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Gent, Belgium

Agfa Healthcare NV | Date: 2014-03-21

A method for wireless communication between a direct radiographic panel and a radiographic workstation includes a processor of the direct radiographic panel detecting the quality of a wireless connection with a reception unit of a radiographic workstation and, in function of the result, deciding to either store the radiographic images in its memory or to forward them. A direct radiographic panel is provided with means for implementing this method.

Agfa HealthCare NV | Date: 2013-05-30

In a desktop for workflow management, a global task list of tasks to be performed is generated. The global task list includes a sequence of plural individual task lists ordered according to a configurable task list order. Each individual task list contains one or more tasks ordered according to respective individual task list sort criteria, and each individual task list is updated automatically through a notification mechanism. For each individual task list in the global task list, respective tasks that form part of the individual task list are listed in the global task list in order of appearance in the individual task list.

A method and device for reading out X-ray image information stored in a storage phosphor layer with a stimulating light beam includes deflecting the stimulating light beam to alternately move it in a first direction and in a second direction, opposite to the first direction, across the storage phosphor layer. During movements of the stimulating light beam in the first and second directions emission light emitted by the storage phosphor layer is detected and converted into corresponding first and second detector signals, respectively. The first and/or second detector signals are corrected with regard to influences from the stimulating light beam being alternately moved in the first direction and in the second direction across the storage phosphor layer.

Agfa Healthcare NV | Date: 2014-01-06

A method of using a semantic web data source in a target application includes the target application calling the application program interface of a bridge component, and the bridge component retrieves the required data from the semantic web data source, translates the retrieved data semantically and syntactically to reflect the meaning and syntax of the target application, and returns the translated data in the format of the target application.

An offset of an actual positional relationship of a radiation source and an object from a reference positional relationship is determined and taken into account when positioning and/or tilting and/or collimating the radiation source so as to irradiate a region of interest of the object.

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