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Biasca, Switzerland

Airlight Energy | Date: 2011-08-30

Known high-temperature heat storage devices for the storage of heat at a temperature above 100 C. having a container for heat-storing bulk material such as gravel/ceramic spheres have a steel wall which is constructively extremely complex to manufacture for larger heat storage devices or the storage of heat at higher temperatures. According to the invention, the side wall of the heat storage device for its part is supported by a supporting bulk material and is preferably inclined, with the result that the side wall is substantially less stressed and can be made of a non-metal material such as, for example, concrete. Such a heat storage device is simple and inexpensive to manufacture and allows long-term storage of larger amounts of heat at high temperatures.

Airlight Energy | Date: 2010-01-07

The absorber pipe

The invention relates to a compressed air energy storage system comprising a pressure accumulator (

Airlight Energy | Date: 2013-06-20

The invention relates to an elongated absorber arrangement for a trough collector, which is subjected to concentrated radiation over its length during operation, and which has means for transporting heat-transporting fluid through the absorber arrangement. The absorber arrangement has at least one fluid-free absorber space for concentrated radiation, which has a thermal opening leading into its interior and walls for absorption of the heat incident into it. The means for transporting the fluid have a supply arrangement and a drain arrangement which are operatively connected to one another by means of a heat-exchanger arrangement through which fluid flows, wherein the same extends along the length of the absorber arrangement, is constructed for the throughflow of the fluid in transverse flow for the length of the absorber arrangement and is thermally connected to the at least one absorber space in such a manner that the fluid is heated during operation in transverse flow from an inlet temperature to the operating temperature and reaches the drain arrangement at this temperature.

Airlight Energy | Date: 2011-10-24

The invention relates to a trough collector having a focal area and an absorber tube arranged in the focal area, said absorber tube having an insulating area that extends from its outer surface to the inside, enclosing preferably a transport channel that runs through the absorber tube along its length and carries a heat-transporting medium, and is penetrated by at least one thermal opening that extends radially from the outside through the insulating area to the transport channel. According to the invention, the at least one thermal opening comprises a constriction for radiation passing through it, the focal area being located in the constriction.

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