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Dublin, Ireland

Accenture plc is a multinational management consulting, technology services, and outsourcing company. Its incorporated headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland since September 1, 2009. It is the world's largest consulting firm as measured by revenues and is a Fortune Global 500 company. As of 2014, the company reported net revenues of $30.0 billion with approximately 319,000 employees, serving clients in more than 200 cities in 56 countries. Accenture has more employees in India than in any other country; in the US, it has about 40,000 employees and 35,000 located in the Philippines. Accenture's current clients include 89 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500.Accenture common equity is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, under the symbol ACN, and was added to the S&P 500 index on July 5, 2011. Wikipedia.

Liu H.,Accenture
Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security | Year: 2010

Data center networks are typically grossly under-provisioned. This is not a problem in a corporate data center, but it could be a problem in a shared infrastructure, such as a co-location facility or a cloud infrastructure. If an application is deployed in such an infrastructure, the application owners need to take into account the infrastructure limitations. They need to build in counter-measures to ensure that the application is secure and it meets its performance requirements. In this paper, we describe a new form of DOSattack, which exploits the network under-provisioning in a cloud infrastructure. We have verified that such an attack could be carried out in practice in one cloud infrastructure. We also describe a mechanism to detect and avoid this new form of attack. © 2010 ACM.

Accenture | Date: 2015-01-28

An image of a portion of a persons body is accessed, the image having been captured by an image capture device. Using the image, measurements of characteristics in the image are obtained, the characteristics in the image having been selected based on a statistical analysis of characteristics (i) in a plurality of first images taken directly of a person and (ii) in a plurality of second images taken of an image of a person. Based on a liveness function, a score for the image is determined using the obtained measurements of the characteristics in the image. A threshold value is accessed. The score of the image is compared to the accessed threshold value. Based on the comparison of the score of the image to the accessed threshold value, the image is determined to be have been taken by the image capture device imaging the portion of the persons body.

Accenture | Date: 2015-10-28

Identifying a vehicle in a toll system includes accessing a set of toll transaction entries. Each entry in the set designates a toll transaction between a vehicle and the toll system and includes a transaction descriptor and a transaction time stamp. A series of toll transaction pictures is accessed. The series includes a plurality of pictures, each of which is associated with a picture time stamp. A toll transaction entry is identified from the set as a violation transaction entry based on the transaction descriptor. A toll transaction picture is selected from the series. The transaction time stamp of the violation transaction is compared, using a processing device, with the picture time stamp of the selected toll transaction picture. The selected toll transaction picture is identified as a violation picture corresponding to the violation transaction entry based on a result of the comparison.

In the pharmaceutical research and development process, it may be necessary to process large amounts of medical records or clinical literature, to ensure safety of patients consuming a drug. A pharmacovigilance system may assist in this process by efficiently and automatically processing medical records to extract information and relationships contained therein and may also form a preliminary assessment regarding a medical or clinical judgment. The pharmacovigilance system may automatically generate reports based on this information, which may be validated by trained clinicians and medical experts.

A system for database management and presentation processing of a graphical user interface includes a network interface interfacing with multiple data sources comprising internal systems and external systems, one or more processors, and an application service integration and communication layer to receive data including a live data feed. A data storage device stores schemas of data structures, and the data structures may include tables based on types and fields. The application service integration and communication layer normalizes and formats the live data feed according to the predetermined schemas, and stores the normalized and formatted procurement data in the database. A graphical user interface of true conditions assigned to procurement data in the live data feed is displayed.

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