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Fukuoka, Japan

Akuacom | Date: 2015-04-29

A wear indicator comprising: (a) a connector that attaches the wear indicator to a brake pad, the brake pad including a friction material having a plane: (b) a scraper: and (c) an indicator portion: wherein the indicator portion forms a cantilever connection with the scraper and extends parallel to the plane of the friction portion.

Akuacom | Date: 2014-11-03

A pressure member comprising: (a) (a) a pressure plate and (b) friction material comprising: (i) a plurality of angled ridges that each include: (1) a top; (2) a bottom; and (3) a friction surface extending at an angle between the top and the bottom; wherein during a brake apply the pressure member is moved by an apply force and a normal force is generated by each of the plurality of angled ridges that extends at an angle relative to the apply force and wherein the normal force is greater than the apply force.

Akuacom | Date: 2014-03-17

A brake component comprising: (a) one or more tie bars, and (b) one or more open spaces on each side of the tie bar, wherein during a brake apply the one or more tie bars each allow a brake pad to rotate into the open spaces of the brake component while the tie bar remains an only point of contact of the brake component.

Akuacom | Date: 2014-11-26

To provide an art that can perform masking more easily than in the prior art. A support tool that is used in a powder coating system that electrostatically attaches powder to a workpiece, and supports the workpiece, wherein in the support tool, a region that is in contact with a part of a region not needing powder in the workpiece is formed of an insulator, and restrains adhesion of the powder to the part of the region not needing powder in the workpiece.

Akuacom | Date: 2014-09-11

A device comprising a connection plate having a first end and a second end and two or more spring arms connected to and extending from the second end of the connection plate at an angle and having a portion that extends back toward the connection plate, wherein the two or more spring arms, when moved during a brake apply, provide an axial force toward the connection plate. The device may be used within a brake assembly, which further includes a caliper; a support bracket having a leading end and a trailing end, wherein the leading end, the trailing end, or both, have one or more projections; a rotor extending through the support bracket; and two or more brake pads located within the support bracket on opposing sides of the rotor.

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