San Jose, CA, United States
San Jose, CA, United States

Altera Corporation is a Silicon Valley manufacturer of Programmable Logic Devices , reconfigurable complex digital circuits. The company released its first PLD in 1984. Altera's main products are the Stratix, Arria and Cyclone series FPGAs, the MAX series CPLDs, Quartus II design software, and Enpirion PowerSoC DC-DC power solutions. Wikipedia.

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Altera | Date: 2017-01-23

A 2.5D electronic package is provided in which at least one integrated circuit is mounted on an interposer that is mounted on a package substrate. To reduce warpage, the interconnection array of the integrated circuit does not include a thick metallization layer; and at least part of the power distribution function that would otherwise have been performed by the thick metallization layer is performed by one or more metallization layers that are added to the interposer. A method is provided for optimizing the design of the electronic package by choosing the appropriate number of metallization layers to be added to the interposer.

Systems, methods, and devices for voltage identification using a pulse-width modulation signal are provided. Such an integrated circuit device may include an input/output (I/O) interface and voltage identification (VID) circuitry. The VID circuitry may be coupled to the input/output interface. The voltage identification circuitry may generate a voltage identification signal that is output on the input/output interface. The voltage identification signal may include a pulsed signal having a particular duty cycle that corresponds to a specified voltage level to enable a voltage regulator that receives the voltage identification signal to provide an input voltage to the integrated circuit device at the specified voltage level.

In a first mode, a control circuit may implement a circuit design with storage circuits in an integrated circuit by programming configuration memory bits via configuration resources. The storage circuits may be accessed for read and write operations during the execution of the circuit design implementation with the integrated circuit. In a second mode, the control circuit may perform read and write access operations at the storage circuits via configuration resources or via an interface circuit and interconnect resources that are allocated to the circuit design implementation. Typical applications for performing access operations at the storage circuits include fault injection and observation, statistical monitoring of the circuit design, initialization and the distribution of certain signals such as reset signals, event sampling, just to name a few.

A specialized processing block on an integrated circuit includes a first and second arithmetic operator stage, an output coupled to another specialized processing block, and configurable interconnect circuitry which may be configured to route signals throughout the specialized processing block, including in and out of the first and second arithmetic operator stages. The configurable interconnect circuitry may further include multiplexer circuitry to route selected signals. The output of the specialized processing block that is coupled to another specialized processing block together with the configurable interconnect circuitry reduces the need to use resources outside the specialized processing block when implementing mathematical functions that require the use of more than one specialized processing block. An example for such mathematical functions include the implementation of scaled product sum operations and the implementation of Horners rule.

Altera | Date: 2017-05-03

A method includes using a network interface controller to monitor a transmit ring, wherein the transmit ring comprises a circular ring data structure that stores descriptors, wherein a descriptor describes data and comprises a guest bus address that provides a virtual memory location of the data. The method also includes using the network interface controller to determine that a descriptor has been written to the transmit ring. The method further includes using the network interface controller to attempt to retrieve a translation for the guest bus address. The method includes using the network interface controller to read the descriptor from the transmit ring.

Systems and techniques for configuration of a system on a programmable chip (SOPC) are described. By configuring the SOPC, during power-up, with a voltage input instead of with a flash memory or another non-volatile memory, the systems and techniques may save cost and board space.

An integrated circuit package may include an integrated circuit die having first and second circuit regions and a surface. The first circuit region of the integrated circuit package has an operating temperature that is different than that of the second circuit region. A cooling structure is formed on the surface of the integrated circuit die. The cooling structure includes a group of micropipe interconnects arranged to form a cooling channel that allows for the flow of coolant. The cooling channel includes first and second subchannels. The first sub-channel has a first size that allows a higher flow rate of the coolant to cool the first circuit region. The second sub-channel has a second size that allows a lower flow rate of the coolant to cool the second circuit region.

An integrated circuit for configuring memory block portions is provided. The integrated circuit may include a memory block that is partitioned into first and second memory block portions. The first memory block portion has a first memory type and the second memory block portion has a second memory type that is different than the first memory type. The integrated circuit further includes a control circuit configured to receive configuration data. The configuration data may include memory partition information for repartitioning the first and second memory block portions into first and second repartitioned memory block portions when a portion of the first memory block portion is unused. The memory partition information may also include a memory partitioning constraint, which includes a start point address for the second repartitioned memory block portion and a number of at least one memory segments to be partitioned in the second repartitioned memory block portion.

An accelerated processor structure on a programmable integrated circuit device includes a processor and a plurality of configurable digital signal processors (DSPs). Each configurable DSP includes a circuit block, which in turn includes a plurality of multipliers. The accelerated processor structure further includes a first bus to transfer data from the processor to the configurable DSPs, and a second bus to transfer data from the configurable DSPs to the processor.

Integrated circuits may include partial reconfiguration (PR) circuitry for reconfiguring only a portion of a memory array. In some applications, partial reconfiguration may be performed during user mode. During partial reconfiguration, write assist techniques such as varying the power supply voltage may be applied to help increase write margin, but doing so can potentially affect the performance of in-operation pass gates that are being controlled by the memory array during user mode. In one suitable arrangement, ground power supply voltage write assist techniques may be implemented on memory cells that include p-channel access transistors and that are used to control n-channel pass transistors. In another suitable arrangement, positive power supply voltage write assist techniques may be implemented on memory cells that include n-channel access transistors and that are used to control p-channel pass transistors.

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