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Bielsko-Biala, Poland

The paper presents the new localities of 98 liverwort taxa (93 species, 1 subspecies, 3 vARieties and 1 form) from Babia Góra Massif in the Western CARpathians. Of these, one species, namely Lophozia opacifolia Meyl., is new to the investigated ARea. The most interesting species ARe: Anastrophyllum michauxii (F. Weber) H. Buch, BARbilophozia kunzeana (Huebener) MU11. Frib., Cephaloziella spinigera (Lindb.) WARnst., Eremonotus myriocARpus (CARrington) PeARson, Haplomitrium hookeri (Sm.) Nees, MARsupella boeckii (Austin) Kaal., M. brevissima (Dumort.) Grolle and M. spARsifolia (Lindb.) Dumort.

Wrobel I.,Academy of Technology and Humanities
Solid State Phenomena | Year: 2013

Reverse engineering [1] is a field of technology which has been under rapid development for several recent years. Optic scanners are basic devices used as reverse engineering tools. Point cloud describes the shape of a scanned object. Automatic turntable is a device which enables a scanning process from different viewing angles. In the paper, the algorithm is described which has been used for determination of rotation axis of a turntable. The obtained axis constitutes the base for an aggregation of particular point clouds into single resultant common cloud describing the shape of the scanned object. Usability of this algorithm for precise scanning of mechanical parts was validated, precision of shape replication was also evaluated. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Active dressings (biomaterials, hydrogels) are cross-linked three-dimensional macromolecular networks. One of the most important properties of active dressings, is their ability for controlled uptake, release and retention of molecules. The formation of advanced glycation end products AGEs progressively increases with normal aging. However, AGE products are formed at accelerated rates in age and stress-related diseases (burns, in wound healing) and also in vitro. The aim will be also to develop a series of gels showing ability of controlled uptake, release and retention of molecules. The hydrogels can be used as biologically and therapeutically (antibacterial and anticancer) active biomaterials. The following materials and reagents were used in the examination: dried plants: Equisetum arvense L., Pulmonaria officinalis L., Agropyron repens. Non-defatted films were extracted from the dried plants. The suspension was stirred and extracted. Temperature was controlled using a water bath. The filtrate was vacuum condensed. The gelling precipitate was poured onto Petri plates and dried. The swelling ratio and the percent loading were calculated. The released amount of CaCl2 at different time intervals was determined by measuring the conductivity. The extent of glycation in collagen was measured. Novel types of swelling hydrogels have been prepared from dried plants and alginic acid. The active dressings showed swelling in aqueous medium, swelling characteristics were dependent on the chemical composition of hydrogel. The hydrogels were also loaded with CaCl2 and their potential for release was judged by measuring conductivity. The activity of hydrogels--active dressings on collagen incubated with glucose showed an decrease in glycation. So, hydrogels--active dressings, a known antiglycating agent which have therapeutic role in wound healing.

The paper presents a list of 15 species which were found in the "Diabli Skok" nature reserve (Wałecka Plain, northern Poland, ATPOL square BB96) in 1985. The most interesting species is Pallavicinia lyellii - a rare, endangered and fully protected liverwort in Poland.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CSA-SA | Phase: FP7-PEOPLE-2012-NIGHT | Award Amount: 76.69K | Year: 2012

This year The Silesian Researchers Night will embrace five most important and renown Universities from the Silesian Region, covering almost all of the scientific activities natural sciences, engineering and technology and social sciences and humanities! Here we go, for the seventh time, in the same strong and experienced team with even greater dose of humour, fun, music, and answers for all the niggling questions of our most demanding public. Over 100 events in five Silesian cities will attract kids, adults and eldery for the seventh time in a row and our well-liked scientists will lead our public by the hand through the mazes of science, patiently explaining all its complexities. This all will be sweetened by activities loved by everyone: workshops, demonstrations, lectures, concerts and shows!

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