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Plainview, NY, United States

Aeroflex Inc. is an American company which produces test equipment, RF and microwave integrated circuits, components and systems used for wireless communications. Its headquarters are located in Plainview, New York. Wikipedia.

Aeroflex | Date: 2013-03-07

The present application relates to a signal combining apparatus (

Aeroflex | Date: 2013-04-11

An insulating member or tube having an expanded foam core layer surrounded by a layer or jacket of flexible solid rubber, wherein the core layer and the flexible rubber are formed of similar material with similar coefficients of thermal expansion. An insulating member or tube according to the present general inventive concept, by having a core layer and a cover layer with similar coefficients of thermal expansion, provides enhanced insulating capability over competing insulation systems and shows greater resistance to damage to the core layer from externally introduced moisture or other environmental factors.

A sample and hold amplifier includes an input node for receiving an input current signal, a non-linear sampling capacitor circuit having an input coupled to the input node, an operational amplifier having a negative input coupled to an output of the non-linear sampling capacitor circuit, a positive input coupled to ground, and an output for providing a sample and hold voltage signal, and a linear capacitor coupled between the negative input and the output of the operational amplifier. The non-linear sampling capacitor includes a non-linear capacitor coupled between an intermediate node and ground, a first switch coupled between the input and the intermediate node configured to switch according to a first phase signal, and a second switch coupled between the output and the intermediate node configured to switch according to a second phase signal.

A semiconductor structure includes a through-semiconductor via having an insulating lining isolating a conductive center region of the through-semiconductor via from the surrounding semiconductor, and wherein the cross-sectional profile of the through-semiconductor via has a varying taper angle such that the diameter of the through-semiconductor via is at its narrowest at a location between two essentially parallel surfaces of the semiconductor structure.

An integrated circuit shielding technique utilizing stacked die technology incorporating top and bottom nickel-iron alloy shields having a low coefficient of thermal expansion of especial utility in conjunction with magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) and other devices requiring magnetic shielding.

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