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Pittsburgh, PA, United States

Grace Inc and ACE Inc | Date: 2014-03-17

A dumbbell comprises a pair of frame members, each having a lower plate-like portion and an upper stem portion. The frame members are coupled together via spacer bars. An upper spacer bar is coupled to the frames members at the stem portions, and a handle is mounted for rotation about the upper spacer bar. Two lower spacer bars positioned near the front and back of the plate-like portions of the frame members. The frame members may provide the desired weight, either through choice of material, plate thickness or both, or the frame members may be provide a basic master weight plate for the dumbbell, with additional weight being provided by the addition of one or more weight plates to each frame member. Pads are mounted about the lower spacer bars, and are positioned to contact the wrist area of a user during exercise movements. A gap is defined between the pads through which the hand of a user may inserted to grasp the dumbbell in an upside-down orientation for secure control and comfort for certain exercise movements. The dumbbell may also be manipulated by the handle or stems for certain kettlebell exercises.

Grace Inc and ACE Inc | Date: 2013-03-14

User-manipulated exercise equipment of the type utilizing a weight-plate stack comprises a stack of weight plates, of which a user-selected portion moves as a unit along a pair of guide rods in response to an exercise movement by the user. The selected portion of the stack moves with virtually no cross-wise (i.e., lateral) shifting among the plates and virtually no friction between the moving portion of the stack and the guide rods because (1) a keystone bushing below the weight plate stack provides virtually error free alignment with the guide rods by setting the non-selected portion of the stack at a highly accurate home position that resets the moving stack if it has shifted laterally during movement, even if that shift is very slight, and (2) the guide rod holed in the weight plates carry bushings which align with the bushings of the adjacent weight plates to prevent the plates within the moving portion of the stack from shifting laterally with respect to each other and thereby contacting a guide rod. Preferably, the topmost weight plate in the moving portion of the stack carries bushings forming a smaller gap with the guide rods than the bushings of the remaining weight plates so that, at worst, only the topmost plate will contact a guide rod resulting in negligible friction.

ACE Inc | Date: 2014-07-30

An audio file is transformed into a Gabor spectrogram. This is used to compare the audio file to a database of audio files, each represented as a Gabor spectrogram. Before two spectrograms are compared, they are aligned. The spectrograms are broken into blocks and individual Gabor vectors in the blocks are compared. Similarities are stored and an aggregate similarity value is derived for the block. After a series of such comparisons and shifting of the secondary spectrogram block, essentially a running window, an offset value is determined. This offset is used to align the two spectrograms at which stage the spectrograms can be compared in a more effective and meaningful manner. A set of observables is derived from the comparisons and the primary spectrogram is classified in way suitable for the application environment.

A system, method and computer software that provides for a computer implemented system and method for comprehensive reinforcement of human behavior by capturing environmental information for participants and reinforcing their daily choices in their environments. Unique applications of technology are used to record, reinforce and document the desired behavior activities of participants in order to track, promote, encourage and further reward the desired behavior.

Grace Inc and ACE Inc | Date: 2013-03-17

A cable attachment that permits the strap of an exercise machine to be replaced independently of the machines handle without the need for sewing machines or special tools such as crimping devices comprises a body having three juncture points arranged in a generally triangular relationship, the first point being near its top to accommodate the bodys attachment to the cable of the exercise machine, the other two juncture points lying below the first point and separated from each other by the center section of the body. The two lower junction points are configured to securely accommodate a removably-coupled handle-coupling strap, and are the locations to which the straps can be secured, preferably with a suitable knot. The two lower juncture points are configured to resist lateral slippage of the straps in order to laterally stabilize the load against which the user is working, and to accommodate knots having excellent holding strength.

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