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Kaur S.,Adesh Institute of Dental science and Research | Singh G.,Adesh Institute of Medical Science and Research | Kaur K.,Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies
Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics | Year: 2014

The cancer stem cell (CSC) concept derives from the fact that cancers are dysregulated tissue clones whose continued propagation is vested in a biologically distinct subset of cells that are typically rare. Rare CSCs have been isolated from a number of human tumors, including hematopoietic, brain, colon, and breast cancer. With the growing evidence that CSCs exist in a wide array of tumors, it is becoming increasingly important to understand the molecular mechanisms that regulate self-renewal and differentiation because corruption of genes involved in these pathways likely participates in tumor growth. Understanding the biology of CSCs will contribute to the identification of molecular targets important for future therapies.

Gupta A.,Adesh Institute of Medical Science and Research
Journal of medicine and life | Year: 2012

Hydatid disease is a parasitic disease that is endemic in many parts of the world, especially in South America, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the Mediterranean region, including Turkey. This article presents an unusual case of subcutaneous hydatid cyst in the right medial side of the thigh. According to our world literature search, few cases are reported. This site of localization is very rarely diagnosed on ultrasonography.

Lockhart S.R.,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Iqbal N.,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Bolden C.B.,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Thakur R.,Adesh Institute of Medical Science and Research | Harris J.R.,Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease | Year: 2012

Cryptococcus gattii causes infection in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide but has garnered increased attention since its 1999 emergence in North America. C. gattii can be divided into 4 molecular types that may represent cryptic species. Recent evidence has shown that azole antifungal MIC values differ among these molecular types. We tested a large collection of C. gattii isolates for susceptibility to 4 azole drugs. We found that isolates of molecular type VGII have the highest geometric mean (GM) fluconazole MIC values (8.6 μg/mL), while isolates of molecular type VGI have the lowest (1.7 μg/mL). For fluconazole, itraconazole, and voriconazole GM MIC values, VGI < VGIII < VGIV < VGII. The GM MIC values for posaconazole were similarly represented across molecular types, with the exception that VGII < VGIII and VGIV. We used the MIC values to establish preliminary epidemiologic cutoff values for each azole and molecular type of C. gattii. © 2012.

Sidhu T.K.,Adesh Institute of Medical Science and Research
Indian Journal of Community Health | Year: 2012

Background:What is the morbidity pattern of the adolescent patients coming to seek treatment in Psychiatry Deptt.? Objectives: To evaluate the pattern of mental disorders in adolescents. Methods:The study was a hospital based cross-sectional study conducted in the Deptt. of Psychiatry, Rajindra Hospital,Patiala. 500 adolescents aged 10-19 were interviewed. Results: More of the morbid patients were from nuclear familes, 6.4% were married among whom, 2.4% were either divorced or separated.13.2% patients had positive history of any family member having psychiatric problem. Only 21.2% had contacted a psychiatrist at first instance while 50.8% had been to traditional healers. The most common diagnosis was Mood (affective) disorders followed by neurotic, stress-related and somatoform disorders. Next was mental retardation followed by schizophrenia and delusional disorders. The most common diagnosis among males was neurotic, stress related and among females was mood disorders. The difference of distribution of diagnosis among urban and rural, nuclear and joint families was statistically significant. Conclusion: Patients reporting to the hospital with psychiatric disorders were urban males. Most of the patients were eldest in birth order and belonged to nuclear families. Most of the patients had been to traditional healers. The most common diagnosis was mood disorders followed by neurotic stress related illness.

Gupta R.,Adesh Institute of Medical Science and Research
Journal of medicine and life | Year: 2012

Primary breast tuberculosis manifested as abscess is a rare entity. We are reporting a case of primary breast tuberculosis, which presented as breast abscess. Abscess was drained and tissue sent for histopathology. To our surprise, diagnosis came as breast tuberculosis. Aspiration cytology was not done, as it is not a routine test for abscess cases. Patient was put on anti- tubercular drugs. In the follow-up of 6 months, she was asymptomatic and advised to continue medicine.

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