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Toulouse, France

Airbus SAS , German: , Spanish: ) is an aircraft manufacturing division of Airbus Group . It is based in Blagnac, France, a suburb of Toulouse, with production and manufacturing facilities mainly in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.Airbus began as a consortium of aerospace manufacturers, Airbus Industrie. Consolidation of European defence and aerospace companies in 1999 and 2000 allowed the establishment of a simplified joint-stock company in 2001, owned by EADS and BAE Systems . After a protracted sales process BAE sold its shareholding to EADS on 13 October 2006.Airbus employs around 63,000 people at sixteen sites in four countries: France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Final assembly production is based at Toulouse, France; Hamburg, Germany; Seville, Spain; and, since 2009 as a joint-venture, Tianjin, China. Airbus has subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, China and India.The company produces and markets the first commercially viable fly-by-wire airliner, the Airbus A320, and the world's largest passenger airliner, the A380. Wikipedia.

Airbus | Date: 2015-08-06

The application of a spraying agent by a spray device, the use of a spray device of this kind for spraying a component of an aircraft, and a method for displaying a region on a component to be sprayed. An embodiment of the spray device includes a spray unit and a light projection unit. The light projection unit is configured to project light onto a component to be sprayed as a function of at least one parameter of a spraying procedure that may be performed via the spray unit, in such a way that a resulting projection of light onto the component to be sprayed displays a region of the component to be sprayed which is sprayed during performance of the spraying procedure, using the at least one parameter.

Airbus | Date: 2015-08-17

A pinned lug joint including: a first part with two first lugs projecting from a bridge which extends between them; a second part pivotally coupled to the first part, the second part including a second lug positioned between the first lugs; and a sealing member, the sealing member being mounted to the first lugs and extending between them to seal an air gap between the second lug and the bridge at least when the second part is in a first position. The pinned lug joint may be used to attach a panel assembly to part of an aircraft.

Airbus | Date: 2015-02-19

A main landing gear for aircraft having a fuselage, a wing and a jet engine on opposite sides of the fuselage and housed in a nacelle attached to the wing. The main landing gear includes a landing gear at each side of the wing having wheels coupled to a driving device that moves the wheels between stowed and deployed positions. The engine nacelles each include a well located laterally with respect to the jet engines and configured as a housing space for stowing the wheels of the landing gears.

A galley cooling system suitable for use in an aircraft comprising a cooling unit adapted to provide a cooling fluid. The trolley compartment of the galley cooling system comprises a front side access opening, a back wall arranged opposite to the front side access opening and two sidewalls. A cooling fluid inlet is provided in the region of a first sidewall of the trolley compartment, the cooling fluid inlet being connected to the cooling unit so as to supply cooling fluid provided by the cooling unit to the trolley compartment. A cooling fluid outlet is provided in the region of the first sidewall of the trolley compartment, the cooling fluid outlet being adapted to discharge cooling fluid heated upon circulating through the trolley compartment from the trolley compartment.

An apparatus for manufacturing components from a fiber-reinforced composite material by a generative layer construction process including a control device and a tool head fastened to a carrier arm movable via the carrier arm in three spatial directions. The tool head comprises a feed device configured to feed to the tool head a semi-finished layer comprising reinforcing fibers impregnated with a curable plastic material. A shaping device, via movement of the tool head, applies a force to shape the semi-finished layer. A curing device introduces energy into the semi-finished layer, the energy curing the plastic material in the semi-finished layer. The control device controls the movement of the tool head as well as the operations of the feed device, the shaping device and the curing device wherein semi-finished layers are repeatedly fed, shaped, cured and stacked one on top of another to construct the component layer by layer.

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