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ADVA Optical Networking SE is a telecommunications vendor that provides network equipment for data, storage, voice and video services. ADVA Optical Networking has a global workforce of over 1,300 employees and its Fiber Service Platform has been deployed in more than 250 carriers and 10,000 enterprises. Wikipedia.

The invention relates to a method for establishing a communication channel, preferably an embedded control channel, between a central network node and at least one network unit to be integrated in a communication network including the central network node and an arbitrary but limited number of network units. The central network node is adapted to create and output a wavelength-division multiplex (WDM) downstream signal including downstream channel signals to be transmitted to the network units and to receive a WDM upstream signal including upstream channel signals created by the network units.

ADVA Optical Networking | Date: 2015-02-06

A passive optical network comprises at least two optical line terminals (OLTs), a remote node (RN), and a plurality of optical node units (ONUs). Each OLT has a WDM working port, the RN has a number M WDM ports and a number N distribution ports, and each ONU has a communication port. Each OLT WDM working port is connected to a dedicated RN WDM port by a respective working feeder fiber, and each ONU communication port is connected to a dedicated RN distribution port by a respective distribution fiber. The RN comprises a passive optical filter device having a spectral and spatial filter property of an MN arrayed waveguide grating and defining the M WDM ports and the N distribution ports. Each OLT communicates to a respective ONU using optical channel signals at a downstream wavelength defined by the passive optical filter device making up the RN.

A method for facilitating the establishment of a virtual private network in a cellular communication network comprising the steps of: arranging a network interface device in close proximity to a plurality of antennas; identifying an access request from a client device to establish a virtual private network connection through a core network portion by means of the network interface device; determining application information from the client device by means of the net-work interface device; and comparing the application information to a network information of the core net-work portion to determine whether the application information matches the net-work information by means of the network interface device.

ADVA Optical Networking | Date: 2014-06-25

The invention relates to an optical network element, particularly an optical line terminal, OLT, for transmitting and receiving signals wire an optical network that comprises at least one optical fiber link and at least one further optical network element. The optical network element provides a primary optical pumping mean for emitting optical pump power to set at least one optical fiber link. The emitted optical pump power forms at least one gain medium outside the optical network element to provide optical pump power to the network for amplifying the singles to receive so that outside of the domain of the optical network element no electrical energy supply is needed.

The invention relates to a method for transmitting a binary digital transmit signal over an optical transmission link. The method includes the steps of creating a differential optical duobinary signal (S

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