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The Psychiatric Admission Unit of the General Hospital (UIPHG) is integrated to the psychiatric reform movement. The aim of this study was to evaluate chemical-dependent's admission causes at the UIPHG Dr. Estevam in the city of Sobral, Ceará State. It was a documental study with a quantitative approach involving 203 patients who were admitted at the UIPGH Dr. Estevam from October 2005 to April 2006. Data were collected from a document filled during admission process in the hospital. 95.1% of the sample was represented by men, age range of 30-40 years (62.5%) and single (59.1%). The alcohol withdrawal syndrome was the main admission cause (76.3%). After leaving the hospital, 70% of the sample was conducted to aftercare at CAPS-AD. These results provide preliminary evidence for the need of mental health services emphasizing alcohol dependence problem.

The population aging in Brazil and in the world is a reason for an epidemic inquietude. So, the violence against senior people has been considered a problem of public health. This study takes as context the health need of seniors that suffer of violence, aiming to evaluate in a constructive way the Disque Idoso Project in Sobral (Ceará, Brazil). We used Furtado's Constructivist Method of Evaluation, which provides practices of participative evaluation. Trying to reach such perspective, we are guided by paths of the integrative approach (inter, multi and transdisciplinary) and intersectoral. We accomplished the focal groups with representatives of the sections of health, social assistance, justice and senior, the benefited by the project as well as others that contribute to its development. When interacting with the professionals that act in the project headquarters we understood that there is a fear in publishing their work, because there is not structure to enlarge the attendance. The group believes that the efficiency of its actions is limited due to the lack of transport and other professionals. For the professionals of the support social networks, the project should look for intersectoral performance, once it intends to reach a complete attendance. For the seniors, the project is quite valid and needs to be consolidated in the district.

Spagnol C.,State University of Maringa | Rodrigues F.H.A.,State University of Maringa | Rodrigues F.H.A.,Acarau Valley State University | Pereira A.G.B.,State University of Maringa | And 3 more authors.
Carbohydrate Polymers | Year: 2012

Superabsorbent hydrogel composites based on cellulose nanofibrils and chitosan-graft-poly(acrylic acid) copolymer were developed in this work. The FTIR data showed that the copolymerization and the composite formation reaction were successfully performed. In addition, the XRD pattern indicated that the nanofibrils crystallinity was as high as 90%. A 2 4-1 fractional factorial design was employed to evaluate the effect of acrylic acid/chitosan molar ratio, crosslinker, initiator, and filler in the swelling capacity of hydrogel composites. By the analysis of variance (ANOVA), including F-test and P-values, it was found that the crosslinker and filler correspond to 40% and 30% of the evaluated response, respectively. The addition of nanofibrils provided faster equilibrium conditions as well as improved the swelling capacity in ca. 100 units, from 381 to 486. SEM images showed that the addition of nanofibrils into the hydrogel matrix increased the averaged-dimension of porous. Finally, the composites showed responsive behavior in relation to pH and salt solution. Such characteristics make these smart materials suitable for several technological applications. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Corda C.,International Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics Einstein Galilei | Mosquera Cuesta H.J.,International Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Mathematics Einstein Galilei | Mosquera Cuesta H.J.,Acarau Valley State University | Mosquera Cuesta H.J.,Institute Cosmologia | And 2 more authors.
Astroparticle Physics | Year: 2012

We show that in the framework of R 2 gravity and in the linearized approach it is possible to obtain spherically symmetric stationary states that can be used as a model for galaxies. Such approach could represent a solution to the Dark Matter Problem. In fact, in the model, the Ricci curvature generates a high energy term that can in principle be identified as the dark matter field making up the galaxy. The model can also help to have a better understanding on the theoretical basis of Einstein-Vlasov systems. Specifically, we discuss, in the linearized R 2 gravity, the solutions of a Klein-Gordon equation for the spacetime curvature. Such solutions describe high energy scalarons, a field that in the context of galactic dynamics can be interpreted like the no-light-emitting galactic component. That is, these particles can be figured out like wave-packets showing stationary solutions in the Einstein-Vlasov system. In such approximation, the energy of the particles can be thought of as the galactic dark matter component that guarantees the galaxy equilibrium. Thus, because of the high energy of such particles the coupling constant of the R 2-term in the gravitational action comes to be very small with respect to the linear term R. In this way, the deviation from standard General Relativity is very weak, and in principle the theory could pass the Solar System tests. As pertinent to the issue under analysis in this paper, we present an analysis on the gravitational lensing phenomena within this framework. Although the main goal of this paper is to give a potential solution to the Dark Matter Problem within galaxies, we add a section where we show that an important property of the Bullet Cluster can in principle be explained in the scenario introduced in this work. To the end, we discuss the generic prospective to give rise to the Dark Matter component of most galaxies within extended gravity. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Coelho Jr. A.G.,Federal University of Ceara | Costa M.B.C.,Federal University of Para | Ferreira A.C.,Federal University of Ceara | Da Silva M.G.,Acarau Valley State University | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Lightwave Technology | Year: 2013

We propose an all-optical logical gate based in a triple-core photonic fiber crystal operating with two ultrashort fundamental soliton pulses of 100 fs, with pulse amplitude modulation in the modality of amplitude shift keying (PAM-ASK) with binary amplitude modulation. In particular, we examine the performance of a triple-core PCF coupler to execute two-input logical functions. The pulse propagation is modelled by an extended nonlinear Schroedinger equation including the terms associated with the anomalous group-velocity dispersion (GVD) and the third-order dispersion (β3), as well as the nonlinear effects of self-phase modulation (SPM), cross-phase modulation (XPM), self-steepening, and intrapulse Raman scattering (IRS) in a lossless configuration. Our results indicate the possibility of getting logical operations by controlling the phase difference between the input pulses. © 1983-2012 IEEE.

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