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Fort Worth, TX, United States

Alcon incorporated and with corporate headquarters, in Hünenberg, Switzerland, is a global medical company specializing in eye care products. Alcon's U.S. headquarters are located in Fort Worth, Texas. Alcon has been purchased by Novartis from Nestlé and there have been confirmed information indicating high likelihood that Alcon will soon also be merged with the new parent company. Wikipedia.

An ophthalmic surgical system includes a display device and a user interface. The display device generates a display on an image of a patients eye comprising a plurality of non-overlapping display sectors. Each display sector displays one of a plurality of user-selectable surgical parameters. A user interface receives a user selection of one or more of the user-selectable surgical parameters to be displayed.

The present invention is directed to the provision of multi-dose, ophthalmic compositions. The compositions possess sufficient antimicrobial activity to satisfy USP preservative efficacy requirements, as well as similar preservative standards (e.g., EP and JP). The compositions include at two different polyols in conjunction with borate and a low concentration of benzalkonium chloride.

Alcon | Date: 2015-01-29

The disclosure herein provides systems and devices for mechanically cutting and removing lens tissue or cataract from an eye of a patient without use of ultrasonic energy.

Alcon | Date: 2015-12-01

A surgical system comprises a pressurized irrigation fluid source; an irrigation line fluidly coupled to the pressurized irrigation fluid source; a hand piece fluidly coupled to the irrigation line; an irrigation pressure sensor located at or along the pressurized irrigation fluid source or irrigation line; and a controller for controlling the pressurized irrigation fluid source. The controller controls the pressurized irrigation fluid source based on a reading from the irrigation pressure sensor and an estimated flow value modified by a compensation factor.

An eye-surgical laser system includes a laser source, to generate a laser beam, an XY scanner, to scan a focal spot of a received laser beam in an XY direction essentially transverse to an optical axis of the laser system, and a lens group, disposed in the optical path between the laser source and the XY scanner, to receive the laser beam generated by the laser source, to precompensate an aberration of the laser beam, and to forward the precompensated laser beam to the XY scanner, the lens group having a movable lens, movable in a Z direction along an optical axis.

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