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SUNNYVALE, CA, United States

Systems, methods, and related computer program products for image-guided radiation treatment (IGRT) are described. Provided according to one preferred embodiment is an IGRT apparatus including a barrel-style rotatable gantry structure that provides high mechanical stability, versatility in radiation delivery, and versatility in target tracking. Methods for treatment radiation delivery using the IGRT apparatus include conical non-coplanar rotational arc therapy and cono-helical non-coplanar rotational arc therapy. A radiation treatment head (MV source) and a treatment guidance imaging system including a kV imaging source are mounted to and rotatable with a common barrel-style rotatable gantry structure, or alternatively the MV and kV sources are mounted to separate barrel-style rotatable gantry structures independently rotatable around a common axis of rotation. Methods for intra-fraction target tracking in a gantry-style IGRT system based on comparisons between a pre-acquired planning image and intrafraction x-ray tomosynthesis images and/or intrafraction cone beam CT (CBCT) images are also described.

Accuray Incorporated | Date: 2015-03-10

Treatment targets such as tumors or lesions, located within an anatomical region that undergoes motion (which may be periodic with cycle P) are tracked. A 4D mathematical model may be established for the non-rigid motion and deformation of the anatomical region, from a set of CT or other 3D images. The 4D mathematical model relates the 3D locations of part(s) of the anatomical region with the targets being tracked, as a function of the position in time within P. Using non-rigid image registration between pre-operative and intra-operative images, the position of the target and/or other part(s) of the anatomical region may be determined.

An image-guided radiation treatment (IGRT) system and method are described. An IGRT apparatus having a gantry frame including a ring member with the ring member being rotatable around a substantially horizontal, longitudinally extending central axis, and the ring member having first and second horizontally opposing ends. The IGRT apparatus further includes a radiation treatment head coupled to the ring member by an arm member with the arm member being connected to the ring member at an arm member base. The arm member extends outwardly from the first end of the ring member in a direction away from the second end and is supported only by the arm member base, and the radiation treatment head is dynamically movable in at least a longitudinal direction toward and away from the first end of the ring member.

Accuray Incorporated | Date: 2015-02-27

An image guided treatment is performed to treat a target. To perform the image guided treatment, measurement data indicative of target motion is acquired. A timing of one or more x-ray images is determined based on the measurement data. Treatment may be performed on the target using the position of the target.

Accuray Incorporated | Date: 2015-07-15

Systems and methods for tracking a target volume, e.g., tumor, in real-time during radiation treatment are provided. Under one aspect, a system includes an ultrasound probe, an x-ray imager, a processor, and a computer-readable medium that stores a 3D image of the tumor in a first reference frame and instructions for causing the processor to: instruct the x-ray imager and ultrasound probe to substantially simultaneously obtain inherently registered x-ray and set-up ultrasound images of the tumor in a second reference frame; establish a transformation between the first and second reference frames by registering the 3D image and the x-ray image; instruct the ultrasound probe to obtain an intrafraction ultrasound image of the tumor; registering the intrafraction ultrasound image with the set-up ultrasound image; and track target volume motion based on the registered intrafraction ultrasound image.

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