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Santa Clara, CA, United States

Agilent Technologies, or Agilent, is an American company that designs and manufactures measurement instruments and equipment for life science, medical diagnostics, and chemistry applications.Agilent's predecessor company was Hewlett-Packard , founded in 1939 to make electronic test equipment. In 1999, HP spun-off their test and measurement division as Agilent. The resulting IPO of Agilent stock may have been the largest in the history of Silicon Valley at the time. In 2014, Agilent spun-off its electronics instruments division into Keysight Technologies.Agilent maintains a central research and development group, Agilent Laboratories, that conducts the company's research in such areas as microelectromechanical systems, nanotechnology, and life science. This centralized group is based on the original Hewlett-Packard Lab's design and was formed by dividing the original HP Labs group into two when Agilent was carved out of HP in 1999. Wikipedia.

Agilent Technologies | Date: 2015-04-10

Provided is an emulsion comprising: (a) droplets that contain a single polymeric compound or a pre-defined mixture thereof, and (b) an immiscible liquid, wherein: (i) each of the droplets comprises multiple molecules of the compound(s) contained therein; and the droplets do not contain monomeric precursors for the polymeric compound. A method for making the emulsion is also provided.

Provided herein is a method of sample analysis. In certain embodiments, the method comprises: a) cross-linking protein of a cell using a first compound to produce a first cross-linked product comprising cross-linked protein, and RNA; b) contacting the first cross-linked product and a second compound under conditions by which an oligonucleotide portion of the second compound hybridizes to the RNA; c) activating a reaction the first and second compound, thereby covalently crosslinking the oligonucleotide to the cross-linked protein to produce a second cross-linked product; d) isolating the second cross-linked product using an affinity tag; and e) analyzing the isolated second cross-linked product. Compounds for performing the method are also provided.

Agilent Technologies | Date: 2015-09-29

The present invention relates to compositions and methods of target enrichment or selection of nucleic acids using hybridization, which can be used in, e.g., next-generation sequencing.

Agilent Technologies | Date: 2015-02-04

An optical emission spectrometer system includes a light source and a dichroic beam combiner. The light source emits first light in a first direction and second light in a second direction different from the first direction. The dichroic beam combiner receives the first light via a first light path and the second light via a second light path, reflects a portion the first light into an entrance aperture of a light detection and measurement apparatus, and transmits a portion of the second light into the entrance aperture, enabling analysis and measurement of both first and second light characteristics simultaneously. The portion of the first light reflected into the entrance aperture predominately has wavelengths in a first range of wavelengths and the portion of the second light transmitted into the entrance aperture predominately has wavelengths in a second range of wavelengths, different from the first range of wavelengths.

Agilent Technologies | Date: 2015-08-06

This invention discloses reagents and methods for increasing specificity and efficiency of RNA-guided genome editing.

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