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Dresden, Germany

Adensis GmbH | Date: 2010-06-08

A supporting structure for an open-space photovoltaic system with several ground supports arranged in at least two mutually parallel rows oriented in essentially North-South direction and installed vertically in the ground, with beams supported on free ends of the ground supports located at the same location along a row, and with module rails attached to the beams for attachment of fastening means for photovoltaic modules. The module rails are secured on or between two corresponding adjacent beams in essentially North-South direction. The free ends of the ground supports are positioned at the same height above terrain ground, so that the beams and the module rails extend essentially plane-parallel to the terrain ground. This arrangement reduces material consumption, and only a small surface area of the supporting structure is effectively exposed to wind gusts. Each row of ground supports includes ground supports with both rigid and flexible flexural characteristics.

Adensis GmbH | Date: 2010-05-28

A clamp for attaching rectangular photovoltaic modules on a module rail is constructed so that the upper edge of a first module can be installed at a greater height than the lower edge of a second module. The upper edge of the first module rests on a first supporting surface and the lower edge of the second module rests on a second supporting surface, with the both supporting surfaces disposed on a base and having the same slope. The edges of the modules are affixed on the supporting surfaces by way of a bracket (

ADENSIS GmbH | Date: 2012-08-16

The invention relates to a holding system (

Adensis Gmbh | Date: 2012-09-20

The invention relates to a method and a device for disintegrating a recyclable item in a material-selective manner and using the electrohydraulic effect, an electric discharge being generated, in a container filled with a liquid, using a pulsed current source and within an underwater spark gab between a container base-side electrode and at least one container cover-side electrode that points towards the first electrode, with electric discharge having an average field strength of less than or equal to 5 kV/mm and a pulse or discharge energy of greater than 10 J, and being generated at least substantially in the liquid. In the container, the recyclable item lies partially in the underwater spark gab on the container base-side.

A method for checking the operation of a photovoltaic module of a photovoltaic power station. The module has a positive terminal, a negative terminal and a number of solar cells, in particular thin-layer solar cells. An electric field emitted by the photovoltaic module as a result of solar radiation is measured at an exposed measurement location during the operation of the power station and the electrical voltage present between the positive terminal and the negative terminal is determined from the measured electric field. A corresponding measuring instrument has a sensor to be placed near the photovoltaic module so as to measure the electric field strength. A rod or wand may be used to position the sensor, or a robot may be configured for automatic travel on the photovoltaic module.

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