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Alferov D.F.,All Russia Electrotechnical Institute | Krastelev E.G.,RAS Joint Institute for High Temperatures | Maslennikov S.P.,National Research Nuclear University
Instruments and Experimental Techniques | Year: 2016

A trigger generator (TG) with a discharge of a storage capacitor through the trigger gap of a triggered vacuum switch (TVS) was developed. It provides a voltage amplitude of up to 7 kV across the trigger gap. After a gap breakdown, the TG provides an ignition current in the form of a damped sinusoid with an amplitude of ≥1 kA. It differs from analogous devices by pulsed charging of the storage capacitor and the use of an output self-breakdown gas-filled switch. The developed design of the gas switch with gas preionization in the spark gap by an additional corona discharge provides high stability of both the pulsed-breakdown voltage and the switching-on time. The TG tests showed reliable and stable switching-on of high-current TVSs of different modifications with a discharge-current rise rate of up to 3 × 1010 А/s. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Inc. Source

Syrovoi V.A.,All Russia Electrotechnical Institute
Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics | Year: 2016

Two approximations of the geometrized theory are constructed, which make it possible to consider nonparaxial plane relativistic beams emitted in the T-mode with an improved description of the nearcathode region with allowance for the third derivatives of the electric field on the emitting surface and the second derivative of its curvature. In the region of influence of the singularity, the cathode shape and the field on the cathode are related to the configuration of the basic current tube and the variation of the potential on it. The results are adapted to the case of a relativistic planar gyrotron. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Inc. Source

Ul'yanov D.K.,All Russia Electrotechnical Institute | Ul'yanov K.N.,All Russia Electrotechnical Institute
Technical Physics Letters | Year: 2011

The effect of a transverse magnetic field on the characteristics of planar diffusion positive column of electric discharge has been studied. It is shown that, as the magnetic induction increases, the distributions of plasma density and particle fluxes to walls become asymmetric; the density maximum shifts in the direction of Ampere's force action, and the ion flux in this force direction can significantly exceed the reverse flux. It is established that there is a maximum value of magnetic induction, which bounds from above the region of magnetic fields in which a stationary state of the positive column is possible. In the region where a stationary state of the positive column is possible, each value of the magnetic induction corresponds to two positive-column regimes with different values of the electron energy, drift velocity, and electric field strength. © 2011 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

Zav'yalov M.A.,All Russia Electrotechnical Institute | Syrovoi V.A.,All Russia Electrotechnical Institute
Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics | Year: 2016

Cylindrical and spherical bipolar diodes with divergent electron beams are analyzed. A tendency related to the application of plasma structures in the classical devices of vacuum electronics working in the steady-state and pulsed regimes is discussed. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Inc. Source

Londer Ya.I.,All Russia Electrotechnical Institute | Ulyanov K.N.,All Russia Electrotechnical Institute
High Temperature | Year: 2011

A two-dimensional kinetic model of a short high-current vacuum arc discharge has been developed in which magnetized electrons move in the hydrodynamic regime and fast cathode ions move in the free-flight regime in a two-dimensional electric field. The model includes the distribution of ions over the emission angles at the cathode boundary of the plasma. A method has been proposed for calculating the distribution of the plasma density in the gap. The two-dimensional distributions of the plasma density, electric field, discharge current density, and trajectories of ions in an external longitudinal magnetic field have been calculated. It has been shown that ion trajectories intersect each other and some ion trajectories return to the cathode. The number of ion trajectories reaching the anode decreases with a decrease in the external magnetic field. The ion "starvation" effect appears near the anode and can lead to the violation of steady-state current transfer and to the formation of an anode spot. It has been found that the kinetic description of the motion of ions does not indicate the appearance of a shock wave. © 2011 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd. Source

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