Deir ez-Zor, Syria
Deir ez-Zor, Syria

Al-Furat University is a Syrian university; it is located in Deir ez-Zor and has campuses in other cities in Syria. It is a public university, founded in 2006. It is the fifth, and newest, university in Syria. Wikipedia.

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Atea R.S.,Al-Furat University
Case Studies in Construction Materials | Year: 2017

Torsion is resisted well by locked system of reinforcement, due to the blood nature of the torsion induced-shear flow stresses in a beam. Therefore, it will be more effective to have strengthening schemes, which are wrapped in closed form around the cross section. But strengthening with U wrap (three sides) or strengthening in the web and flange unconnectedly is more useful because of the unreachability of the entire cross section due to addition of flange in uniform beam – slab construction (T section of interior beam). This work aims at studying the strengthening of T beams in torsion by using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). The CFRP laminates will be used for strengthening previous to loading. The experimental work includes investigation of twelve reinforced concrete T beams tested under pure torsion. The first beam was the reference beam, without CFRP. The second beam was a simple concrete beam. The remaining ten beams. Variables considered in the test program include; effect of flange strengthening, effect of fiber orientation (90° or 45° CFRP strips with respect to the longitudinal axis), effect of using additional longitudinal CFRP strips with transverse CFRP strips, effect of bolt anchoring CFRP strips in the web and flange and effect of continuous CFRP strips between web and flange (isolated T section). Test results were discussed based on torque – twist behavior, beam elongations, CFRP strain, concrete strain and influence of CFRP on cracking torque, ultimate torque and failure modes. © 2017 The Author

AL-Janabi A.S.H.,Al-Furat University
Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Sciences | Year: 2017

This study was conducted in two phases included, production of high quality composts from Bio solids, and the enrichment of this compost through mixing the waste with buffalo, poultry and sewage sludge at ratios of 1: 3 of each and 1: 1: 1: 2 one of them the decomposition and curing process was completed during 14 weeks. Chemical, physical and biological characteristics of mature compost as well as its elemental component and its suitability as agriculture media were determined. The results showed that Coliform bacteria and Salmonella and Shigella did not appear at the end of maturation. Total fungi count continued to increase to end of maturation when temperature fell to 30 °C. The second phase of the study included, a biological experiment of pepper at plastic house.The experiment included 24 treatment representing six cultural mediums , mixing with soil and fertilizers application. The results of biological experiment revealed that the use of organic media and their mixing with soil or chemical fertilization, led to a significant increase in plant height number of branches per plant, dry matter weight, the concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in plant leaves, as well as the increase of early and total yield of pepper fruit compared with the soil alone.Mixing of municipal waste with poultry manure at 1:3 was the best among other mixtures. The use of mixed media with the soil at ratio1: 1 on the basis of size with half of the recommended amount of chemical fertilizer gave the best results in vegetative parameters and fruits yield compared with the use of organic media alone or using the recommended does of chemical fertilizer alone.

Abed M.,University of Tübingen | Abed M.,Al-Furat University | Towhid S.T.,University of Tübingen | Shaik N.,University of Tübingen | Lang F.,University of Tübingen
Toxicology | Year: 2012

The antibiotic rifampicin is widely used in the treatment of tuberculosis. Side effects of rifampicin include hemolytic anemia. Loss of circulating erythrocytes resembling hemolytic anemia could result from stimulation of eryptosis, the suicidal erythrocyte death characterized by cell shrinkage and cell membrane scrambling with phosphatidylserine (PS) exposure at the cell surface. Stimulators of eryptosis include increase of cytosolic Ca2+ activity ([Ca2+]i) and formation of ceramide. The present study explored, whether and, if so, how rifampicin triggers eryptosis. To this end, [Ca2+]i was estimated from Fluo3 fluorescence, cell volume from forward scatter in flow cytometry, PS exposure from annexin binding, ceramide formation from binding of fluorescent antibodies and hemolysis from hemoglobin release. As a result, a 48 h exposure to rifampicin (≥24 μg/ml) significantly increased Fluo3 fluorescence, ceramide abundance and annexin binding, and significantly decreased forward scatter. Rifampicin triggered slight, but significant hemolysis. Removal of extracellular Ca2+ significantly blunted, but did not fully abolish rifampicin induced annexin binding. In conclusion, exposure of human erythrocytes to rifampicin is followed by suicidal erythrocyte death or eryptosis, an effect at least partially due to increase of cytosolic Ca2+ concentration and stimulation of ceramide formation. © 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

Al-Eyssawi T.A.J.,Al-Furat University
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research | Year: 2017

The intention of this study is to minimize the cost of short rectangular reinforced concrete column design under combined axial loads plus uniaxial bending and approach the economical column design without prior knowledge of optimization. The total cost of column includes cost of concrete, reinforcement, and formwork, whereas the ties cost incorporated in the reinforcement cost. The design variables considered in this study are the loading, width of column, height to width ratio, unit cost of concrete and unit cost of formwork. STAAD Pro V8i software has been used to design all columns. All calculations are done based on elastic analysis and the ultimate strength method of design as per ACI 318M-14 code requirements for axial loads and bending moments. The results of economical columns total costs database indicate that the average cost ratio of concrete, reinforcement and formwork to total cost are 28%, 36% and 36% respectively, whereas ties cost constitutes 7% of the total cost. Economical column design can be obtained from several iterations in total cost calculations, and more trials for section dimensions of the column lead to more economical column design. Economical column design can be approached as the column cross section has height to width ratio in the range of 1 to 1.25 and reinforcement ratio in the range of 1% to 2.5% at the same time. © Research India Publications.

Al-Shoukry S.,Al-Furat University
ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences | Year: 2017

Detecting concealed weapon underneath a person's clothing is important for public safety in places such as airports. The success rate of our proposed approach in detecting concealed weapons based on fused images is higher than that of the bag-of-features approach. Our approach uses a traditional discrete wavelet transform with hybrid bag-of-words to obtain fused imagery. We then utilized convolutional neural network (CNN) with a pre-trained CNN model using the CNN features of the fused image to train a multiclass SVM classifier. Our approach works well with X-ray images. The experimental results indicate the efficiency of the proposed hybrid approach. © 2006-2017 Asian Research Publishing Network (ARPN).

Atea R.,Al-Furat University
Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering | Year: 2017

In order to ascertain fire resistance performance of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) components with different concrete compressive strengths, four full-scaled concrete columns were designed and tested under high temperature. Two of the four specimens were constructed using normal concrete with compressive strength ratings of C20 and C30, respectively, while the others were made of recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) concrete with compressive strength ratings of C30 and C40, respectively. Identical constant axial forces were applied to specimens while being subjected to simulated building fire conditions in a laboratory furnace. Several parameters from the experimental results were comparatively analyzed, including temperature change, vertical displacement, lateral deflection, fire endurance and failure characteristics of specimens. The temperature field of specimens was simulated with ABAQUS Software (ABAQUS Inc., Provindence, RI, USA) and the results agreed quite well with those from the experiments. Results show that the rate of heat transfer from the surface to the interior of the column increases with the increase of the concrete’s compressive strength for both RAC columns and normal concrete columns. Under the same initial axial force ratio, for columns with the same cross-section, those with lower concrete compressive strengths demonstrate better fire resistance performance. The fire resistance performance of RAC columns is better than that of normal concrete columns with the same concrete compressive strength. © 2017 JUST. All Rights Reserved.

Molina R.,University of Oxford | Al-Salama Y.,Al-Furat University | Jurkschat K.,University of Oxford | Dobson P.J.,University of Oxford | Thompson I.P.,University of Oxford
Chemosphere | Year: 2011

The fate of nanomaterials when they enter the environment is an issue of increasing concern and thus it is important to know how they interact with natural organic molecules since this may have a significant impact on the particles' behavior. Because of our poor knowledge in this regard, the interaction of ZnO nanoparticles with amino acids of contrasting surface charge, including Histidine (HIS), Glycine (GLY), Aspartic acid (ASP) and Glutamic acid (GLU) which occur commonly in natural habitats, such as the plant root zone, was investigated over a range of pH conditions and concentrations. The addition of the individual amino acid led to significant changes in nanoparticle colloidal zeta potential stability, particle size distribution and the extent of agglomeration. Variations in pH resulted in considerable changes in nanoparticle surface charge and hydrodynamic size. In general, the particle size distribution decreased as the amino acid concentration increased, with more acidic conditions exacerbating this effect. In addition, increased concentrations of amino acids resulted in more stable nanoparticles in aqueous suspensions. Histidine had the greatest effect on colloidal stability, followed by Glycine, Aspartic acid and finally Glutamic acid. This study illustrates how nanoparticle behavior may change in the presence of naturally occurring amino acids, an important consideration when assessing the fate of nanoparticles in the environment. Additionally, utilization of amino acids in industrial processes could reduce particle agglomeration and it could lead to a way of employing more sustainable reagents. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Mahdi M.C.,Al-Furat University
Artificial Satellites | Year: 2015

Orbit design for KufaSat Nano-satellites is presented. Polar orbit is selected for the KufaSat mission. The orbit was designed with an Inclination which enables the satellite to see every part of the earth. KufaSat has a payload for imaging purposes which require a large amount of power, so the orbit is determined to be sun synchronous in order to provide the power through solar panels. The KufaSat mission is designed for the low earth orbit. The six initial Keplerian Elements of KufaSat are calculated. The orbit design of KufaSat according to the calculated Keplerian elements has been simulated and analyzed by using MATLAB first and then by using General Mission Analysis Tool. © 2015 Artificial Satellites.

Abdulridha A.S.,Al-Furat University
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2016

This paper aimed to declare the unexplained effects of age and gender on Rotavirus infection. One hundred diarrheal stool samples were collected from under five years children attended to Al-Mansor hospital for chi7ldren/Baghdad, all samples were subjected to Anti Rotavirus antibody test(Rabid test). This study was revealed that the Rotavirus infection was more incidence in age group 6-12 months(36.3%) and the girls are more effected than the boys(P < 0.05). Therefore, could said the girls with age between 6 to 12 months have been risky to getting this infection.

Al-Shamkhi D.M.H.,Al-Furat University
International Journal of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering | Year: 2016

The Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heater (ICS-SWH) designed and manufactured in the Alternative and Renewable Energy Research unit, at Technical Engineering College of Najaf. Its consist of a collector box that works as container of receiver cylinder having a length of 1.3m, width 0.83m , short height 0.32 m, and long height 0.81m and receiver cylinder work as the receiver of solar energy to heat the water flows have outer diameter 0.4 m and length 1.1 m. The thermal performance was evaluated extensively throughout the month of March 2015; a maximum temperature difference of 36.3 °C between inlet and outlet of the solar water heater at a mass flow rate of 9 kg/h was achieved. The efficiency of the integrated collector storage solar water heater was calculated. The maximum value during the experimental period was found to be 52%. This reveals a good capability of the system to convert solar energy to heat which can be used for heating water. The objectives of this work are construction solar water heater with minimum law cost and work in Iraq weather. © February 2016 IJENS.

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