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Aachen, Germany

AIXTRON SE is a German-based technology company, which specialises in manufacturing metalorganic chemical vapour deposition equipment, for clients in the semiconductor industry. The company's shares are listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with ADRs on the NASDAQ, and it is a constituent of the TecDAX index. Wikipedia.

Methods and systems for forming a material on a substrate are provided. Aspects of the methods involve the controlled introduction of a plurality of vapor reactants into a deposition chamber to form a material on the substrate having uniform surface roughness, conformality, thickness and composition. Aspects of the systems include a vapor feed component, a vapor distribution component, a containment component, and a controller configured to operate the systems to carry out the methods.

The invention relates to a device for generating a vapor for a CVD or PVD apparatus, with at least two thermal transfer bodies arranged successively in the direction of flow of a carrier gas and having thermal transfer surfaces, each of which can be heated to a thermal transfer temperature, with an inlet pipe (

Aixtron Ag | Date: 2014-01-16

The invention relates to a device for coating substrates in a process chamber (

Aixtron Ag | Date: 2015-06-09

Apparatus and method for plasma-based processing well suited for deposition, etching, or treatment of semiconductor, conductor or insulating films. Plasma generating units include one or more elongated electrodes on the processing side of a substrate and a neutral electrode proximate the opposite side of the substrate. Gases may be injected proximate a powered electrode which break down electrically and produce activated species that flow toward the substrate area. This gas then flows into an extended process region between powered electrodes and substrate, providing controlled and continuous reactivity with the substrate at high rates with efficient utilization of reactant feedstock. Gases are exhausted via passages between powered electrodes or electrode and divider.

Aixtron Ag | Date: 2014-02-14

The invention relates to a gas distributor for a CVD reactor having at least two separate gas distribution chambers (

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