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Agency for Defense Development

Daejeon, South Korea

Agency for Defense Development was established in August 1970 under the banner of the self-reliable defense. ADD is the only South Korean national agency for research and development in defense technology funded by Defense Acquisition Program Administration. Its purpose is contributing to enforcing the national defense, to improving the national R&D capacity, and to fostering the domestic defense industry. Wikipedia.

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A method of acquiring frequency hop timing synchronization includes a propagation delay time computation process of computing a minimum and maximum propagation delay times according to an error of a location of a satellite communication terminal, which is input by an operator of a ground satellite terminal, and a delay transmission process of transmitting a ranging signal after a certain time upon the transmission of the ranging signal through a ranging-dedicated hop group having a hop duration time that is set in consideration of the maximum propagation delay, the minimum propagation delay, a ranging time, and a timing error due to a positional change of a satellite, in order to avoid collisions between the ranging signal and other signals. The satellite communication terminal may receive a ranging signal that was transmitted by the satellite communication terminal and control a timing for determining whether synchronization is acquired and a timing for performing transmission.

A folding articulating missile fin having a sliding block detent mechanism and a guided missile. The folding articulating missile fin includes a sliding block detent mechanism composed of the sliding block elastically supported by a spring and sliding in a guide groove of a lower fin, a hinge pin allowing an upper fin and a lower fin to be unfolded, and a pair of upper and lower stop rings retaining opposite ends of the hinge pin, in which when the upper fin that has been unfolded is fully folded, the upper fin keeps folded in contact with the sliding block, and when the upper fin having been folded is unfolded, the upper fin remain unfolded and in contact with the sliding block. Accordingly, the structure related to the spring is simplified, and since a sliding-type mechanism is used, the folding fin can be quickly assembled.

Agency for Defense Development | Date: 2016-05-31

A Raman edge filter and a method of manufacturing the same, wherein in order to obtain a Raman spectrum for compound analysis in a Raman spectrometer using a deep-ultraviolet ray (UV) laser, the Raman edge filter functions to eliminate a deep-UV laser wavelength, which is a light source, and to transmit Raman scattered light.

Fast service discovery method and apparatus in a dynamic resource environment using hierarchical Bloom filters. The fast service discovery method includes when resources are discovered, hierarchically classifying the resources based on multiple levels, designing multiple hierarchical Bloom filters for respective pieces of level information to, respectively correspond to, the multiple levels, and transforming the resources into a resource coordinate system via the Bloom filters, and identifying an available service using the resource coordinate system.

Agency for Defense Development | Date: 2016-03-08

A high-order harmonic wave generation apparatus using a diode-pumped solid state laser includes a pump head for generating a fundamental wave, Porro prisms disposed on the left and right sides of the pump head, nonlinear crystals for sequentially generating a second-order harmonic wave, a fourth-order harmonic wave, and a fifth-order harmonic wave from the fundamental wave, and a final emission unit for reflecting and transmitting any one of the second-order harmonic wave, the fourth-order harmonic wave, and the fifth-order harmonic wave and for emitting the harmonic wave without changing the optical path. Accordingly, the apparatus is insensitive to changes in the external environment through a resonator having a structure comprising Porro prisms, and enables the final emission unit to selectively output the fourth-order harmonic wave or the fifth-order harmonic wave.

A mobile terminal for performing a weight-based function with military purposes according to the present invention includes an interface unit configured to receive a control policy controlling intent, and information deciding a weight for the intent, and a controller configured to determine whether or not a use authority for the intent is provided, decide a weight based on the control policy and the information when the use authority is not provided, and execute one of a log generation, an immediate notification and a terminal lock by comparing the decided weight with a preset boundary value, whereby multiple stages of blocking levels can be provided upon blocking intent, thereby allowing for setting access and blocking with respect to various users or applications.

A method and system for providing a bio-inspired routing protocol using overhearing and/or probabilistic path finding in a mobile ad hoc network.

Agency for Defense Development | Date: 2016-11-02

A method for generating an engineering database using lookup tables includes creating multiple table sets for generating the engineering database, inputting multiple pieces of control information for controlling respective ones of the multiple datasets, and inputting multiple lookup tables corresponding to each of the multiple pieces of control information.

Agency for Defense Development | Date: 2016-05-04

An air cooling type laser diode pumped chamber includes: a laser diode portion configured to emit an excitation beam toward a plurality of different directions; a laser gain medium disposed to face the laser diode portion, so as to generate laser beam by absorbing the excitation beam emitted from the laser diode portion; a gain medium mounting portion configured to fix the laser gain medium in a state where a region of the laser gain medium to absorb the excitation beam is exposed, and configured to receive and emit heat generated from the laser gain medium to the outside by an air cooling method; and a laser diode mounting portion configured to fix the laser diode portion, and configured to receive and emit heat generated from the laser diode portion to the outside by an air cooling method.

Agency for Defense Development | Date: 2017-09-13

The present invention relates to a digital sight for a hand-carried projectile-firing device and a method of controlling the digital sight. A digital sight for a hand-carried projectile-firing device according to an embodiment of the present invention is a digital sight (100) for a hand-carried projectile-firing device, the digital sight (100) including an inertial sensor package (200) and a manual rotation device (300), wherein the inertial sensor package (200) includes a gyroscope (210) and an accelerometer module (220). In accordance with the present invention, equipment for measuring the firing direction of a hand-carried projectile-firing device such as a mortar is replaced with a digital sight for a hand-carried projectile-firing device, which reduces an estimation error while using a single medium-low level gyroscope, thus enabling the projectile-firing device to precisely and promptly fire a projectile and improving the operability thereof.

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