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Barenyi I.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin
UPB Scientific Bulletin, Series D: Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2016

The paper deals with armored martensitic ultra-high strength steels of Armox type and changes of their mechanical properties after the application of thermal cutting processes as are plasma or laser cutting. The paper consists of theoretical part with explanation of the principle of plasma and laser cutting as well as experimental part describing experiment and results of the influence of cutting heat on the microstructure and consequently on basic material properties as are tensile strength and yield strength of studied steels.

Agency: European Commission | Branch: H2020 | Program: SGA-CSA | Phase: WIDESPREAD-1-2014 | Award Amount: 310.33K | Year: 2015

The scope of the project is the upgrade of existing Centre of excellence for ceramics, glass, and cement, to an internationally recognized Centre for functional and surface-functionalized glasses. The new Centre will be specialized to cutting edge research in the area of glasses with special functional properties (luminescence, electric), and to functionalization of conventional glasses with the aim of modification of their properties, and adding new functionalities. These would comprise reflection, and anti-reflection coatings for solar energy production and optoelectronic applications, increase of glass strength, enhancing the corrosion and leaching resistance of commercially produced glasses, self cleaning/antibacterial coatings of glasses for medical applications, including modification/enhancement of bioactivity. The research topics would include also utilization of waste materials for production of glasses and glass-ceramic materials with high added value. The project will be aimed at establishment of the Centre as a joint venture of all participating institutions, creation and formalizing the coordination and management structures, upgrading the research infrastructure, expansion of personal capacity of the existing center to the level facilitating achievement of the critical mass for R&D activities, with special attention paid to hiring high quality researchers and engineers from abroad, in order to create creative international environment, and formation of close ties with regional and European glass industries for efficient knowledge transfer.

Lizak P.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin | Murarova A.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin | Mojumdar S.C.,University of Guelph | Mojumdar S.C.,Trencin University Of bcek
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry | Year: 2012

Textiles are used as thermal isolating materials for technical and clothing applications. The paper generally deals with heat transfer through textile layers by conduction, convection, radiation and evaporation of humidity. This experiment evaluates heat transfer by conduction and radiation through textile layers containing hollow polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibres. The environment created by a composite textile layer containing hollow PET fibres and air is not identical for every method of heat transfer. During heat transfer through a textile layer, we evaluate of the importance of macromorphological structure of the elementary fibres and textile layer, taking into account the thermo-physiological properties. © 2012 Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary.

Barenyi I.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin
Engineering Review | Year: 2016

The article deals with two middle alloyed high strength cast steels and the possibility of their mechanical properties improvement with modification by titanium. The presented study has two main topics. The former is the evaluation of basic mechanical properties of modified and unmodified samples in normalizing and quenchedand-tempered states. The latter is the effect of modification exhibited on the nitridation process and parameters evaluated after nitridation as the course of micro hardness across nitridation layer, the depth of the layer and hardness of nitride surface.

Tkac J.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin
2010 International Conference on Applied Electronics, AE 2010 | Year: 2010

The paper deals with methods of contactless tachometry by radar sensors. The radar sensors are characterized by a good reliability and relatively high accuracy of measurements. The goal of the paper is to propose and realize the system which would manage to measure moving objects with a pulse radar and the Matlab software. Measuring of moving objects has been realized through the radar sensor which operates in an X-frequency band. The audio output of the radar sensor has been used for the velocity measurement and for the signal processing, a PC sound card and Matlab DAQ libraries have been used.

Guller D.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin
FCTA 2014 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Fuzzy Computation Theory and Applications | Year: 2014

In (Guller, 2012), we have generalised the well-known hyperresolution principle to the first-order Gödel logic for the general case. This paper is a continuation of our work. We propose a modification of the hyperresolution calculus suitable for automated deduction with explicit partial truth. We expand the first-order Gödel logic by a countable set of intermediate truth constants c¯,c ∈ (0,1). Our approach is based on translation of a formula to an equivalent satisfiable finite order clausal theory, consisting of order clauses. An order clause is a finite set of order literals of the form ε1 ⋄ ε2 where ⋄ is a connective either ≺. or = and ≺ are interpreted by the equality and standard strict linear order on [0,1], respectively. We shall investigate the so-called canonical standard completeness, where the semantics of the first-order Godel logic is given by the standard G-algebra and truth constants are interpreted by themselves. The modified hyperresolution calculus is refutation sound and complete for a countable order clausal theory under a certain condition for suprema and infima of sets of the truth constants occurring in the theory.

Vojtovich S.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin
Engineering Economics | Year: 2013

This study deals with one of the current and relatively often discussed phenomenon, which accompanies economic and social development in both developed and economically struggling countries. The economic development of Slovakia is no exception. The analysis of both unemployment as an economic and social phenomenon and unemployment trends is conducted in relation to the period of stabilization and relative economic growth, which followed after the transformation of economic systems in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The main objects of this analysis are primarily trends in the economic development, trends in the job creation, and the impact of direct foreign investments on the development of unemployment.Migration of labour force abroad is another important variable entering the analysis. The focus is placed predominantly on the migration flows into foreign countries and also on their impact on the development of unemployment rate. From the previous analyses and observations of real processes occurring in this particular field we know that under certain circumstances high unemployment rate results in the growth of migration flows of labour force abroad. But during the studied period under the conditions of relatively quick economic growth in Central and Eastern Europe we can observe different trends when it comes to the connection between unemployment rate, economic growth and migration flows. Trends in the economic development during this period, in the development of unemployment rate and in the emigration flows and their causality do not match our knowledge and ideas about these phenomena and processes in the entrepreneurial, political or academic environment. Therefore, this study aims to conduct an analysis of the above mentioned phenomena and processes and offer a reasoned and adequate concept about the trends in their development. © 2013, Kauno Technologijos Universitetas. All rights reserved.

Haviernikova K.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin
METAL 2014 - 23rd International Conference on Metallurgy and Materials, Conference Proceedings | Year: 2014

In recent years in the regions of Slovakia a formation and creation of two types of clusters can be watched: mainly technology and tourism. The only region where any cluster has not been created yet is Trenčín. Despite various forms of support being taken over by the creation of a particular cluster, there are registered a few cluster initiatives in this region. Due to the economic structure, the Trenčín region can be characterized as an industrial region with a long term tradition especially in the automotive, engineering, electrical and electronics, textile, chemical and rubber industry. Regarding the requirements of cluster creation the region has got the necessary social and technical infrastructure and the structure of entrepreneurial basis along with a predominance of the small and medium sized enterprises. The aim of this paper is to determine industries branches suitable for the cluster creation in Trenčín region. The analysis of the predominant industries will be made on the basis of Ellison-Glaeser index of industry concentration. This paper was created within the projects IGS FSEV: Cluster policy in the Slovak republic. Project registration number 1/2014, The impact of EU Commercial and Industry policies on the Slovak Republic's competitiveness enhancement. Project registration number is IGS FSEV 3/2014.

Kostal I.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin
Proceedings of 13th International Symposium on Mechatronics, MECHATRONIKA 2010 | Year: 2010

If we develop a. NET distributed application by. NET Remoting we have to often solve a race condition problem. For example, trying to access a server-side object on more than one client at once in this application is inherently dangerous. Locking enables us to obtain exclusive access to a server-side object that is used by another client. It is built into Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 through the SyncLock statement or the System.Threading. Monitor. NET class. This paper shortly describes the locking techniques. In a conclusion it demonstrates the use of locking in the sample distributed. NET application with a threaded client and shows complete listings with commentaries of all source files of this application.

Pernis R.,Alexander Dubcek University, Trencin
Acta Metallurgica Slovaca | Year: 2011

There is one subsistent group of relations based on theoretical knowledge which are used for the average contact pressure calculation on smooth rolls. The second group of relations is generated by empirical equations valid in restricted area of application. The new hypothesis of contact pressure distribution in dependence on rolling conditions is presented in this submission. A new term of non-dimensional value has been defined as relative stress. An equation for the average contact pressure calculation, presented by author moves the mathematical theory of rolling closer to practice. The relative stress is dependant on ratio ld/hav, reduction intensity and friction coefficient. The equation of relative stress in average contact pressure calculation allows for the presence of a minimum. The verification of new hypothesis of contact pressure distribution is in good consent with data measured in rolling practice.

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