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Provo, UT, United States

The disclosure relates to systems, methods and computer-readable media for dynamically provisioning resources within a compute environment. The method aspect of the disclosure comprises A method of dynamically provisioning resources within a compute environment, the method comprises analyzing a queue of jobs to determine an availability of compute resources for each job, determining an availability of a scheduler of the compute environment to satisfy all service level agreements (SLAs) and target service levels within a current configuration of the compute resources, determining possible resource provisioning changes to improve SLA fulfillment, determining a cost of provisioning; and if provisioning changes improve overall SLA delivery, then re-provisioning at least one compute resource.

A system, method and computer-readable media for managing a compute environment are disclosed. The method includes importing identity information from an identity manager into a module performs workload management and scheduling for a compute environment and, unless a conflict exists, modifying the behavior of the workload management and scheduling module to incorporate the imported identity information such that access to and use of the compute environment occurs according to the imported identity information. The compute environment may be a cluster or a grid wherein multiple compute environments communicate with multiple identity managers.

A system, method and non-transitory computer readable storage medium are disclosed for managing workload in a data center. The method includes receiving data related to at least one of a current state of workload in the compute environment at a current time and future workload scheduled to consume resources in the compute environment at a future time relative to the current time, wherein the compute environment comprises a plurality of nodes in which compute resources are reserved by a workload manager for consumption, and controlling a cooling system to selectively modify a temperature of at least one node in the compute environment based on the data.

Adaptive Computing | Date: 2015-07-06

Disclosed are systems, methods and computer-readable media for controlling and managing the identification and provisioning of resources within an on-demand center as well as the transfer of workload to the provisioned resources. One aspect involves creating a virtual private cluster within the on-demand center for the particular workload from a local environment. A method of managing resources between a local compute environment and an on-demand environment includes detecting an event associated with a local compute environment and based on the detected event, identifying information about the local environment, establishing communication with an on-demand compute environment and transmitting the information about the local environment to the on-demand compute environment, provisioning resources within the on-demand compute environment to substantially duplicate the local environment and transferring workload from the local-environment to the on-demand compute environment. The event can be a threshold or a triggering event within or outside of the local environment.

Adaptive Computing | Date: 2016-01-04

Disclosed are a system and method of integrating an on-demand compute environment into a local compute environment. The method includes receiving a request from an administrator to integrate an on-demand compute environment into a local compute environment and, in response to the request, automatically integrating local compute environment information with on-demand compute environment information to make available resources from the on-demand compute environment to requestors of resources in the local compute environment such that policies of the local environment are maintained for workload that consumes on-demand compute resources.

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