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Tokyo, Japan

Alps Electric Co., Ltd. is a multinational corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, producing electronic devices, including switches, potentiometers, sensors, encoders and touchpads.The company was established in 1948 as Kataoka Electric Co., Ltd. and changed its name to Alps Electric Co., Ltd. in December 1964. Since June 22, 2012, the President has been Toshihiro Kuriyama and Chairman is Masataka Kataoka. Alps is also well known for the Alpine brand of car audio.The Alps Electric Group has R&D, production and sales bases located in Japan and around the globe—in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, Korea, and Greater China. Since its founding, Alps Electric has supplied around 40,000 types of electronic component to over 2,000 manufacturers of home appliances, mobile devices, automobiles and industrial equipment worldwide.Alps Group comprises 84 subsidiary companies, 25 through Alps Electric, 32 through Alpine Electronics and 27 through Alps Logistics.The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and a constituent of the Nikkei 225 stock index. Wikipedia.

Alps Electric | Date: 2015-04-24

A high frequency module includes a wiring substrate and a metal shield cover. A wiring conductor through which a high frequency signal is transferred and which is coupled to the electronic component, a wiring electrode which is coupled to the wiring conductor and is provided in an outside further than the shield cover, and a ground electrode which is coupled to the shield cover, are provided on the wiring substrate. The shield cover includes a side plate which is formed of a metal of a plate shape, and a leg portion which is provided in the side plate and is soldered to the ground electrode. A gap is formed between the side plate and the wiring substrate, and the wiring conductor is disposed so as to intersect the side plate in a planar view, on the wiring substrate which is positioned below the gap.

The highest voltage of a power supply voltage, a ground potential, and a signal voltage is output as a selection voltage from a terminal on the output side. In this case, terminals on the input side and the terminal on the output side are connected to each other through MOS transistors in the ON state. Therefore, it is possible to suppress a voltage drop due to a parasitic diode of each MOS transistor.

Alps Electric | Date: 2015-02-27

In a reset period of a first stage, a switching circuit is turned on, and high-level driving voltages are output from driving circuits. In a charge transfer period subsequent to the reset period, the switching circuit is turned off, and low-level driving voltages are output from the driving circuits. It is determined whether or not an output voltage of an amplifier circuit in the charge transfer period is included in a normal range. In the inspection of a second stage subsequent to the first stage, in the same manner as in the normal measurement, voltages having opposite phases are output from the driving circuits in the reset period and the charge transfer period, and it is determined whether or not the output voltage of the amplifier circuit in the charge transfer period is included in a normal range.

Alps Electric | Date: 2015-02-09

An electrostatic capacitance-type input device includes a first member made of a non-conductive resin, a second member formed together with the first member and made of a conductive resin, a determination unit configured to determine the presence or absence of an input operation of an operator for the second member, based on a change in electrostatic capacitance of the second member, a circuit substrate in which the determination unit is mounted, the circuit substrate being fixed to an inner side portion of a cover member, and a conductive elastic member configured to lie between the second member and the circuit substrate and maintain an electrical connection between the second member and the circuit substrate using an elastic force.

Alps Electric | Date: 2015-10-07

A vehicular operating device includes an operating member manipulated to swing, a slider slidably fitted in a holding bore, a cam surface positioned in front of the slider, and a helical compression spring pressing the slider into pressure contact with the cam surface. The metal-made slider includes a first outer peripheral surface with a diameter being smaller than an inner diameter of the helical compression spring, and a guide portion with an outer diameter allowing the guide portion to slide along an inner peripheral surface of the holding bore. A resin-made annular spacer having an outer diameter substantially equal to that of the guide portion is fitted between the guide portion and the helical compression spring. The helical compression spring biases the slider through the annular spacer. The annular spacer holds the helical compression spring in a state not contacting the first outer peripheral surface and the guide portion.

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