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Hangzhou, China

Embodiments of the present application disclose a method for providing a terminal identifier to a terminal. During operation, a security server receives a registration information set from the terminal, in which the registration information set includes multiple pieces of equipment information from the terminal. The security server then generates a terminal identifier based on the multiple pieces of equipment information in the registration information set. The security server then returns the terminal identifier to the terminal.

Apparatus and method are disclosed for detecting a risk in a refill transaction. The method may include receiving, from a user, a request for refilling an account, the request including account information associated with the account. The method may also include acquiring a contact information set corresponding to the user. The method may further include determining whether the contact information set includes the account information by searching in the contact information set for information matching the account information. In addition, the method may include providing a risk alert to the user if it is determined that the contact information set does not include the account information.

Alibaba | Date: 2015-08-13

A form filling method and related terminals are disclosed. The method includes scanning, by a first terminal, a digital object identifier generated by a second terminal; acquiring an operational source identifier of a form to be filled and item(s) to be filled from the digital object identifier; acquiring information content(s) corresponding to the item(s) to be filled from a pre-stored correspondence relationship between the information item(s) and the information content(s) and/or through an auxiliary device of the first terminal; and sending the information content(s) corresponding to the item(s) to be filled and the operational source identifier to a first server correspondingly, to enable the second terminal to acquire the information content(s) corresponding to the item(s) to be filled from the first server based on the operational source identifier to fill in the form. As can be seen, in the present disclosure, form information of the user does not need to be stored in the second terminal, thus improving the security. Furthermore, the second terminal may acquire the information content(s) corresponding to the item(s) to be filled regardless of how the item(s) may have been changed, thus being applicable to a number of different application scenarios.

Alibaba | Date: 2015-08-11

Embodiments of the present application relate to a method, apparatus, and system for processing an app. The method includes obtaining a plugin identifier, obtaining an app plugin installation package from a server, wherein the app plugin installation package is associated with the plugin identifier, installing the app plugin installation package, obtaining an app plugin lookup instruction associated with an app plugin, and determining the app plugin according to the app plugin lookup instruction, wherein the app plugin implements a specific function of a corresponding app in response to the app plugin being invoked.

One embodiment of the present invention provides a system that facilitates identity verification based on various features of a card. During operation, a server receives a request for identity verification, where the request corresponds to an account and includes an image of a verifiable card. The server extracts a card feature from the verifiable card image for use as a verifiable card feature. In response to determining that the verifiable card feature matches a corresponding card feature of a registered card of the account, the server determines successful identity verification.

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