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New Market, MD, United States

Agency: Department of Health and Human Services | Branch: National Institutes of Health | Program: SBIR | Phase: Phase II | Award Amount: 761.22K | Year: 2015

DESCRIPTION provided by applicant Sample preparation frequently presents a bottleneck for clinical molecular biology workflows and diagnostic tests Whereas there are many molecular detection modalities there are only a handful of automated sample preparation workflow strategies Existing instruments that are built around these sample preparation strategies and chemistries range in cost from $ $ k and yet they still do not include an integrated method for lysing difficult to disrupt organisms such as gram positive bacteria or the acid fast bacilli e Mycobacterium To address these limitations we will integrate Akonniandapos s sample preparation technologies into a low cost automated instrument that can process a variety of sample types with simple to use consumable kits Based on Phase results the two year goal for Phase is to demonstrate the efficacy of pre production integrated sample preparation systems with a disposable M tuberculosis sputum DNA extraction kit in a targeted intended use setting a clinic with a moderate to high TB burden rate PUBLIC HEALTH RELEVANCE Molecular diagnostics which are tests that analyze the DNA and or RNA in a sample are becoming increasingly prevalent among clinical laboratory test methods An important yet challenging procedure required of these tests is to remove the DNA RNA from the sample and wash away the impurities We seek to develop a low cost automated instrument to address this challenge

Akonni Biosystems Inc. | Date: 2015-10-26

A positioning system for a sample analysis device is disclosed. The positioning system comprises (1) a carousel comprising a platform and a sample loading tray mounted on the platform, and (2) a stage comprising a positioning system for positioning the carousel under the optical path of an imaging system. The sample loading tray is configured for holding a cartridge comprising one or more lateral flow cells (LFCs).

Akonni Biosystems Inc. | Date: 2012-07-05

A microarray-based sample analysis (MBSA) system includes a cartridge holder adapted to receive a replaceable cartridge that is configured to receive a detachable, replaceable sample analysis unit containing one or more reaction chambers for sample analysis; a fluid control subsystem that controls fluid flow; and an optical subsystem configured to capture an image of the microarray.

Akonni Biosystems Inc. | Date: 2015-06-18

A molecular testing device comprises a heating and cooling module having a thin-film thermoelectric heating and cooling device, and a removable test module having a combined amplification and hybridization reaction chamber. The reaction chamber comprises a thermo-conductive exterior surface and a microarray on an interior surface. The thin-film thermoelectric heating and cooling device has a heat transfer surface that is adapted to make contact with the thermo-conductive exterior surface of the reaction chamber. The molecular testing device may be used to perform a PCR in the reaction chamber.

Akonni Biosystems Inc. | Date: 2012-11-20

A sample preparation device is disclosed. The sample preparation device includes a housing defining a passage way between a first opening and a second opening; and a sample filter occupying a section of said passage way. The sample filter contains a monolith adsorbent that specifically binds to nucleic acids. Also disclosed are sample filters containing glass frit is coated with an capture agent that binds specifically to an analyte of interest, sample filters containing a hydrophilic matrix with impregnated chemicals that lyses cell membranes, a cartridge base and an integrated sample preparation cartridge.

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