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Kent, OH, United States

AlphaMicron Incorporated | Date: 2014-03-17

A naphthopyran compound represented by the formula B

AlphaMicron Inc. | Date: 2013-05-07

Provided is a liquid crystal light variable device having a liquid crystal cell, comprising a mixture of a liquid crystal material and one or more dichroic dyes interposed between a first and a second substrate, each substrate having a conductive layer disposed thereon. The device further includes a voltage supply or controller coupled with the conductive layers for application of a voltage waveform across the liquid crystal cell. The liquid crystal cell is configured so that based on the voltage waveform applied, the device transitions between a low-haze low-tint state (clear state), a low-haze high-tint state (tinted state), and a high-haze high-tint state (opaque state). The high-haze state is caused by dynamic scattering in the liquid crystal-dye mixture.

Alphamicron Incorporated | Date: 2014-07-29

An electronically dimmable optical device, including, in sequence, an active absorbing polarizer; a first static reflective polarizer; an active polarization rotator; and a second static reflective polarizer; configured so that the reflectivity and/or transmissivity of the device can be controlled (increased or decreased) by application of a voltage across the active absorbing polarizer and/or the active polarization rotator. One or more polarization levels can be selected by controlling the voltage at the active absorptive polarizer such that setting the active absorptive polarizer to a selected polarization level determines the brightness of an image produced by the device.

Alphamicron Incorporated | Date: 2012-11-30

A structural interface having an adaptive liquid crystal material that is positioned to receive electromagnetic radiation and adapted to reflect a selective band of the received electromagnetic radiation so as to help with cooling of a structure in the summer and/or heating of the structure in the winter. The adaptive liquid crystal material is designed to change its selective reflection band when exposed to an activating temperature or an activating light or both. Depending on the interior and/or exterior conditions, the adaptive liquid crystal material has one or more selective reflection bands with a peak wavelength selected from the following: within a sunlight wavelength span, outside a thermal infrared wavelength span, outside the sunlight wavelength span, or within the thermal infrared wavelength span. The structural interface may be applied to an exterior or interior surface of a structural envelop or be integrated into a structural envelope material.

Alphamicron Incorporated | Date: 2013-11-13

Described is a kit, an optical insert assembly and a method for attaching an optical insert to a viewing lens of an eye-shielding device. The kit includes an optical insert with an outer perimeter, and a flexible border attachment element with an inner periphery area extending inward of the outer perimeter of the optical insert, and an outer periphery area extending outward of the outer perimeter of the optical insert, and having a first adhesive area for attachment to the optical insert and a second adhesive area for attachment to the viewing lens. When attached, the border attachment element defines a buffer zone spanning the inner periphery and outer periphery areas. The optical insert assembly includes the elements of the kits described herein, attached to a viewing lens of an eye-shielding device.

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