Warrington, United Kingdom
Warrington, United Kingdom

El-Ad Group, is a real estate development conglomerate based in Israel. Among its subsidiaries is New York City-based Elad Properties, which owns several landmark properties in that city and in May 2007 purchased the New Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada for a record $1.2 billion. The ElAd Group is owned by Yitzhak Tshuva, a self-made businessman with net worth around $2 billion. Wikipedia.

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Lu Z.,Tongji University | Chen X.,Tongji University | Li X.,Tongji University | Li X.,AD Group | Li P.,Tongji University
Structural Engineering and Mechanics | Year: 2017

An effective design approach for Multiple Tuned Mass Dampers (MTMDs) in pedestrian bridges was proposed by utilizing the transfer function to obtain each TMD's optimum stiffness and damping. A systematic simulation of pedestrian excitations was described. The motion equation of a typical MTMD system attached to a Multi-degree-of-freedom (MDOF) system was presented, and the transfer function from the input pedestrian excitations to the output acceleration responses was defined. By solving the minimum norm of the transfer function, the parameters of the MTMD which resulted in the minimum overall responses can be obtained. Two applications of lightly damped pedestrian bridges attached with MTMD showed that MTMDs designed through this method can significantly reduce the structural responses when subjected to pedestrian excitations, and the vibration control effects were better than the MTMD when it was considered as being composed of equal number and mass ratios of TMDs designed by classical Den Hartog method. © 2017 Techno-Press, Ltd.

Acar J.F.,AD Group | Moulin G.,French Agency for Food
OIE Revue Scientifique et Technique | Year: 2013

Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in commensal, zoonotic and pathogenic bacteria from humans, animals and food is an essential source of information when formulating measures to improve food safety. International organisations (the World Health Organization, the World Organisation for Animal Health, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and the Codex Alimentarius Commission) have developed a complete set of standards related to resistance surveillance programmes and are calling for the establishment of integrated surveillance programmes. The most important task in establishing an integrated surveillance programme for antimicrobial resistance should be the harmonisation of laboratory testing methodology and antimicrobial-use reporting. Overthe last decade.the integration of surveillance of antimicrobial resistance has been an important step toward addressing the global concern with antimicrobial resistance. However, very few systems are in place and there is still a lot to do before harmonised surveillance systems become the norm.

Langeveld J.G.,Technical University of Delft | Langeveld J.G.,AD Group | Schilperoort R.P.S.,AD Group | Weijers S.R.,Waterboard De Dommel
Journal of Hydrology | Year: 2013

Climate change is one of the main challenges to the urban wastewater systems in the next decades. In literature, the focus has primarily been on impacts of singular climate changes, such as the impact of more intense storm events in summer or prolonged wet periods in winter. The impact of these expected climate changes on wastewater system performance has been studied extensively by applying the expected climate change as input for urban drainage, sewer or wastewater treatment models. The model-based analysis of the impact of climate change has an important drawback: applied models can only represent the processes incorporated in the model and typically have a limited universality, if at all calibrated, due to the limited information available in the time series used for model calibration. Literature describing possible climate change impacts on performance of the urban wastewater infrastructure based on the analysis of monitoring data is hardly available.Recent developments in continuous monitoring have resulted in an increased availability of high quality data sets. These data sets allow assessment of the impacts of climate change by scrutinizing the data sets searching for meteorological conditions that resemble expected climate changes. The potential of applying data analysis to study climate change effects is illustrated for the case of the Eindhoven wastewater system, for which an extensive database is available. The results of this study show that, due to the limitations of state of the art sewer water quality models as well as WWTP models, model based assessment of climate change impacts does not properly address all possible impacts of climate change. Consequently, the impact of climate change is underestimated. © 2012 Elsevier B.V.

Dunne P.,AD Group | Dunne P.,University of Central Lancashire | Matuszewski B.,University of Central Lancashire
Image and Vision Computing | Year: 2011

The choice of particle filter dissimilarity distance measures and likelihood functions is considered in the context of object tracking in grey scale CCTV video. The geometrical interpretation of the Bhattacharyya coefficient and distance is reviewed and the relationships between the Bhattacharyya, Matusita, histogram intersection and χ2 distances are examined. It is argued that as long as the likelihood function satisfies certain criteria its analytical form is not critical in the stated tracking context. This is demonstrated through an experimental comparison between the use of the standard Bhattacharyya distance/Gaussian likelihood combination and the potentially computationally simpler histogram intersection distance/triangular likelihood combination in particle filter tracking sequences. It is shown that the differences between the approaches are marginal when the likelihood criteria are applied. Whilst the analysis was focused on a specific application and context, we suggest that the findings will be of value to particle filter tracking in general. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Nicholls W.C.,AD Group
Digital Television Tape Recording and Other New Developments: 20th Annual SMPTE Television Conference | Year: 2016

When the SMPTE Digital Ad Hoc Users' Group first met, they realized they had a unique opportunity. For the first time, they were gathered to supply requirements for a recorder which didn't exist. Not one manufacturer had begun production of a 4:2:2 component digital VTR. It was a unique opportunity, but also a challenge, and a big responsibility. Who were these users? They were all technical personnel from broadcasting and production organizations. They were called into existence by the SMPTE Digital Television Tape Recorder Working Group. © 1986 Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Inc.

Goldsmith B.J.,AD Group
Environmental Forum | Year: 2013

Building an oil and hazardous waste best practices handbook to facilitate a reasonable, balanced, and predictable natural resource liability practice area means measured and responsible action by government, businesses, and other stakeholders around the country. Due to the enormous cost and complexity of some NRD cases, best practices are needed to guide decision making to encourage and promote an NRDA and subsequent restoration that is efficient relative to the use of time, money, and other resources; more predictable as to expectations and standards; and more effective in resolving claims and implementing natural resource restoration. While early NRD claims were settled primarily in monetary terms, particularly over the last decade, claims have also involved land transfers, purchase of open space, and performance of on-site and off-site natural resource restoration projects. Importantly, in 2008, DOI revised its NRDA regulations to emphasize restoration projects over monetized damage awards.

A system is provided for downloading, for distribution and for acoustic reproduction of a music album, which includes at least one or several digital music files and/or multimedia content in the form of one or several multimedia files assignable to the music file, wherein the music file and/or multimedia file are provideable as data sets for downloading, wherein the music file and/or multimedia file are as data sets pre-holdable grouped after downloading as a music album in a data memory of an end-user-device, wherein the music file and/or multimedia file is treatable by a treatment means, particularly in dependency to an authorization, and wherein the treated music file and/or multimedia file is transferable to an output device of the end-user-device, especially a speaker device with or without a display device, in such a way, that the music file and/or multimedia file is at least acoustically emittable to one user.

AD Group | Date: 2011-04-14

Computer e-commerce software to allow users to perform electronic business transactions via a global computer network.

News Article | August 21, 2015
Site: www.telecompaper.com

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