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Weiss B.M.,Alpha University
Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC | Year: 2016

There are more than seven billion people in the world, and with them, the same number of unique skill sets. Everybody con think of interesting projects in space, and big company names related to them. If it comes to specific interests, the options of finding a job are limited. This leads to various, interdependent problems. First, companies in need of qualified employees have only access to a limited amount of applicants, namely the people knowing that there is a project of interest and an opening in the field. Second, motivated and trained candidates don't know what kind of projects at the moment are being developed and furthermore, where they can apply if they want to be a part of it. With the ability through technology, we have been granted opportunities for collaboration not only amongst people between opposite time zones, languages, and disciplines. But much more, hiring people from a remote location to work either on-site or remote, grows the potential candidate pool by multiples. The benefits for companies, and equally for employees, is far bigger than just savings or more income. For the first time, hiring can be only about talent, skills, education, and experience; location is no longer a criterion to hire a candidate, nor to apply for a job. There are no limits in finding the best people, to build the best products. With the transition of remote jobs getting ready to launch with ongoing advancements in technology, leadership must be forefront of promoting their company, values, and products. Providing a remote work environment, presenting corporate values and products in a virtual career fair shows strong will to provide opportunities, for future employees. This paper will showcase how the Retevicon Summit team planned and organized the first of its kind virtual career fair for space. Retevicon is locally hosted event, with full remote participation capabilities. Addressing the organizational change and the transition of workforce around virtual hiring and remote work employment community. A unique space to exchange best practices, where companies can showcase themselves, and individuals can display their unique skills. Top companies and speakers will present their solutions and case studies. Top remote workers will present how they organize themselves, how they manage projects over distances, and we hear how they bring more value to their employers.

Weiss B.M.,Alpha University
Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC | Year: 2016

Taking the vast possibilities of digitalisation and the technological changes of the last years, the signs are clear: remote work positions will become normal, even in high-tech industries like space. Moreover, especially space startups, having the need of highly talented people but limited resources, can gain competitive advantages with offering remote work. The location based limitation in hiring is reducing the available amount of potential candidates. Especially in early stages, where a long term outlook is difficult, identifying candidate skills to match them with the needs of the companies are impacted by many factors. This can lead to the wrong people in the wrong position, or limitation in having the best candidate for an opening; a waste of time, money, and scarce resources. With video chats and remote collaboration tools, interviews are possible at any time from anywhere at nearly no cost. Having this global reach for potential candidates grants opportunities to find the best people, even engineering work can be done more and more remote. While many companies already saving billions of dollars through remote work every year, companies of all sizes start to rethink their human resource and hiring strategy. Having satisfied and more productive employees fulfilling their personal strengths, and companies being able to give these skilled people a position that benefits their business is the biggest goal in transitioning to a global remote workforce. In some industries, like space, opening up for remote employment, will become a crucial success driver. The global fight for well educated, highly-skilled, and internationally trained personnel is soon to take over more and more departments and industries. This will challenge companies, not only with searching globally, but also to see how they can convince future workforce to be worth working for. This paper proposes to showcase current uses methods in hiring, integrating, and managing remote workforce. Potentials and areas within the space sector will be analyzed and described, and a collection of supportive tools will be presented. The paper will present remote work case studies for both, employers and workforce, as well as discussions about current and upcoming challenges in remote work with a focus on the space area. Recommended procedures and actionable knowledge for space startups and companies, currently hiring, or planning to hire, will be provided.

Ivanovic M.,College For Educators and Business Informatics Sirmium | Ivanovic U.,Alpha University
Sport Science | Year: 2015

The goal of this study was to consider the distinctive differences in certain dimensions of perfectionism between athletic and non-athletic adolescents, and also to establish a correlation of perfectionism, variables of anxiety and sport achievement in junior athletes. Our sample encompassed high-school students from Valjevo, Serbia (N=120) and junior athletes (N=126), with a mean age of 17,2 years. They were subjected to a battery of tests, comprised by the Positive and Negative Perfectionism Scale (PANPS), Questionnaire regarding sport achievement (UUS), Competitive State Anxiety Inventory (CSAI-2) and the Sport Competition Anxiety Test (SCAT). Instruments that were used for measuring had a satisfying metric characteristic (reliability), which points to the fact that they can be used in our population as well. By using the Student t-test, it was shown that athletes manifested the construct of adaptive perfectionism in greater number compared to non-athletes (p < .01). By conducting the test of Variance Analysis (ANOVA), it was established that maladaptive perfectionist athletes had more pronounced sport anxiety (as a state) from clusters of adaptive perfectionists and non-perfectionists. Calculated Pearson’s correlation coefficients showed that the values of variables of maladaptive perfectionism have statistically significant positive correlation with sport anxiety (as a state, and as a dimension of personality), and also with adaptive perfectionism and self-confidence, whereas the variable of sport anxiety (as a dimension of personality) shows a substantially negative interaction with sport achievement (p < .01). As a conclusion, the hypothetical model proposed in this article and its implications for further verification were analyzed in the context of existing empiric and theoretical grounds. © 2015 Univerzitet u Travniku. All rights reserved.

Popovic Z.,University of Belgrade | Nikic P.,Alpha University
Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge | Year: 2016

A total of 195 papers regarding yoga, published from 2001 to 2014 in from 24 journals indexed in Integrative and Complementary medicine, were extracted from the science citation index (SCI). The most productive journals were: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Complementary Therapies in Medicine and BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, in which the cumulative number of papers on this subject constantly increased. The authors from US attained the dominant position regarding research on yoga practice and theory, followed by Indian, Australian, German and authors from UK. Most of research was conducted by the authors from the same country, less were the result of international collaboration. In total number of papers, reviews accounted with 38 titles, and original research articles with 157. The greatest interest was in publishing results of clinical experiments, particularly RTC studies (randomized controlled trials). Abstract analysis showed a variety of experimental designs, duration of research, subject categories, yoga techniques and reliability of conclusions derived. This paper gives an insight of current status of yoga research within the subject area Integrative and Complementary Medicine, showing the significant number of RTC studies and a great number of pilot and prospective studies with tendency to be expanded to RTC trials. All presented results indicate scientific recognition of yoga as a complementary medicinal practice and its incorporation in integrative medicinal approaches. © 2016, National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR). All rights reserved.

Stankovic D.,University of Belgrade | Medarevic M.,University of Belgrade | Krstic B.,University of Novi Sad | Bjelanovic I.,University of Belgrade | And 3 more authors.
Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences | Year: 2013

The research of heavy metals contents in soil and leaves of Sessile oak (Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.). Moreover, the paper presents the analysis of the stand state on the Avala Mountain. The Avala area is high-grade protected natural resource located on the territory of Belgrade (Serbia) and its regime of exploitation and protection is clearly defined. It is assumed that the human factor is the primary cause of degradation of the protected areas of Avala. Therefore, the current inadequate stand composition and the impact of traffic pollution can be considered the decisive causes of degradation on mountain, as a natural area under special protection. Determining the degree of loading of soil and plants with heavy metals and the analysis of stand conditions of such valuable protected areas such as the area of Avala, are of great importance, based on the results obtained, to take appropriate timely precautionary measures, in order to preserve, improve nature conservation, the environment in general, and especially health conditions. The research of the contents of heavy metals (Pb, Ni, Fe, Zn i Mn) in soil showed the load of soil especially with Pb and Ni. In third locaction the concentration of Ni (amounting to 7.0 μg/g) in the plants leaves is significantly higher which indicates the existance of chemical contamination of soil, before all, with this pollutant. The measured concentrations of all examined heavy metals (Pb, Ni, Zn, Mn and Fe) in the leaves of Sessile oak on Avala fall within the maximum allowed values in accordance with the legal regulations in Serbia.

Knezevic B.,Belgrade Business School | Vidas-Bubanja M.,Alpha University
MIPRO 2010 - 33rd International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics, Proceedings | Year: 2010

In this paper we will analyze approaches and techniques to online promotion of electronic business models using different tools, including search engine marketing, online advertisements and other methods of generating visitors to a website. In this paper following factors are analyzed: online promotion techniques, search engine marketing activities, search engine optimization, search engine search engine inclusion, on-page optimization, external linking and paid search marketing.

Vidas-Bubanja M.,Alpha University
2013 36th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics, MIPRO 2013 - Proceedings | Year: 2013

The economic downturn has posed significant challenges to governments regarding the most appropriate policies to tackle the crisis. This paper analyzes the role of ICT in the economic development of South Eastern European countries focusing on ICT impact on GDP growth, unemployment, the organization and work of companies and state administration. © 2013 MIPRO.

Population-based studies related to the health of the population and the definition of the life quality on the basis of the questionnaire SF - 36 are held in many countries around the world. However in Kazakhstan such a study was conducted for the first time. The aim of the present work was to study the life quality of the population of 6 regions. The method for the population life quality assessment on the basis of the subjective perception of the individual was used (J. Ware, 1988). The basis of this technique is the questionnaire MOS SF-36 that consists of 36 questions for assessing the quality of life based on the health of eight scales. All in all more than 4,000 people were interviewed. The paper presents the results of the study on the women's life quality. The implementation of this methodology for studying the quality of life in Kazakhstan opens up new opportunities for integrated assessment of health status, satisfaction with various aspects of life that will develop programs to improve the quality of life at the municipal and regional levels that in its turn will contribute to the qualitative growth of human capital.

Vidas-Bubanja M.,Alpha University
2014 37th International Convention on Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Microelectronics, MIPRO 2014 - Proceedings | Year: 2014

In the past few years, a new aspect of ICT use has emerged and become a focal point of attention in order to realize development goals respecting in the same time ecological standards and norms. This 'green' potential of ICT is oriented to use of ICT in transforming activities to be more energy-efficient and, as a result, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There is much hope that ICT can be a major part of the solution in tackling climate change and related environmental challenges. © 2014 MIPRO.

Mihic S.,University of Novi Sad | Raletic S.,Alpha University
Proceedings ICIL 2010 - International Conference on Industrial Logistics "Logistics and Sustainability" | Year: 2010

Consumers are mutually different significantly by demographic characteristics, cultures, social diversity, level of education, experience, and numerous personal and psychologically features. Taking into account these facts is the basis for the successful development of the company, ie segmentation and positioning. Many companies tend to be too much focus and organize according to their products and services, and too few of them focus on quality management own customers. Global competition, today, increasingly force manufacturing enterprises to direct their services towards individual needs and requirements, and to develop specific products by customer wish. Shift from market vendor in the market buyer has caused a drastic increase in the number of product variants, but the increase in the cost of such production. To remain competitive, companies have had to reduce the cost of internal units using new forms of logistics in which they fully support open innovation. Many facts indicate that the main driver of innovation development, success and high profitability of the company. This means that many do not even question why they are important innovations. Instead the focus is on how innovation and innovative way of keeping the process. The new management model innovation, which is called the open, recently introduced and popularized, based on the need for companies to open their innovation processes, and to combine its internal and external technology development to create new value. The idea of open innovation, first presented Chesbrough 2003rd year. The author of this subject, moreover, the vision of open innovation, as well as appropriate marketing strategies to overcome problems in proper logistics, as well as overcoming barriers between producers and final consumers. Above all, modern themes, and try to explain through numerous examples of the application of new forms of logistics.

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