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Tuttlingen, Germany

Aesculap AG | Date: 2015-07-21

A fixing element for an implant system includes at least two fixing elements that are fixable to bone parts or the like and at least one connecting element that is fixable to the at least two fixing elements. The fixing element includes a distal end fixing part having a fixing section and a seating part which is connected to the fixing part. The seating part includes a connecting element seating for accommodating the connecting element and a fixing element for fixing the fixing element in the connecting element seating. The seating part is formed from a seating part material. The seating part includes at least one reinforcement element which is formed from a reinforcement element material that has at least one of a greater stiffness and strength than the seating part material.

The invention relates to a surgical protective device for a surgical sealing element of a surgical sealing system comprising a trocar sleeve, the surgical sealing element having an expandable insertion opening. Said protective device comprises a ring-shaped or substantially ring-shaped main body adapted to be arranged on the trocar sleeve, on a part thereof or on the sealing element and defines a through-opening with a plurality of protective elements arranged in the circumferential direction and extending parallel to or pointing towards a longitudinal axis of the protective device. Each of the protective elements is configured asymmetrically in relation to a plane containing a longitudinal axis defined by the main body.

Aesculap AG | Date: 2015-09-28

A locking sleeve for receiving and locking the legs of a pedicle screw includes a stop ring provided on an inner side of a locking sleeve and resting on an upper edge of the legs, limiting the accommodation depth of the legs in the locking sleeve, and a plurality of groove blocks on the inner side of the locking sleeve which can be inserted between the legs of the pedicle screw for defining a fixed distance between the legs.

Aesculap AG | Date: 2015-09-11

The invention relates to a surgical retractor, in particular, for spreading a severed sternum, comprising a first retaining device and a second retaining device, which each have a spreader arm with at least one retaining element held thereon, a holding device for holding the retaining devices on each other, and a drive device with which the distance of the spreader arms from each other along a retraction direction is alterable for transfer to a spread position. In order to provide a retractor of this kind which, having a compact design, is easy to handle, it is proposed in accordance with the invention that the retaining devices each have a holding arm connected to the respective spreader arm, and both holding arms couple with the drive device and be displaceable via the drive device relative to each other and relative to the holding device along a displacement direction.

A medical screw driver includes a shank having a coupling for a handling member for applying torque to the shank. A screw driver portion can be inserted in a pedicle screw head and transmit torque to the screw head. A sleeve is rotatable about the shank and includes a male thread for coupling to a female thread formed at the pedicle screw head. The sleeve has a first sleeve portion having a first engaging portion and a second sleeve portion having a second engaging portion. The first and second engaging portions engage so that the second sleeve portion can transmit torque to the first sleeve portion, and so that the second sleeve portion can be disengaged from the first sleeve portion and drawn off the shank without having to release the first sleeve portion from the pedicle screw head.

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