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Toyama-shi, Japan

A ceramic wiring substrate and method for manufacturing the same, the substrate having an up-and-down conduction body which is made by forming a porous structure body from a high melting point metal and then infiltrating a low-resistance metal in an up-and-down conduction hole subsequently formed in a substrate made in a plate shape through sintering a ceramic precursor, the conduction body having a normal composite structure without an abnormally grown particle, a void, a crack and the like and not having a problem of falling off from the substrate, as well as provided a semiconductor device using this substrate. An intermediate layer formed of at least one selected from a group of Mo, W, Co, Fe, Zr, Re, Os, Ta, Nb, Ir, Ru and Hf is formed on an inner surface of the up-and-down conduction hole of the substrate before being provided with the conduction body having the composite structure.

An object of this invention is to provide a crucible for growing a sapphire single crystal, which is optimized for providing a sapphire single crystal and is reusable. A crucible for growing a sapphire single crystal of this invention includes: a base material (

A.L.M.T. Corporation | Date: 2012-11-27

There is provided a flat plate-like sintered tungsten alloy that can be molded into a complex shape by press working or forge processing. The flat plate-like sintered tungsten alloy contains 85% by mass or more and 98% by mass or less of W, 1.4% by mass or more and 11% by mass or less of Ni, and 0.6% by mass or more and 6% by mass or less of at least one substance selected from the group consisting of Fe, Cu and Co, wherein an elongation percentage of the flat plate-like sintered tungsten alloy in a planar direction is 20% or more.

A.L.M.T. Corporation | Date: 2012-01-11

Provided is an industrially advantageous molybdenum material which is capable of causing secondary recrystallization to occur at a temperature lower than conventional and which, after the secondary recrystallization, can have a structure that comprises giant crystal grains with less grain boundaries and thus is excellent in creep resistance. The molybdenum material has, in at least a part thereof, a portion having a region where the peak intensities of the (

Provided are a method for producing sodium tungstate by supplying an oxidant made of sodium nitrate or sodium nitrite to bring a tungsten containing material and the oxidant into contact with each other in an atmosphere containing oxygen to thereby continuously produce a reaction product; a method for collecting tungsten using the method; and an apparatus for producing sodium tungstate. Also provided are a method for producing a sodium tungstate aqueous solution in which a reductant is introduced into a melt containing the above-described reaction product which is then dissolved in water; and a method for collecting tungsten using the method.

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