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Saint-genis-pouilly, France

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: MC-ITN | Phase: FP7-PEOPLE-2012-ITN | Award Amount: 3.92M | Year: 2012

The RADIOMI Initial Training Network (ITN) has the goal of providing training in a superbly suited academic and industrial environment uniquely equipped to conduct a scientific research program that addresses one of the key aspects of functional imaging, the underpinning radiochemistry essential for preparation of radiotracers currently difficult or not possible to access. This will be exploited for biomarkers development inclusive of preclinical investigation to maximise research and training output. The network will enhance the European knowledge economy via the provision of trained and mobile researchers equipped with the skills necessary to pursue successful careers across a wide range of employment sectors in the face of increasing global competition. Molecular imaging is a booming research field of critical importance to facilitate diagnosis of disease states, to monitor response to therapy and to streamline the process of pharmaceutical drug development. Upon completion of this ITN, a group of highly skilled radiochemists will be available to carry out cutting edge research in the field of radiotracer development and naturally enhance the global standing of European culture. From a research output point of view, a series of innovative and new concepts for radiolabeling will emerge, thereby facilitating tremendously the production of probes for molecular imaging. Novel biomarkers with preclinical evaluation will be made available upon completion of the project.

The invention relates to polysultone derivatives used as precursors to radiolabelled macromolecules usable for medicine and in nuclear imaging. The aim of the invention is to provide novel prosthetic compounds or groupings, the synthesis of which is straightforward, easy and automatable, enabling access to economical and effective radiolabelled macromolecules. The aim is achieved by the invention, which involves compounds of formula 10 or 11. Said double-sultone derivatives are produced by opening the sultone rings using a nucleophile radical R

Advanced Accelerator Applications | Date: 2010-07-23

Compounds of general formula (1): X1Y1X2Y2X3Y3X4Y4Y5X5X6Y6X7Y7X8X9X10 wherein X1-X10 are any natural or unnatural amino acids and Y1 is Gln; Y2 is Met or Leu; Y3 is He; Y4 is Pro or Ser; Y5 is His or Gly; Y6 is Gln or Pro; Y7 is He or Tyr or their homolog or ortolog are described; these compounds are able to bind to the VEGF receptors and to modulate the angiogenesis mediated by the VEG.

Advanced Accelerator Applications | Date: 2013-08-30

The present invention is related to new peptide antagonists of

Nucleophile-reactive sulfonated compounds used as precursors to (radio)labelled (bio)molecules are produced by pre-introduction of a nucleophilic compound R* through an unusual nucleophile-induced ring-opening reaction of the sultone moiety of the precursor. The precursors and compounds conform to respective formulae (Ip) and (I): Also disclosed are methods for producing these precursors and compounds, as well as for conjugation of these compounds with (bio)molecules, and to the drugs obtained by this method.

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