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Daejeon, South Korea

Agency for Defense Development was established in August 1970 under the banner of the self-reliable defense. ADD is the only South Korean national agency for research and development in defense technology funded by Defense Acquisition Program Administration. Its purpose is contributing to enforcing the national defense, to improving the national R&D capacity, and to fostering the domestic defense industry. Wikipedia.

Yu M.-J.,Agency for Defense Development
IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems | Year: 2012

The inertial navigation system (INS)/GPS integration system is designed by employing an adaptive filter that can estimate measurement noise variance using the residual of the measurement. To verify the efficiency of the proposed loosely-coupled INS/GPS integration system, simulations were performed by assuming that GPS information has large position errors. The simulation results show that the proposed integration system with the adaptive filter is more effective in estimating the position and attitude errors than a system that uses the extended Kalman filter. © 1965-2011 IEEE.

Wan Ko J.,Agency for Defense Development
IET Control Theory and Applications | Year: 2012

In this study, an H∞ state-feedback controller for continuous-time Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy systems, where the membership functions are assumed to be non-differentiable, is considered. The salient feature over the existing results is that this study gives an idea of applying the well-known matrix elimination lemma as a means to reduce the order of the fuzzy weights from the given condition: by augmenting the fuzzy weights in conformity with the matrix elimination lemma, the order of the fuzzy weights in the original quadratic condition is decreased and a decision variable that is dependent on the fuzzy weights is introduced in a more tractable form. Then, this time-varying decision variable is approximated piecewisely by partitioning the range of the fuzzy weights, and the negativity of the corresponding relaxed condition is checked by utilising the extreme points for each partition so that a switching control scheme based on the partition can be obtained. Some simple examples are given to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed criterion. © 2012 The Institution of Engineering and Technology.

An electrode active material for a lithium secondary battery using a heterocyclic compound and a lithium secondary battery including the same are provided. The heterocyclic compound, which is useful as a cathode or anode active material, includes a six-membered ring and a five-membered ring containing one or more elements selected from the group consisting of nitrogen (N), oxygen (O) and sulfur (S), and the heterocyclic compound is configured such that two pairs of carbons which form double bonds with nitrogen atoms contain a functional group linked by a single bond, thus exhibiting redox activity.

This invention relates to a method of manufacturing a salt-coated heat paper, including preparing a powder mixture by mixing a fuel powder with an oxidant powder; preparing a slurry by adding an organic coagulant, after mixing the powder mixture with glass fibers; obtaining a heat paper by a papermaking process utilizing the slurry; primarily drying the heat paper by pressing; coating the heat paper with a salt solution; and secondarily drying the heat paper.

Agency for Defense Development | Date: 2014-05-27

The present disclosure provides a distance estimation device, including a wave signal detection unit configured to measure different types of waves, respectively, to detect different wave signals, a time delay estimation unit configured to produce a correlation coefficient from the detected different wave signals, and computes an arrival time difference using the correlation coefficient, and a distance calculation unit configured to estimate the distance of a target object using an arrival time difference for each of the different types of waves.

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