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The Hague, Netherlands

A harness container for a parachutist has a bio-contoured support cradle or load distributing vest. The load distributing vest, which is generally U-shaped and includes an upper yoke and two straps integral with the yoke, has a multi-layer construction that includes an outer layer and an inner layer mounted on a bio-contoured pad. The outer layer and the inner layer are of corresponding shape and are sewn to one another along a reinforced edging with the pad therebetween. The upper yoke is attached to the front side of the harness container and the ends of the vest straps are attached to the main lift webs so that the vest elevates the harness container and distributes the load thereof across the jumpers shoulders, back and chest for increased comfort.

Airborne | Date: 2012-05-31

Methods and systems associated with a mobile device for venue-oriented communications are presented. An example mobile communication device may include a wireless transceiver, a user interface, and control logic. The wireless transceiver may receive a plurality of digital audio streams from an access device located at a venue. The user interface may receive a selection of one of the digital audio streams from a user of the mobile communication device. The control logic includes a channel selection module that may generate an audio signal representing the selected one of the digital audio streams. The user interface may provide the generated audio signal for presentation to the user.

Airborne | Date: 2013-01-18

A zipper closure includes a first coil fixed to a first panel of an article and a second coil fixed to a second panel of the article, the second coil engagably securable to the first coil. A slide selectively engages and disengages the first coil and the second coil when a pull connected thereto is moved. A flap is fixed to the one of the panels and is releasably fixed to the other panel. A positioned on an underside of the panel is sized to receive the pull when the slider is in a first position. This holds the slider in place against forces acting on the zipper or article itself.

Method for manufacturing a continuous composite tube comprising translating a tube liner through a manufacturing station wherein the manufacturing station comprises a winding station and a consolidation station located at a distance downstream of the winding station; winding a composite tape on the tube liner at the winding station for forming a tape layer; consolidating the composite tape on the tube liner at a consolidation zone of the consolidation station by pressing and heating to the tape.

Airborne | Date: 2013-07-22

Methods and systems for converting an audio signal into a stream of digital audio packets are presented. An example converter device may include a receiver, a digital audio encoder, a digital audio packetizer, and a transmitter. The receiver may receive an audio signal. The digital audio encoder may encode the audio signal into a stream of digital audio values. The digital audio packetizer may generate a stream of digital audio data packets from the stream of digital audio values. Each of the digital audio data packets may include a current digital audio value and at least one previous digital audio value of the stream of digital audio values. The transmitter may transmit the stream of digital audio data packets to a receiving device.

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