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Brussels, Belgium

Ke N.,ACEA Inc
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) | Year: 2011

We describe here the use of the xCELLigence system for label-free and real-time monitoring of cell -viability. The xCELLigence system uses specially designed microtiter plates containing interdigitated gold microelectrodes to noninvasively monitor the viability of cultured cells using electrical impedance as the readout. The continuous monitoring of cell viability by the xCELLigence system makes it possible to distinguish between different perturbations of cell viability, such as senescence, cell toxicity (cell death), and reduced proliferation (cell cycle arrest). In addition, the time resolution of the xCELLigence system allows for the determination of optimal time points to perform standard cell viability assays as well as other end-point assays to understand the mode of action. We have used the WST-1 assay (end-point viability readout), the cell index determination (continuous monitoring of viability by xCELLigence), and the DNA fragmentation assay (end-point apoptosis assay) to systematically examine cytotoxic effects triggered by two cytotoxic compounds with different cell-killing kinetics. Good correlation was observed for viability readouts between WST-1 and cell index. The significance of time resolution by xCELLigence readout is exemplified by its ability to pinpoint the optimal time points for conducting end point viability and apoptosis assays.

An optical engine for use in a bench top flow cytometer, the optical engine comprising a set of lasers; a different set of beam shaping optics for each laser, wherein each set comprises two lenses to adjustably focus light horizontally along an x-axis to a same horizontal position and vertically along a y-axis to a different vertical position along a same plane; collection optics for collecting fluorescence from the flow cell; filtration optics that filter the collected fluorescence from the flow cell into different detection channels according to wavelength ranges; and a detector for each detection channel that converts the filtered fluorescence to electrical signals, wherein electrical signals are processed so that the fluorescence from each laser at the different vertical positions is distinguished at the same detector.

ACEA Inc | Date: 2013-01-12

The present disclosure provides pharmaceutical compounds, compositions and methods, especially as they are related to compositions and methods for the treatment of tumors and related diseases related to the dysregulation of kinase (such as EGFR (including HER), Alk, PDGFR, but not limited to) pathways.

A method of collecting cells from individual wells of a multi-well plate for use in flow cytometry, the method including adding a suspension of cells to wells of the multi-well plate; and aspirating cells from different wells according to a collection pattern into a flow cytometer, wherein the collection pattern is a sequential ordering of wells beginning at a middle region of the multi-well plate and continuing towards an outer region of the multi-well plate. The method preferably including rotating or agitating the multi-well plate between steps of aspirating cells from different wells. Exemplary collection patterns include spiral-square collection pattern and a nearest well to center collection pattern.

ACEA Inc | Date: 2013-03-15

The present invention relates to certain pyrrolopyrimidine derivatives, pharmaceutical compositions containing them, and methods of using them, including methods for the treatment of tumors and related diseases related to the dysregulation of kinase (such as EGFR (including HER), Alk, PDGFR, but not limited to) pathways.

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