide (NO) and hydrogen sulfide (H 2S). Here, we computationally explore possible isomerization reactions of HSNO that may occur under physiological conditions using high-level coupled-cluster as well as density functional theory and composite CBS-QB3 methodology calculations. Gas-phase calculations show that the formation of the tautomeric form HONS and the Y-isomer SN(H)O is thermodynamically feasible, as they are energetically close, within ∼6 kcal mol-1, to HSNO, while the recently proposed three-membered ring isomer is not thermodynamically or kinetically accessible. The gas-phase intramolecular proton-transfer reactions required for HSNO isomerization into HONS and SN(H)O are predicted to have prohibitively high reaction barriers, 30-50 kcal mol-1. However, the polar aqueous environment and water-Assisted proton shuttle should decrease these barriers to ∼9 kcal mol-1, which makes these two isomers kinetically accessible under physiological conditions. Our calculations also support the possibility of an aqueous reaction between the Y-isomer SN(H)O and H2S leading to biologically active nitroxyl HNO. These results suggest that the formation of HSNO in biological milieu can lead to various derivative species with their own, possibly biologically relevant, activity. © 2014 the Owner Societies.

Skerven K.,Alverno College | de St. Aubin E.,Marquette University
Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling | Year: 2015

This research uses internalized homonegativity (IH) to understand factors influencing mental health treatment need and treatment seeking in self-identified lesbians (N = 223). Results indicated that IH has significant negative associations with social support, psychological, and social well-being. At the same time, IH has significant positive connections to perceived treatment barriers specifically related to sexual orientation. The authors assert that this can result in a “double bind” for lesbians with high IH, where they perceive treatment need, yet experience their lesbianism as a barrier to accessing help. Implications for counselors, as well as study limitations and suggestions for future research, are presented. © 2015, Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

Burton R.S.,Alverno College
Bioscene | Year: 2014

Textbooks are required in most introductory college science courses, but students may not be benefitting from the textbooks as much as their instructors might hope. Word use in the textbooks may influence textbook effectiveness. I tested whether either the amount of technical vocabulary or the readability had a significant effect on students' ability to learn general biology concepts. I provided different versions of the same reading, then tested students on the content. On the topic with the lowest overall post-reading quiz scores, students who received readings with less technical vocabulary outperformed their peers (P = 0.03). Textbooks did not appear to be an important source of learning for students in this study; fewer than half the students reported that they were reading the assigned chapters near the start of the semester, and this number declined sharply. Students had difficulty correctly answering questions immediately after reading brief selections, indicating a low level of comprehension. Changes in textbooks and teaching strategies may improve student learning and reading compliance.

Yu K.,University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee | Wen Z.,University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee | Pu H.,University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee | Lu G.,University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee | And 6 more authors.
Journal of Materials Chemistry A | Year: 2013

Vertically oriented graphene (VG) nanosheets are synthesized for counter electrodes (CEs) of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). The VG electrode exhibits charge transfer resistance about 1% of the Pt electrode and improves power conversion efficiency of DSSCs from 4.68% (for Pt CEs) to 5.36%. © 2013 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Taylor P.J.,University of Massachusetts Boston | Fifield S.J.,University of Delaware | Young C.C.,Alverno College
Science as Culture | Year: 2011

We report here on a series of interaction-intensive, interdisciplinary workshops to foster collaboration among those who teach, study, and engage with the public about scientific developments and social change-the New England Workshop on Science and Social Change. We include one line of thinking that fed into the workshops and present an analysis of how they contribute to participants developing their interest and skills in collaboration. Workshop evaluations suggest that people are moved to develop themselves as collaborators when they view an experience or training as transformative. Four R's-respect, risk, revelation, and re-engagement-point to the important conditions for interactions among researchers to be experienced as transformative. Three considerations lie behind the focus on the process side of the workshops, not the specific workshop topics: (1) how best to fill in for readers what they missed out on by not being there; (2) workshops and meetings are a ubiquitous part of the culture of science and technology studies (STS) so it is valuable to examine this aspect of our own culture with a view to promoting positive changes; and (3) in some scientific fields organized multi-person collaborative processes form a highly valorized aspect of the culture of science, so reflection on experiences of participation and collaboration in STS might inform our analyses of fields that emphasize collaboration and group processes. Indeed, the authors' own involvement in the workshops extends our own STS work on actor networks and 'heterogeneous engineering', that is, the mobilization of a variety of resources by diverse agents spanning different realms of social action. © 2011 Process Press.

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