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In an air handling system of a uniflow-scavenged, two-stroke cycle opposed-piston engine, one or more engine operating state parameters are sensed, numerical values of air handling parameters based on trapped conditions in a cylinder of the engine at the last port closing of an engine operating cycle are determined in response to the sensed parameters, the numerical values are evaluated, and one or more of the numerical values is adjusted in response to the evaluation. The adjusted numerical values are used to control charge air flow and EGR flow in the air handling system.

Achates Power Inc. | Date: 2014-08-11

A combustion chamber for an opposed-piston engine includes a squish zone defined between circumferential peripheral areas of opposing end surfaces of the pistons, a cavity defined by one or more bowls in the end surfaces, and at least one injection port that extends radially through the squish zone into the cavity. The cavity has a cross-sectional shape that imposes a tumbling motion on air flowing from the squish zone into the cavity.

The air handling system of a turbocharged opposed-piston engine with uniflow scavenging includes an a supercharger operable to provide boost during startup and to drive EGR during normal engine operation.

A mechanism for varying crankshaft timing on a belt/chain driven, dual crankshaft opposed-piston engine includes sprockets on corresponding ends of the two crankshafts, connected by a belt or chain which is tensioned by two or more tensioners. By changing the position of the tensioners the length of the two spans of the belt/chain are varied and thus the phase between the crankshafts is varied.

Achates Power Inc. | Date: 2014-05-21

An opposed-piston engine has a cylinder block with a plurality of cylinders arranged inline, with each cylinder including an intake port longitudinally separated from an exhaust port. The engine is equipped with an air handling system that includes intake and exhaust chambers inside the cylinder block. All of the cylinder intake ports are contained in the intake chamber to receive charge air therein. The intake chamber includes elongated air inlets opening through opposing sides of the cylinder block. The exhaust chamber includes at least one exhaust outlet opening through a side of the cylinder block; all of the cylinder exhaust ports are contained in the exhaust chamber to discharge exhaust thereinto.

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