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Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Japan

Aloka Co. | Date: 2010-06-30

A 2D array transducer

Yamaguchi University and Aloka Co. | Date: 2011-03-01

An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus which can measure a time difference of motion between a plurality of sites of a cardiac muscle for the heart of a fetus is provided. On a tomographic image of the heart, a user sets a plurality of observation points. Each observation point is tracked, and a plurality of displacement waveforms representing a temporal displacement of the plurality of observation points are generated. A time difference between a plurality of representative points is calculated between the plurality of displacement waveforms. Such a time difference is displayed as a numerical value or as a graph. The representative point is a peak point, a zero-cross point, an inflection point, or the like. The plurality of observation points are set along conduction pathways in the heart for the electric signal.

Medical diagnostic instruments and systems are provided that include (i) a proximal handle configured and dimensioned to permit an operator to manually grasp the instrument; (ii) an ultrasound probe including a longitudinal shaft extending distally from the handle and terminating in a distal end, and an ultrasound transducer mounted with respect to the longitudinal shaft proximate the distal end thereof, the ultrasound transducer including an array of ultrasonic energy generation elements; and (iii) a tactile feeler probe mounted with respect to the ultrasound probe, the tactile feeler probe including a longitudinal shaft mounted with respect to the longitudinal shaft of the ultrasound probe and extending distally beyond the distal end thereof, and a feeler probe tip (e.g., a ball tip) defined at a distal end of the longitudinal shaft of the tactile feeler probe. Advantageous methods for use of the disclosed instruments and systems are also provided, e.g., for detecting breaches in cortical bones in connection with pedicle screw placement.

Aloka Co. | Date: 2010-07-09

A 2D array transducer (

Aloka Company | Date: 2011-04-15

The present disclosure relates generally to equipment and procedures in the field of surgery and/or diagnostics and, more particularly, to instruments, systems, and methods for undertaking surgical and/or diagnostic procedures that involve and/or are in proximity to the brain, e.g., cranial procedures and/or surgery. The disclosed devices generally include a handle member and an elongated probe that includes an ultrasound transducer. The devices may be used in conjunction with K-wires/guidewires, tubular members, e.g., EVD catheters and/or ventricular drains, endoscopes/cameras, and accessory items such as curettes, probes, knives, suction devices, scissors, cautery units, forceps, grasping devices and the like.

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