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Kulikov V.P.,Altay State Medical University
Patologicheskaia fiziologiia i èksperimental'naia terapiia | Year: 2013

In 11 healthy volunteers 21 +/- 3.7 years old was monitored cerebral blood flow (CBF) by transcranial Doppler (TCD) of middle cerebral artery and mean hemodynamic arterial blood pressure (MAP) by continuous non-invasive measurement "beat-to-beat" at normocapnia, hypercapnia and hypocapnia. Hypercapnia was creating by rebreathing, hypocapnia was creating by spontaneous hyperventilation. The partial pressure of CO2 in alveolar air (PetCO2) was monitored by capnograph, embedded in the TCD-analyzer. During hypercapnia the velocity of CBF and PetCO2 were significantly increased already at 10 s, which was considerably earlier than the increase in the MAP (30 s). During hypocapnia velocity CBF and PetCO2 were significantly decreased at 10 s, and MAP was not changed. We have installed the threshold PetCO2 42 (41; 44) mm Hg, below which amplification CBF occurs at a constant MAP and reflects the true cerebrovascular reactivity to CO2. Source

Chumakova G.A.,Russian Academy of Medical Sciences | Veselovskaya N.G.,Altay State Medical University | Gritsenko O.V.,Russian Academy of Medical Sciences | Ott A.V.,Altay Region Cardiology Dispanser
Russian Journal of Cardiology | Year: 2014

The paper focuses on the contradictory issues related to metabolic syndrome (MS), its criteria, and real-world prognostic value. Different types of obesity, which result from a variety of combinations of general and visceral obesity, are described. The authors emphasise the need for two separate definitions of MS (a wider one and a more specific one), which are characterised by different pathogenetic mechanisms and require different therapeutic approaches. The more specific MS definition could benefit from the inclusion of such criteria as fatty liver and polycystic ovary syndrome. More detailed definitions for the multiple risk factor cluster syndrome, as an alternative to the current MS definition, are proposed for further discussion. © 2014, Russian Journal of Cardiology Source

Piven B.N.,Altay State Medical University
Zhurnal Nevrologii i Psihiatrii imeni S.S. Korsakova | Year: 2014

Some new terms and meanings in modern psychiatry («emotional burnout syndrome», «chronic fatigue syndrome», «panic attacks», etc.) were analyzed, due to save clinic psychiatry traditions and succession of different generations of psychiatrists. Comparison of their content and well-known science concepts proves absence of any unknown phenomenon. These terms do not introduce some new items of classic determination of psychopathology catastasis, they just rename it. The reasons of this tendency were investigated. Source

Tanatarov S.Z.,Semey Medical University | Neymark M.I.,Altay State Medical University | Zhakupov R.K.,Astana Medical University
Vestnik Rossiiskoi Akademii Meditsinskikh Nauk | Year: 2012

The aim of investigation is to reveal dependence of indicators of a phagocytes-macrophageal and cytokine regulation at the operated patients with malignant new growths from a way of anesthesia. 274 patients with a gastroenteric cancer which was exposed to radical operative interventions with use of various ways of anesthesia (total intravenous, inhalation and intravenous-epidural) are surveyed. Existence of dependence of indicators of a phagocytes link of immunity and cytokine regulation from a way of surgical anesthesia at oncological patients is revealed. Most the imbalance of the studied phagocytes and cytokine mechanisms was shown at total intravenous, in the smallest - at combined intravenous epidural anesthesia that serves one of factors for the recommendation of its priority use in oncosurgical practice. Source

Trukhacheva N.,Altay State Medical University | Tchernysheva S.,Altay State Medical University | Krjaklina T.,Altay University of the Right
E-Learning and Digital Media | Year: 2011

New educational technologies prove to be capable of solving many problems in medical training. Students do not see e-learning as replacing traditional instructor-led training but as a complement to it, forming part of a blended-learning strategy. Innovations in e-learning technologies point toward a revolution in education, allowing learning to be individualized (adaptive learning), enhancing learners' interactions with others (collaborative learning), and transforming the role of the teacher. The integration of e-learning into medical education can catalyze the shift toward applying adult learning theory, where educators will no longer serve mainly as the distributors of content, but will become more involved as facilitators of learning and assessors of competency. Still, their use in medical schools is being hampered by certain factors. This survey is a look at how it is possible to effectively use e-learning in medical education and what steps need to be made in that direction. Source

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